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Alan O. Perantoni, Ph.D.

Selected Publications

1)  Das A, Tanigawa S, Karner CM, Xin M, Lum L, Chen C, Olson EN, Perantoni AO, Carroll TJ.
Stromal-epithelial crosstalk regulates kidney progenitor cell differentiation.
Nat. Cell Biol. 15: 1035-44, 2013.
2)  Kitagaki J, Ueda Y, Chi X, Sharma N, Elder CM, Truffer E, Costantini F, Lewandoski M, Perantoni AO.
FGF8 is essential for formation of the ductal system in the male reproductive tract.
Development. 138: 5369-78, 2011.
3)  Tanigawa S, Wang H, Yang Y, Sharma N, Tarasova N, Ajima R, Yamaguchi TP, Rodriguez LG, Perantoni AO.
Wnt4 induces nephronic tubules in metanephric mesenchyme by a non-canonical mechanism.
Dev Biol. 352: 58-69, 2011.
4)  Timofeeva OA, Plisov S, Evseev AA, Peng S, Jose-Kampfner M, Lovvorn HN, Dome JS, Perantoni AO.
Serine-phosphorylated STAT1 is a prosurvival factor in Wilms' tumor pathogenesis.
Oncogene. 25: 7555-64, 2006.
5)  Perantoni AO, Timofeeva O, Naillat F, Richman C, Pajni-Underwood S, Wilson C, Vainio S, Dove LF, Lewandoski M.
Inactivation of Fgf8 in early mesoderm reveals an essential role in nephron development.
Development. 132: 3859-3871, 2005.
6)  Murphy AJ, Pierce J, de Caestecker C, Libes J, Neblett D, de Caestecker M, Perantoni AO, Tanigawa S, Anderson JR, Dome JS, Das A, Carroll TJ, Lovvorn HN.
Aberrant activation, nuclear localization, and phosphorylation of Yes-associated protein-1 in the embryonic kidney and Wilms tumor.
Pediatr Blood Cancer. 61: 198-205, 2014.
7)  Murphy AJ, Pierce J, de Caestecker C, Ayers GD, Zhao A, Krebs JR, Saito-Diaz VK, Lee E, Perantoni AO, de Caestecker MP, Lovvorn HN.
CITED1 confers stemness to Wilms tumor and enhances tumorigenic responses when enriched in the nucleus.
Oncotarget. 5: 386-402, 2014.
8)  Yun K, Ajima R, Sharma N, Costantini F, Mackem S, Lewandoski M, Yamaguchi TP, Perantoni AO.
Non-canonical Wnt5a/Ror2 signaling regulates kidney morphogenesis by controlling intermediate mesoderm extension.
Hum. Mol. Genet. 2014.
9)  Plisov S, Wang H, Tarasova N, Sharma N, Perantoni AO.
Protein/peptide transduction in metanephric explant culture.
Methods Mol. Biol. 1092: 255-67, 2014.
10)  Kanda S, Tanigawa S, Ohmori T, Taguchi A, Kudo K, Suzuki Y, Sato Y, Hino S, Sander M, Perantoni AO, Sugano S, Nakao M, Nishinakamura R.
Sall1 Maintains Nephron Progenitors and Nascent Nephrons by Acting as Both an Activator and a Repressor.
J. Am. Soc. Nephrol. [Epub ahead of print], 2014.
11)  Hall M, Perantoni A.
Wilms Tumor/Nephroblastoma: a metanephric caricature. In: Stem Cell Handbook.
2013. In Press. [Book Chapter]
12)  Tokar EJ, Person RJ, Sun Y, Perantoni AO, Waalkes MP.
Chronic Exposure of Renal Stem Cells to Inorganic Arsenic Induces a Cancer Phenotype.
Chem. Res. Toxicol. 26: 96-105, 2013.
13)  Murphy AJ, de Caestecker C, Pierce J, Boyle SC, Ayers GD, Zhao Z, Libes JM, Correa H, Walter T, Huppert SS, Perantoni AO, de Caestecker MP, Lovvorn HN.
CITED1 Expression in Liver Development and Hepatoblastoma.
Neoplasia. 14: 1153-63, 2012.
14)  Murphy AJ, Pierce J, de Caestecker C, Taylor C, Anderson JR, Perantoni AO, de Caestecker MP, Lovvorn HN.
SIX2 and CITED1, markers of nephronic progenitor self-renewal, remain active in primitive elements of Wilms' tumor.
J. Pediatr. Surg. 47: 1239-49, 2012.
15)  Kim MS, Yoon SK, Bollig F, Kitagaki J, Hur W, Whye NJ, Wu Y, Rivera MN, Park JY, Kim H, Malik K, Bell DW, Englert C, Perantoni AO, Lee SB.
A novel Wilms Tumor 1 (WT1) target gene negatively regulates the WNT signaling pathway.
J Biol Chem. 285: 14585-14593, 2010.
16)  Hernandez L, Roux KJ, Wong ES, Mounkes LC, Mutalif R, Navasankari R, Rai B, Cool S, Jeong JW, Wang H, Lee HS, Kozlov S, Grunert M, Keeble T, Jones CM, Meta MD, Young SG, Daar IO, Burke B, Perantoni AO, Stewart CL.
Functional Coupling between the Extracellular Matrix and Nuclear Lamina by Wnt Signaling in Progeria.
Dev. Cell. 19: 413-25, 2010.
17)  Liu W, Zabirnyk O, Wang H, Shiao Y, Nickerson ML, Khalil S, Anderson LM, Perantoni AO, Phang JM.
miR-23b targets proline oxidase, a novel tumor suppressor protein in renal cancer.
Oncogene. 29: 2914-4924, 2010.
18)  Ehrlich D, Bruder E, Thome M, Gutt C, von Knebel Doeberitz M, Niggli F, Perantoni A, Bode M, Koesters R.
Nuclear Accumulation of beta-Catenin Protein Indicates Frequent Activation of Wnt-Signaling in Chemically-Induced Rat Nephroblastomas.
Pediatr. Dev. Pathol. 13: 1-8, 2010.
19)  Wang H, Yang Y, Sharma N, Tarasova NI, Timofeeva OA, Winkler-Pickett RT, Tanigawa S, Perantoni AO.
STAT1 activation regulates proliferation and differentiation of renal progenitors.
Cell Signal. 22: 1716-1726, 2010.
20)  Diwan BA, Timofeeva O, Rice JM, Yang Y, Sharma N, Fortini ME, Wang H, Perantoni AO.
Inheritance of susceptibility to induction of nephroblastomas in the Noble rat.
Differentiation. 77: 424-32, 2009.
21)  Kitagaki J, Yang Y, Saavedra JE, Colburn NH, Keefer LK, Perantoni AO.
Nitric oxide prodrug JS-K inhibits ubiquitin E1 and kills tumor cells retaining wild-type p53.
Oncogene. 28: 619-24, 2009.
22)  Yang Y, Kitagaki J, Wang H, Hou DX, Perantoni AO.
Targeting the ubiquitin-proteasome system for cancer therapy.
Cancer Sci. 100: 24-8, 2009.
23)  Boyle S, Shioda T, Perantoni AO, de Caestecker M.
Cited1 and Cited2 are differentially expressed in the developing kidney but are not required for nephrogenesis.
Dev. Dyn. 236: 2321-30, 2007.
24)  Lovvorn HN, Westrup J, Opperman S, Boyle S, Shi G, Anderson J, Perlman EJ, Perantoni AO, Wills M, de Caestecker M.
CITED1 expression in Wilms' tumor and embryonic kidney.
Neoplasia. 9: 589-600, 2007.
25)  Levashova ZB, Sharma N, Timofeeva OA, Dome JS, Perantoni AO.
ELR+-CXC chemokines and their receptors in early metanephric development.
J. Am. Soc. Nephrol. 18: 2359-70, 2007.
26)  Kim HS, Kim MS, Hancock AL, Harper JC, Park JY, Poy G, Perantoni AO, Cam M, Malik K, Lee SB.
Identification of Novel Wilms' Tumor Suppressor Gene Target Genes Implicated in Kidney Development.
J Biol Chem. 282: 16278-16287, 2007.
27)  Timofeeva OA, Gaponenko V, Lockett SJ, Tarasov SG, Jiang S, Michejda CJ, Perantoni AO, Tarasova NI.
Rationally designed inhibitors identify STAT3 N-domain as a promising anticancer drug target.
ACS Chem. Biol. 2: 799-809, 2007.
28)  Lovvorn HN, Boyle S, Shi G, Shyr Y, Wills ML, Perantoni AO, de Caestecker M.
Wilms' tumorigenesis is altered by misexpression of the transcriptional co-activator, CITED1.
J. Pediatr. Surg. 42: 474-81, 2007.
29)  Perantoni AO.
McKinnell RG, Parchment RE, Perantoni AO, Pierce GB, eds.
Cancer-associated genes. In: The Biological Basis of Cancer.
New York: Cambridge University Press; 2006. p. 145-194 [Book Chapter]
30)  Perantoni AO.
McKinnell RG, Parchment RE, Perantoni AO, Pierce GB, eds.
Carcinogenesis. In: The Biological Basis of Cancer.
New York: Cambridge University Press; 2006. p. 80-125 [Book Chapter]
31)  Plisov S, Tsang M, Shi G, Boyle S, Yoshino K, Dunwoodie SL, Dawid IB, Shioda T, Perantoni AO, de Caestecker MP.
Cited1 is a bifunctional transcriptional cofactor that regulates early nephronic patterning.
J Am Soc Nephrol. 16: 1632-44, 2005.
32)  Chen B, Blair DG, Plisov S, Vasiliev G, Perantoni AO, Chen Q, Athanasiou M, Wu JY, Oppenheim JJ, Yang D.
Cutting edge: bone morphogenetic protein antagonists drm/gremlin and dan interact with slits and act as negative regulators of monocyte chemotaxis.
J Immunol. 173: 5914-7, 2004.
33)  Perantoni AO.
Sell S, eds.
Nephroblastoma: A metanephric caricature. In: The Stem Cell Handbook.
Totowa, NJ: Humana Press; 2003. p. 277-88 [Book Chapter]
34)  Levashova ZB, Plisov SY, Perantoni AO.
Conditionally immortalized cell line of inducible metanephric mesenchyme.
Kidney Int. 63: 2075-87, 2003.
35)  Perantoni AO.
Renal development: perspectives on a Wnt-dependent process.
Semin. Cell Dev. Biol. 14: 201-8, 2003.
36)  Perantoni AO.
The ureteric bud. Tissue-culture approaches to branching morphogenesis and inductive signaling.
Methods Mol. Med. 86: 179-92, 2003.
37)  Zhang F, Nakanishi G, Kurebayashi S, Yoshino K, Perantoni A, Kim YS, Jetten AM.
Characterization of Glis2, a novel gene encoding a Gli-related, Kruppel-like transcription factor with transactivation and repressor functions. Roles in kidney development and neurogenesis.
J Biol Chem. 277: 10139-49, 2002.
38)  Shiao YH, Ramakrishna G, Anderson LM, Perantoni AO, Rice JM, Diwan BA.
Down-regulation of von Hippel-Lindau protein in N-nitroso compound-induced rat non-clear cell renal tumors.
Cancer Lett. 179: 33-8, 2002.
39)  Muramatsu Y, Tsujie M, Kohda Y, Pham B, Perantoni AO, Zhao H, Jo SK, Yuen PS, Craig L, Hu X, Star RA.
Early detection of cysteine rich protein 61 (CYR61, CCN1) in urine following renal ischemic reperfusion injury.
Kidney Int. 62: 1601-10, 2002.
40)  Kim YS, Lewandoski M, Perantoni AO, Kurebayashi S, Nakanishi G, Jetten AM.
Identification of Glis1, a novel Gli-related, Kruppel-like zinc finger protein containing transactivation and repressor functions.
J Biol Chem. 277: 30901-13, 2002.
41)  Yoshino K, Rubin JS, Higinbotham KG, Uren A, Anest V, Plisov SY, Perantoni AO.
Secreted Frizzled-related proteins can regulate metanephric development.
Mech Dev. 102: 45-55, 2001.
42)  Plisov SY, Yoshino K, Dove LF, Higinbotham KG, Rubin JS, Perantoni AO.
TGF beta 2, LIF and FGF2 cooperate to induce nephrogenesis.
Development. 128: 1045-57, 2001.
43)  Plisov SY, Ivanov SV, Yoshino K, Dove LF, Plisova TM, Higinbotham KG, Karavanova I, Lerman M, Perantoni AO.
Mesenchymal-epithelial transition in the developing metanephric kidney: gene expression study by differential display.
Genesis. 27: 22-31, 2000.
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