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Carl Wu, Ph.D.

Selected Publications

1)  Abrahamsson S, Chen J, Hajj B, Stallinga S, Katsov AY, Wisniewski J, Mizuguchi G, Soule P, Mueller F, Dugast Darzacq C, Darzacq X, Wu C, Bargmann CI, Agard DA, Dahan M, Gustafsson MG.
Fast multicolor 3D imaging using aberration-corrected multifocus microscopy.
Nat. Methods. 10: 60-3, 2013.
2)  Li X, Wang S, Li Y, Deng C, Steiner LA, Xiao H, Wu C, Bungert J, Gallagher PG, Felsenfeld G, Qiu Y, Huang S.
Chromatin boundaries require functional collaboration between the hSET1 and NURF complexes.
Blood. 118: 1386-94, 2011.
3)  Landry JW, Banerjee S, Taylor B, Aplan PD, Singer A, Wu C.
Chromatin remodeling complex NURF regulates thymocyte maturation.
Genes Dev. 25: 275-86, 2011.
4)  Xiao H, Mizuguchi G, Wisniewski J, Huang Y, Wei D, Wu C.
Nonhistone Scm3 Binds to AT-Rich DNA to Organize Atypical Centromeric Nucleosome of Budding Yeast.
Mol. Cell. 43: 369-80, 2011.
5)  Zhou Z, Feng H, Zhou BR, Ghirlando R, Hu K, Zwolak A, Miller Jenkins LM, Xiao H, Tjandra N, Wu C, Bai Y.
Structural basis for recognition of centromere histone variant CenH3 by the chaperone Scm3.
Nature. 472: 234-7, 2011.
6)  Luk E, Ranjan A, Fitzgerald PC, Mizuguchi G, Huang Y, Wei D, Wu C.
Stepwise histone replacement by SWR1 requires dual activation with histone H2A.Z and canonical nucleosome.
Cell. 143: 725-36, 2010.
7)  Kwon SY, Xiao H, Wu C, Badenhorst P.
Alternative splicing of NURF301 generates distinct NURF chromatin remodeling complexes with altered modified histone binding specificities.
PLoS Genet. 5: e1000574, 2009.
8)  Wu WH, Wu CH, Ladurner A, Mizuguchi G, Wei D, Xiao H, Luk E, Ranjan A, Wu C.
N terminus of Swr1 binds to histone H2AZ and provides a platform for subunit assembly in the chromatin remodeling complex.
J. Biol. Chem. 284: 6200-7, 2009.
9)  Landry J, Sharov AA, Piao Y, Sharova LV, Xiao H, Southon E, Matta J, Tessarollo L, Zhang YE, Ko MS, Kuehn MR, Yamaguchi TP, Wu C.
Essential role of chromatin remodeling protein Bptf in early mouse embryos and embryonic stem cells.
PLoS Genet. 4: e1000241, 2008.
10)  Zhou Z, Feng H, Hansen DF, Kato H, Luk E, Freedberg DI, Kay LE, Wu C, Bai Y.
NMR structure of chaperone Chz1 complexed with histones H2A.Z-H2B.
Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 15: 868-9, 2008.
11)  Kwon SY, Xiao H, Glover BP, Tjian R, Wu C, Badenhorst P.
The nucleosome remodeling factor (NURF) regulates genes involved in Drosophila innate immunity.
Dev. Biol. 316: 538-47, 2008.
12)  Wu S, Shi Y, Mulligan P, Gay F, Landry J, Liu H, Lu J, Qi HH, Wang W, Nickoloff JA, Wu C, Shi Y.
A YY1-INO80 complex regulates genomic stability through homologous recombination-based repair.
Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 14: 1165-72, 2007.
13)  Luk E, Vu ND, Patteson K, Mizuguchi G, Wu WH, Ranjan A, Backus J, Sen S, Lewis M, Bai Y, Wu C.
Chz1, a nuclear chaperone for histone H2AZ.
Mol. Cell. 25: 357-68, 2007.
14)  Aravind L, Iyer LM, Wu C.
Domain Architectures of the Scm3p Protein Provide Insights into Centromere Function and Evolution.
Cell Cycle. 6, 2007.
15)  Mizuguchi G, Xiao H, Wisniewski J, Smith MM, Wu C.
Nonhistone Scm3 and histones CenH3-H4 assemble the core of centromere-specific nucleosomes.
Cell. 129: 1153-64, 2007.
16)  Wysocka J, Swigut T, Xiao H, Milne TA, Kwon SY, Landry J, Kauer M, Tackett AJ, Chait BT, Badenhorst P, Wu C, Allis CD.
A PHD finger of NURF couples histone H3 lysine 4 trimethylation with chromatin remodelling.
Nature. 442: 86-90, 2006.
17)  Stephens GE, Xiao H, Lankenau DH, Wu C, Elgin SC.
Heterochromatin protein 2 interacts with Nap-1 and NURF: a link between heterochromatin-induced gene silencing and the chromatin remodeling machinery in Drosophila.
Biochemistry. 45: 14990-9, 2006.
18)  Wu WH, Alami S, Luk E, Wu CH, Sen S, Mizuguchi G, Wei D, Wu C.
Swc2 is a widely conserved H2AZ-binding module essential for ATP-dependent histone exchange.
Nat Struct Mol Biol. 12: 1064-71, 2005.
19)  Badenhorst P, Xiao H, Cherbas L, Kwon SY, Voas M, Rebay I, Cherbas P, Wu C.
The Drosophila nucleosome remodeling factor NURF is required for Ecdysteroid signaling and metamorphosis.
Genes Dev. 19: 2540-5, 2005.
20)  Schwanbeck R, Xiao H, Wu C.
Spatial contacts and nucleosome step movements induced by the NURF chromatin remodeling complex.
J Biol Chem. 279: 39933-41, 2004.
21)  Mizuguchi G, Shen X, Landry J, Wu WH, Sen S, Wu C.
ATP-driven exchange of histone H2AZ variant catalyzed by SWR1 chromatin remodeling complex.
Science. 303: 343-8, 2004.
22)  Shen X, Ranallo R, Choi E, Wu C.
Involvement of actin-related proteins in ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling.
Mol Cell. 12: 147-55, 2003.
23)  Badenhorst P, Voas M, Rebay I, Wu C.
Biological functions of the ISWI chromatin remodeling complex NURF.
Genes Dev. 16: 3186-98, 2002.
24)  Xiao H, Sandaltzopoulos R, Wang HM, Hamiche A, Ranallo R, Lee KM, Fu D, Wu C.
Dual functions of largest NURF subunit NURF301 in nucleosome sliding and transcription factor interactions.
Mol Cell. 8: 531-43, 2001.
25)  Shen X, Mizuguchi G, Hamiche A, Wu C.
A chromatin remodelling complex involved in transcription and DNA processing.
Nature. 406: 541-4, 2000.
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