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Antonio Tito Fojo, M.D., Ph.D.

Selected Publications

1)  Burotto M, Wilkerson J, Stein W, Motzer R, Bates S, Fojo T.
Continuing a cancer treatment despite tumor growth may be valuable: sunitinib in renal cell carcinoma as example.
PLoS ONE. 9: e96316, 2014.
2)  Prasad V, Massey P, Fojo T.
Oral Anticancer Drugs: How Limited Dosing Options and Dose Reductions May Affect Outcomes in Comparative Trials and Efficacy in Patients.
J. Clin. Oncol. 32: 1620-9, 2014.
3)  O'Sullivan C, Edgerly M, Velarde M, Wilkerson J, Venkatesan AM, Pittaluga S, Yang SX, Nguyen D, Balasubramaniam S, Fojo T.
The VEGF inhibitor axitinib has limited effectiveness as a therapy for adrenocortical cancer.
J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab. 99: 1291-7, 2014.
4)  Kantarjian HM, Fojo T, Mathisen M, Zwelling LA.
Cancer drugs in the United States: Justum Pretium--the just price.
J. Clin. Oncol. 31: 3600-4, 2013.
5)  Blagoev KB, Wilkerson J, Stein WD, Motzer RJ, Bates SE, Fojo AT.
Sunitinib does not accelerate tumor growth in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma.
Cell Rep. 3: 277-81, 2013.
6)  Fojo AT, Bates SE.
Clinical trial results: a clinical trial bazaar!.
Oncologist. 19: 313-4, 2014.
7)  Burotto M, Fojo AT.
Acetyl-L-carnitine and prevention of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy: can anything work?.
Oncologist. 18: 1151-2, 2013.
8)  Fojo AT, Bates SE, Chabner BA.
Clinical trial results: Sharing results, speeding discoveries.
Oncologist. 18: 779, 2013.
9)  Fojo T, Bates S.
Mechanisms of resistance to PARP inhibitors--three and counting.
Cancer Discov. 3: 20-3, 2013.
10)  Patel D, Boufraqech M, Jain M, Zhang L, He M, Gesuwan K, Gulati N, Nilubol N, Fojo T, Kebebew E.
MiR-34a and miR-483-5p are candidate serum biomarkers for adrenocortical tumors.
Surgery. 154: 1224-8; discussion 1229, 2013.
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