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W. Michael Kuehl, M.D.

Selected Publications

1)  Bergsagel PL, Kuehl WM.
Degree of focal immunoglobulin heavy chain locus deletion as a measure of B-cell tumor purity.
Leukemia. 1-2, 2013.
2)  Kuehl WM, Bergsagel PL.
Molecular pathogenesis of multiple myeloma and its premalignant precursor.
J. Clin. Invest. 122: 3456-63, 2012.
3)  Kuehl WM.
Mouse models can predict cancer therapy.
Blood. 120: 238-40, 2012.
4)  Kuehl WM, Bergsagel PL.
MYC addiction: a potential therapeutic target in MM.
Blood. 120: 2351-2, 2012.
5)  Zingone A, Kuehl WM.
Pathogenesis of monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance and progression to multiple myeloma.
Semin. Hematol. 48: 4-12, 2011.
6)  Mailankody S, Mena E, Yuan CM, Balakumaran A, Kuehl WM, Landgren O.
Molecular and biologic markers of progression in monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance to multiple myeloma.
Leuk. Lymphoma. 51: 2159-70, 2010.
7)  Dib A, Glebov OK, Shou Y, Singer RH, Kuehl WM.
A der(8)t(8;11) chromosome in the Karpas-620 myeloma cell line expresses only cyclin D1: yet both cyclin D1 and MYC are repositioned in close proximity to the 3'IGH enhancer.
DNA Repair (Amst.). 8: 330-5, 2009.
8)  Weiss BM, Abadie J, Verma P, Howard RS, Kuehl WM.
A monoclonal gammopathy precedes multiple myeloma in most patients.
Blood. 113: 5418-22, 2009.
9)  Peterson TR, Laplante M, Thoreen CC, Sancak Y, Kang SA, Kuehl WM, Gray NS, Sabatini DM.
DEPTOR is an mTOR inhibitor frequently overexpressed in multiple myeloma cells and required for their survival.
Cell. 137: 873-86, 2009.
10)  Fonseca R, Bergsagel PL, Drach J, Shaughnessy J, Gutierrez N, Stewart AK, Morgan G, Van Ness B, Chesi M, Minvielle S, Neri A, Barlogie B, Kuehl WM, Liebisch P, Davies F, Chen-Kiang S, Durie BG, Carrasco R, Sezer O, Reiman T, Pilarski L, Avet-Loiseau H.
International Myeloma Working Group molecular classification of multiple myeloma: spotlight review.
Leukemia. 23: 2210-21, 2009.
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