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Snorri S. Thorgeirsson, M.D., Ph.D.

Selected Publications

1)  Kitade M, Factor VM, Andersen JB, Tomokuni A, Kaji K, Akita H, Holczbauer A, Seo D, Marquardt JU, Conner EA, Lee SB, Lee YH, Thorgeirsson SS.
Specific fate decisions in adult hepatic progenitor cells driven by MET and EGFR signaling.
Genes Dev. 27: 1706-17, 2013.
2)  Andersen JB, Thorgeirsson SS.
Genomic decoding of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma reveals therapeutic opportunities.
Gastroenterology. 144: 687-90, 2013.
3)  Holczbauer A, Factor VM, Andersen JB, Marquardt JU, Kleiner D, Raggi C, Kitade M, Seo D, Akita H, Durkin M, Thorgeirsson SS.
Modeling Pathogenesis of Primary Liver Cancer in Lineage-Specific Mouse Cell Types.
Gastroenterology. [Epub ahead of print], 2013.
4)  Lee SB, Seo D, Choi D, Park KY, Holczbauer A, Marquardt JU, Conner EA, Factor VM, Thorgeirsson SS.
Contribution of hepatic lineage stage-specific donor memory to the differential potential of induced mouse pluripotent stem cells.
Stem Cells. 30: 997-1007, 2012.
5)  Andersen JB, Spee B, Blechacz BR, Avital I, Komuta M, Barbour A, Conner EA, Gillen MC, Roskams T, Roberts LR, Factor VM, Thorgeirsson SS.
Genomic and genetic characterization of cholangiocarcinoma identifies therapeutic targets for tyrosine kinase inhibitors.
Gastroenterology. 142: 1021-1031.e15, 2012.
6)  Ishikawa T, Factor VM, Marquardt JU, Raggi C, Seo D, Kitade M, Conner EA, Thorgeirsson SS.
Hepatocyte growth factor/c-met signaling is required for stem-cell-mediated liver regeneration in mice.
Hepatology. 55: 1215-26, 2012.
7)  Jia J, Parikh H, Xiao W, Hoskins JW, Pflicke H, Liu X, Collins I, Zhou W, Wang Z, Powell J, Thorgeirsson SS, Rudloff U, Petersen GM, Amundadottir LT.
An integrated transcriptome and epigenome analysis identifies a novel candidate gene for pancreatic cancer.
BMC Med Genomics. 6: 33, 2013.
8)  Clavijo-Cornejo D, Enriquez-Cortina C, López-Reyes A, Domínguez-Pérez M, Nuño N, Domínguez-Meraz M, Bucio L, Souza V, Factor VM, Thorgeirsson SS, Gutiérrez-Ruiz MC, Gómez-Quiroz LE.
Biphasic regulation of the NADPH oxidase by HGF/c-Met signaling pathway in primary mouse hepatocytes.
Biochimie. [Epub ahead of print], 2013.
9)  Staib F, Krupp M, Maass T, Itzel T, Weinmann A, Lee JS, Schmidt B, Müller M, Thorgeirsson SS, Galle PR, Teufel A.
CellMinerHCC: a microarray-based expression database for hepatocellular carcinoma cell lines.
Liver Int. 2013.
10)  Sun Z, Chen T, Thorgeirsson SS, Zhan Q, Chen J, Park J, Lu P, Hsia CC, Wang N, Xu L, Lu L, Huang F, Zhu Y, Lu J, Ni Z, Zhang Q, Wu Y, Liu G, Wu Z, Qu C, Gail MH.
Dramatic reduction of liver cancer incidence in young adults: 28 year follow-up of etiological interventions in an endemic area of China.
Carcinogenesis. [Epub ahead of print], 2013.
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