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Paul A. Roche, Ph.D.

Selected Publications

1)  Bosch B, Berger AC, Khandelwal S, Heipertz EL, Scharf B, Santambrogio L, Roche PA.
Disruption of Multivesicular Body Vesicles Does Not Affect Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) Class II-Peptide Complex Formation and Antigen Presentation by Dendritic Cells.
J. Biol. Chem. 288: 24286-92, 2013.
2)  Karim ZA, Zhang J, Banerjee M, Chicka MC, Al Hawas R, Hamilton TR, Roche PA, Whiteheart SW.
IkappaB kinase (IKK) phosphorylation of SNAP-23 controls platelet secretion.
Blood. [Epub ahead of print], 2013.
3)  Bosch B, Heipertz EL, Drake JR, Roche PA.
MHC Class II-Peptide Complexes Arrive at the Plasma Membrane in Cholesterol-Rich Microclusters.
J. Biol. Chem. [Epub ahead of print], 2013.
4)  Suh YH, Park JY, Park S, Jou I, Roche PA, Roche KW.
Regulation of metabotropic glutamate receptor 7 (mGluR7) internalization and surface expression by Ser/Thr protein phosphatase 1.
J. Biol. Chem. 288: 17544-51, 2013.
5)  Furuta K, Ishido S, Roche PA.
Encounter with antigen-specific primed CD4 T cells promotes MHC class II degradation in dendritic cells.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 109: 19380-5, 2012.
6)  Hunt D, Wilson JE, Weih KA, Ishido S, Harton JA, Roche PA, Drake JR.
Francisella tularensis elicits IL-10 via a PGE2-inducible factor, to drive macrophage MARCH1 expression and class II down-regulation.
PLoS ONE. 7: e37330, 2012.
7)  Suh YH, Yoshimoto-Furusawa A, Weih KA, Tessarollo L, Roche KW, Mackem S, Roche PA.
Deletion of SNAP-23 results in pre-implantation embryonic lethality in mice.
PLoS ONE. 6: e18444, 2011.
8)  Suh YH, Terashima A, Petralia RS, Wenthold RJ, Isaac JT, Roche KW, Roche PA.
A neuronal role for SNAP-23 in postsynaptic glutamate receptor trafficking.
Nat. Neurosci. 13: 338-43, 2010.
9)  Langer HF, Chung K, Orlova VV, Choi EY, Kaul S, Kruhlak MJ, Alatsatianos M, Deangelis RA, Roche PA, Magotti P, Li X, Economopoulou M, Rafail S, Lambris JD, Chavakis T.
Complement-mediated inhibition of neovascularization reveals a point of convergence between innate immunity and angiogenesis.
Blood. 116: 4395-403, 2010.
10)  Walseng E, Furuta K, Goldszmid RS, Weih KA, Sher A, Roche PA.
Dendritic cell activation prevents MHC class II ubiquitination and promotes MHC class II survival regardless of the activation stimulus.
J. Biol. Chem. 285: 41749-54, 2010.
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