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James A. Kelley, Ph.D.

Selected Publications

1)  Qian WJ, Lai CC, Kelley JA, Burke TR.
Design and Synthesis of Fmoc-Thr[PO(OH)(OPOM)] for the Preparation of Peptide Prodrugs Containing Phosphothreonine in Fully Protected Form.
Chem. Biodivers. 11: 784-91, 2014.
2)  Garcia LC, Donadío LG, Mann E, Kolusheva S, Kedei N, Lewin NE, Hill CS, Kelsey JS, Yang J, Esch TE, Santos M, Peach ML, Kelley JA, Blumberg PM, Jelinek R, Marquez VE, Comin MJ.
Synthesis, biological, and biophysical studies of DAG-indololactones designed as selective activators of RasGRP.
Bioorg. Med. Chem. 22: 3123-40, 2014.
3)  Smith DJ, Yap GP, Kelley JA, Schneider JP.
Enhanced stereoselectivity of a Cu(II) complex chiral auxiliary in the synthesis of Fmoc-L-?-carboxyglutamic acid.
J. Org. Chem. 76: 1513-20, 2011.
4)  Bokesch HR, Cartner LK, Fuller RW, Wilson JA, Henrich CJ, Kelley JA, Gustafson KR, McMahon JB, McKee TC.
Inhibition of ABCG2-mediated drug efflux by naphthopyrones from marine crinoids.
Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 20: 3848-50, 2010.
5)  Moon HR, Siddiqui MA, Sun G, Filippov IV, Landsman NA, Lee YC, Adams KM, Barchi JJ, Deschamps JR, Nicklaus MC, Kelley JA, Marquez VE.
Using conformationally locked nucleosides to calibrate the anomeric effect: Implications for glycosyl bond stability.
Tetrahedron. 66: 6707-6717, 2010.
6)  Boswell CA, Regino CA, Baidoo KE, Wong KJ, Milenic DE, Kelley JA, Lai CC, Brechbiel MW.
A novel side-bridged hybrid phosphonate/acetate pendant cyclam: synthesis, characterization, and 64Cu small animal PET imaging.
Bioorg. Med. Chem. 17: 548-52, 2009.
7)  Russ PL, Gonzalez-Moa MJ, Vu BC, Sigano DM, Kelley JA, Lai CC, Deschamps JR, Hughes SH, Marquez VE.
North- and South-Bicyclo[3.1.0]Hexene Nucleosides: The Effect of Ring Planarity on Anti-HIV Activity.
ChemMedChem. 2009.
8)  Duan D, Sigano DM, Kelley JA, Lai CC, Lewin NE, Kedei N, Peach ML, Lee J, Abeyweera TP, Rotenberg SA, Kim H, Kim YH, El Kazzouli S, Chung JU, Young HA, Young MR, Baker A, Colburn NH, Haimovitz-Friedman A, Truman JP, Parrish DA, Deschamps JR, Perry NA, Surawski RJ, Blumberg PM, Marquez VE.
Conformationally constrained analogues of diacylglycerol. 29. Cells sort diacylglycerol-lactone chemical zip codes to produce diverse and selective biological activities.
J. Med. Chem. 51: 5198-220, 2008.
9)  Boswell CA, Regino CA, Baidoo KE, Wong KJ, Bumb A, Xu H, Milenic DE, Kelley JA, Lai CC, Brechbiel MW.
Synthesis of a cross-bridged cyclam derivative for peptide conjugation and 64Cu radiolabeling.
Bioconjug. Chem. 19: 1476-84, 2008.
10)  Marquez VE, Sun G, Siddiqui MA, Lee YC, Barchi JJ, Filippov IV, Landsman NA, Kelley JA.
What are the consequences of freezing the anomeric effect in nucleosides?.
Nucleic Acids Symp Ser (Oxf). 543-4, 2008.
11)  Malolanarasimhan K, Kedei N, Sigano DM, Kelley JA, Lai CC, Lewin NE, Surawski RJ, Pavlyukovets VA, Garfield SH, Wincovitch S, Blumberg PM, Marquez VE.
Conformationally Constrained Analogues of Diacylglycerol (DAG). 27. Modulation of Membrane Translocation of Protein Kinase C (PKC) Isozymes alpha and delta by Diacylglycerol Lactones (DAG-lactones) Containing Rigid-Rod Acyl Groups.
J Med Chem. 50: 962-978, 2007.
12)  Jiang S, Lai CC, Kelley JA, Roller PP.
A practical synthesis of fully protected L-gamma-carboxyglutamic acid.
Tetrahedron Letters. 47: 23-25, 2006.
13)  Jiang S, Li P, Lai CC, Kelley JA, Roller PP.
Design and concise synthesis of fully protected analogues of l-gamma-carboxyglutamic acid.
J. Org. Chem. 71: 7307-14, 2006.
14)  Deng J, Kelley JA, Barchi JJ, Sanchez T, Dayam R, Pommier Y, Neamati N.
Mining the NCI antiviral compounds for HIV-1 integrase inhibitors.
Bioorg Med Chem. 14: 3785-3792, 2006.
15)  Huleihel M, Talishanisky M, Ford H, Marquez VE, Kelley JA, Johns DG, Agbaria R.
Dynamics of the antiviral activity of N-methanocarbathymidine against herpes simplex virus type 1 in cell culture.
Int J Antimicrob Agents. 25: 427-32, 2005.
16)  Hodge DR, Peng B, Cherry JC, Hurt EM, Fox SD, Kelley JA, Munroe DJ, Farrar WL.
Interleukin 6 supports the maintenance of p53 tumor suppressor gene promoter methylation.
Cancer Res. 65: 4673-82, 2005.
17)  Ben-Kasus T, Ben-Zvi Z, Marquez VE, Kelley JA, Agbaria R.
Metabolic activation of zebularine, a novel DNA methylation inhibitor, in human bladder carcinoma cells.
Biochem Pharmacol. 70: 121-33, 2005.
18)  Malolanarasimhan K, Lai CC, Kelley JA, Iaccarino L, Reynolds D, Young HA, Marquez VE.
Synthesis and biological study of a flavone acetic acid analogue containing an azido reporting group designed as a multifunctional binding site probe.
Bioorg Med Chem. 13: 2717-22, 2005.
19)  Marquez VE, Kelley JA, Agbaria R, Ben-Kasus T, Cheng JC, Yoo CB, Jones PA.
Zebularine: a unique molecule for an epigenetically based strategy in cancer chemotherapy.
Ann N Y Acad Sci. 1058: 246-54, 2005.
20)  Marquez VE, Barchi JJ, Kelley JA, Rao KV, Agbaria R, Ben-Kasus T, Cheng JC, Yoo CB, Jones PA.
Zebularine: a unique molecule for an epigenetically based strategy in cancer chemotherapy. The magic of its chemistry and biology.
Nucleosides Nucleotides Nucleic Acids. 24: 305-18, 2005.
21)  Milanowski DJ, Gustafson KR, Kelley JA, McMahon JB.
Caulibugulones A-F, novel cytotoxic isoquinoline quinones and iminoquinones from the marine bryozoan Caulibugula intermis.
J Nat Prod. 67: 70-3, 2004.
22)  Shi ZD, Wei CQ, Lee K, Liu H, Zhang M, Araki T, Roberts LR, Worthy KM, Fisher RJ, Neel BG, Kelley JA, Yang D, Burke TR.
Macrocyclization in the design of non-phosphorus-containing Grb2 SH2 domain-binding ligands.
J Med Chem. 47: 2166-9, 2004.
23)  Pompeia C, Hodge DR, Plass C, Wu YZ, Marquez VE, Kelley JA, Farrar WL.
Microarray analysis of epigenetic silencing of gene expression in the KAS-6/1 multiple myeloma cell line.
Cancer Res. 64: 3465-73, 2004.
24)  Marquez VE, Eritja R, Kelley JA, Vanbemmel D, Christman JK.
Potent Inhibition of HhaI DNA Methylase by the Aglycon of 2-(1H)-Pyrimidinone Riboside (Zebularine) at the GCGC Recognition Domain.
Ann N Y Acad Sci. 1002: 154-164, 2003.
25)  Marquez VE, Eritja R, Kelley JA, Vanbemmel D, Christman JK.
Potent inhibition of HhaI DNA methylase by the aglycon of 2-(1H)-pyrimidinone riboside (zebularine) at the GCGC recognition domain.
Ann N Y Acad Sci. 1002: 154-64, 2003.
26)  Choi Y, Sun G, George C, Nicklaus MC, Kelley JA, Marquez VE.
Synthesis and conformational analysis of a locked analogue of carbovir built on a bicyclo[3.1.0]hex-2-enyl template.
Nucleosides Nucleotides Nucleic Acids. 22: 2077-91, 2003.
27)  Liu DG, Gao Y, Wang X, Kelley JA, Burke TR.
Enantioselective synthesis of N(alpha)-Fmoc protected (2S,3R)-3-phenylpipecolic acid. A constrained phenylalanine analogue suitably protected for solid-phase peptide synthesis.
J Org Chem. 67: 1448-52, 2002.
28)  Agbaria R, Candotti F, Kelley JA, Hao Z, Johns DG, Cooney DA, Blaese RM, Ford H.
Biosynthetic ganciclovir triphosphate: its isolation and characterization from ganciclovir-treated herpes simplex thymidine kinase-transduced murine cells.
Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 289: 525-30, 2001.
29)  Zhang H, Ford H, Roth JS, Kelley JA.
Evaluation of a fluorogenic derivatization method for the reversed-phase HPLC analysis of 2'-beta-fluoro-2',3'-dideoxyadenosine, a new anti-AIDS drug.
J Pharm Biomed Anal. 25: 285-97, 2001.
30)  Dai F, Kelley JA, Zhang H, Malinowski N, Kavlick MF, Lietzau J, Welles L, Yarchoan R, Ford H.
Fluorometric determination of 2'-beta-fluoro-2',3'-dideoxyadenosine 5'-triphosphate, the active metabolite of a new anti-human immunodeficiency virus drug, in human lymphocytes.
Anal Biochem. 288: 52-61, 2001.
31)  Roth JS, Wang J, Kelley JA.
Determination of lodenosine and its major metabolite in human plasma by liquid chromatography/electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry.
J Mass Spectrom. 35: 1313-9, 2000.
32)  Chen IJ, Neamati N, Nicklaus MC, Orr A, Anderson L, Barchi JJ, Kelley JA, Pommier Y, MacKerell AD.
Identification of HIV-1 integrase inhibitors via three-dimensional database searching using ASV and HIV-1 integrases as targets.
Bioorg Med Chem. 8: 2385-98, 2000.
33)  Gao Y, Luo J, Yao ZJ, Guo R, Zou H, Kelley J, Voigt JH, Yang D, Burke TR.
Inhibition of Grb2 SH2 domain binding by non-phosphate-containing ligands. 2. 4-(2-Malonyl)phenylalanine as a potent phosphotyrosyl mimetic.
J. Med. Chem. 43: 911-20, 2000.
34)  Zhang X, Lee YK, Kelley JA, Burke TR.
Preparation of aryl isothiocyanates via protected phenylthiocarbamates and application to the synthesis of caffeic acid (4-isothiocyanato)phenyl ester.
J Org Chem. 65: 6237-40, 2000.
35)  Siddiqui MA, Driscoll JS, Abushanab E, Kelley JA, Barchi JJ, Marquez VE.
The "beta-fluorine effect" in the non-metal hydride radical deoxygenation of fluorine-containing nucleoside xanthates.
Nucleosides Nucleotides Nucleic Acids. 19: 1-12, 2000.
36)  Roth JS, McCully CM, Balis FM, Poplack DG, Kelley JA.
2'-beta-fluoro-2',3'-dideoxyadenosine, lodenosine, in rhesus monkeys: plasma and cerebrospinal fluid pharmacokinetics and urinary disposition.
Drug Metab Dispos. 27: 1128-32, 1999.
37)  Yao ZJ, King CR, Cao T, Kelley J, Milne GW, Voigt JH, Burke TR.
Potent inhibition of Grb2 SH2 domain binding by non-phosphate-containing ligands.
J. Med. Chem. 42: 25-35, 1999.
38)  Lutz RJ, Kelley JA, Roth JS, Driscoll JS, Stephenson EC, Dedrick RL.
A physiological pharmacokinetic model for the anti-HIV drug, F-ddA (Proc. 10th Int. Conf. Mechanics in Med. Biol).
Ashton-Miller JA, eds.
. p. 359-362. [Meeting Proceeding]
39)  Roth JS, Ford H, Tanaka M, Mitsuya H, Kelley JA.
Determination of 2'-beta-fluoro-2',3'-dideoxyadenosine, an experimental anti-AIDS drug, in human plasma by high-performance liquid chromatography.
J Chromatogr B Biomed Sci Appl. 712: 199-210, 1998.
40)  Agbaria R, Kelley JA, Jackman J, Viola JJ, Ram Z, Oldfield E, Johns DG.
Antiproliferative effects of cyclopentenyl cytosine (NSC 375575) in human glioblastoma cells.
Oncol Res. 9: 111-8, 1997.
41)  Hegedus L, Ford H, Hartman NR, Kelley JA.
Reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatographic determination of the new antitumor agent cyclopentenyl cytosine in biological fluids.
J Chromatogr B Biomed Sci Appl. 692: 169-79, 1997.
42)  Cleaveland ES, Zaharevitz DW, Kelley JA, Paull K, Cooney DA, Ford H.
Identification of a novel inhibitor (NSC 665564) of dihydroorotate dehydrogenase with a potency equivalent to brequinar.
Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 223: 654-9, 1996.
43)  Driscoll JS, Siddiqui MA, Ford H, Kelley JA, Roth JS, Mitsuya H, Tanaka M, Marquez VE.
Lipophilic, acid-stable, adenosine deaminase-activated anti-HIV prodrugs for central nervous system delivery. 3. 6-Amino prodrugs of 2'-beta-fluoro-2',3'-dideoxyinosine.
J Med Chem. 39: 1619-25, 1996.
44)  Donzanti BA, Kelley JA, Tomaszewski JE, Roth JS, Tosca P, Placke M, Singer A, Yarrington JT, Driscoll JS.
Acute cardiotoxicity of the Anti-HIV dideoxynucleoside, F-ddA, in the rat.
Fundam Appl Toxicol. 27: 167-76, 1995.
45)  Nicklaus MC, Ford H, Hegedus L, Milne GWA, Kelley JA.
Comparative Molecular Field Analysis of Hydrophobicity Descriptors of Cytosine Nucleosides.
Quant Struct-Act Relat. 14: 335-343, 1995.
46)  Roth JS, Kelley JA.
Determination of the Anti-HIV Drug 2'-Beta-Fluoro-2',3'-Dideoxyadenosine in Biological Fluids by Reversed-Phase HPLC.
J Liq Chromatogr. 18: 441-462, 1995.
47)  Viola JJ, Agbaria R, Walbridge S, Oshiro EM, Johns DG, Kelley JA, Oldfield EH, Ram Z.
In situ cyclopentenyl cytosine infusion for the treatment of experimental brain tumors.
Cancer Res. 55: 1306-9, 1995.
48)  Ford H, Siddiqui MA, Driscoll JS, Marquez VE, Kelley JA, Mitsuya H, Shirasaka T.
Lipophilic, acid-stable, adenosine deaminase-activated anti-HIV prodrugs for central nervous system delivery. 2. 6-Halo and 6-alkoxy prodrugs of 2'-beta-fluoro-2',3'-dideoxyinosine.
J Med Chem. 38: 1189-95, 1995.
49)  Politi PM, Xie F, Dahut W, Ford H, Kelley JA, Bastian A, Setser A, Allegra CJ, Chen AP, Hamilton JM.
Phase I clinical trial of continuous infusion cyclopentenyl cytosine.
Cancer Chemother Pharmacol. 36: 513-23, 1995.
50)  Johns DG, Ahluwalia GS, Cooney DA, Mitsuya H, Driscoll JS.
Chemistry and Anti-HIV Activity of 2'-Beta-Fluoro-2',3'-Dideoxyguanosine.
Nucleosides & Nucleotides. 13: 213-214, 1994.
51)  Ford Jr. H, Driscoll JS, Siddiqui M, Kelley JA, Mitsuya H, Shirasaka T, Johns DG, Marquez VE.
Chemistry and Anti-HIV Activity of 2'-beta-Fluoro-2',3'-dideoxyguanosine.
Nucleosides and Nucleotides. 13: 213-234, 1994.
52)  Gharehbaghi K, Paull KD, Kelley JA, Barchi JJ, Marquez VE, Cooney DA, Monks A, Scudiero D, Krohn K, Jayaram HN.
Cytotoxicity and characterization of an active metabolite of benzamide riboside, a novel inhibitor of IMP dehydrogenase.
Int J Cancer. 56: 892-9, 1994.
53)  Roth JS, Kelley JA, Chun HG, Ward FT.
Simultaneous measurement of the cell-differentiating agent hexamethylene bisacetamide and its metabolites by gas chromatography.
J Chromatogr. 652: 149-59, 1994.
54)  Hao Z, Stowe EE, Ahluwalia G, Baker DC, Hebbler AK, Chisena C, Musser SM, Kelley JA, Perno CF, Johns DG.
Characterization of 2',3'-dideoxycytidine diphosphocholine and 2',3'-dideoxycytidine diphosphoethanolamine. Prominent phosphodiester metabolites of the anti-HIV nucleoside 2',3'-dideoxycytidine.
Drug Metab Dispos. 21: 738-44, 1993.
55)  Agbaria R, Ford H, Kelley JA, Xie F, Politi P, Grem JL, Cooney DA, Marquez VE, Allegra CJ, Johns DG.
Measurement of cyclopentenyl cytosine 5'-triphosphate in vitro and in vivo by multidimensional high-performance liquid chromatography.
Anal Biochem. 213: 90-6, 1993.
56)  Musser SM, Kelley JA.
Mechanism for Dehalogenation Reactions in Fast Atom Bombardment Mass Spectrometry.
Org Mass Spec. 28: 672-678, 1993.
57)  Siddiqui MA, Driscoll JS, Marquez VE, Roth JS, Shirasaka T, Mitsuya H, Barchi JJ, Kelley JA.
Chemistry and anti-HIV properties of 2'-fluoro-2',3'-dideoxyarabinofuranosylpyrimidines.
J Med Chem. 35: 2195-201, 1992.
58)  Russ PL, Hegedus L, Kelley JA, Barchi JJ, Marquez VE.
The Controlled Stereospecific Reduction of Cyclopentenyl Cytosine (CPE-C) to Carbodine and Isocarbodine.
Nucleosides & Nucleotides. 11: 351-363, 1992.
59)  Ford H, Merski CL, Kelley JA.
A Rapid Microscale Method for the Determination of Partition Coefficients by HPLC.
J Liq Chrom. 14: 3365-3386, 1991.
60)  Driscoll JS, Marquez VE, Plowman J, Liu PS, Kelley JA, Barchi JJ.
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Cyclopentenyl cytosine: interspecies predictions based on rodent plasma and urine kinetics.
Invest New Drugs. 9: 9-17, 1991.
62)  Murakami K, Shirasaka T, Yoshioka H, Kojima E, Aoki S, Ford H, Driscoll JS, Kelley JA, Mitsuya H.
Escherichia coli mediated biosynthesis and in vitro anti-HIV activity of lipophilic 6-halo-2',3'-dideoxypurine nucleosides.
J Med Chem. 34: 1606-12, 1991.
63)  Ward FT, Kelley JA, Roth JS, Lombardo FA, Weiss RB, Leyland-Jones B, Chun HG.
Phase I bioavailability and pharmacokinetic study of hexamethylene bisacetamide (NSC 95580) administered via nasogastric tube.
Cancer Res. 51: 1803-10, 1991.
64)  Barchi JJ, Marquez VE, Driscoll JS, Ford H, Mitsuya H, Shirasaka T, Aoki S, Kelley JA.
Potential anti-AIDS drugs. Lipophilic, adenosine deaminase-activated prodrugs.
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65)  Marquez VE, Tseng CK, Mitsuya H, Aoki S, Kelley JA, Ford H, Roth JS, Broder S, Johns DG, Driscoll JS.
Acid-stable 2'-fluoro purine dideoxynucleosides as active agents against HIV.
J Med Chem. 33: 978-85, 1990.
66)  Fales HM, Sokoloski EA, Pannell LK, Pu QL, Klayman DL, Lin AJ, Brossi A, Kelley JA.
Comparison of mass spectral techniques using organic peroxides related to artemisinin.
Anal Chem. 62: 2494-501, 1990.
67)  Shirasaka T, Murakami K, Ford H, Kelley JA, Yoshioka H, Kojima E, Aoki S, Broder S, Mitsuya H.
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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 87: 9426-30, 1990.
68)  Blaney SM, Balis FM, Hegedus L, Heideman RL, McCully C, Murphy RF, Kelley JA, Poplack DG.
Pharmacokinetics and metabolism of cyclopentenyl cytosine in nonhuman primates.
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69)  Surbone A, Ford H, Kelley JA, Ben-Baruch N, Thomas RV, Fine R, Cowan KH.
Phase I and pharmacokinetic study of arabinofuranosyl-5-azacytosine (fazarabine, NSC 281272).
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A pediatric phase I and pharmacokinetic study of spirohydantoin mustard.
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73)  Moon DC, Kelley JA.
A simple desalting procedure for fast atom bombardment mass spectrometry.
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Pyrimidine dideoxyribonucleosides: selectivity of penetration into cerebrospinal fluid.
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75)  Marquez VE, Tseng CK, Kelley JA, Mitsuya H, Broder S, Roth JS, Driscoll JS.
2',3'-Dideoxy-2'-fluoro-ara-A. An acid-stable purine nucleoside active against human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).
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