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Mirit I. Aladjem, Ph.D.

Selected Publications

1)  Fu H, Maunakea AK, Martin MM, Huang L, Zhang Y, Ryan M, Kim R, Lin CM, Zhao K, Aladjem MI.
Methylation of histone H3 on lysine 79 associates with a group of replication origins and helps limit DNA replication once per cell cycle.
PLoS Genet. 9: e1003542, 2013.
2)  Martin MM, Ryan M, Kim R, Zakas AL, Fu H, Lin CM, Reinhold WC, Davis SR, Bilke S, Liu H, Doroshow JH, Reimers MA, Valenzuela MS, Pommier Y, Meltzer PS, Aladjem MI.
Genome-wide depletion of replication initiation events in highly transcribed regions.
Genome Res. 21: 1822-32, 2011.
3)  Huang L, Fu H, Lin CM, Conner A, Zhang Y, Aladjem MI.
Prevention of transcriptional silencing by a replicator-binding complex consisting of SWI/SNF, MeCP1 and hnRNP C1/C2.
Mol Cell Biol. 31: 3472-84, 2011.
4)  Fu H, Wang L, Lin CM, Singhania S, Bouhassira EE, Aladjem MI.
Preventing gene silencing with human replicators.
Nat. Biotechnol. 24: 572-6, 2006.
5)  Aladjem MI.
Replication in Context: Dynamic Regulation of DNA Replication Patterns in Metazoans.
Nature Reviews Genetics. 8: 588-600, 2007.
Full Text Article. [Journal]
6)  Lee KY, Fu H, Aladjem MI, Myung K.
ATAD5 regulates the lifespan of DNA replication factories by modulating PCNA level on the chromatin.
J. Cell Biol. 200: 31-44, 2013.
7)  Kouprina N, Samoshkin A, Erliandri I, Nakano M, Lee HS, Fu H, Iida Y, Aladjem M, Oshimura M, Masumoto H, Earnshaw WC, Larionov V.
Organization of Synthetic Alphoid DNA Array in Human Artificial Chromosome (HAC) with a Conditional Centromere.
ACS Synth Biol. 1: 590-601, 2012.
8)  Fried JY, van Iersel MP, Aladjem MI, Kohn KW, Luna A.
PathVisio-Faceted Search: An Exploration Tool for Multi-Dimensional Navigation of Large Pathways.
Bioinformatics. [Epub ahead of print], 2013.
9)  Chandan K, van Iersel MP, Aladjem MI, Kohn KW, Luna A.
PathVisio-Validator: a rule-based validation plugin for graphical pathway notations.
Bioinformatics. 28: 889-90, 2012.
10)  Aladjem MI.
Rif1 choreographs DNA replication timing.
EMBO J. 31: 3650-2, 2012.
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