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Yun-Xing Wang, Ph.D.

Selected Publications

1)  Chang FM, Coyne HJ, Cubillas C, Vinuesa P, Fang X, Ma Z, Ma D, Helmann JD, García-de Los Santos A, Wang YX, Dann CE, Giedroc DP.
Cu(I)-mediated Allosteric Switching in a Copper-sensing Operon Repressor (CsoR).
J. Biol. Chem. 289: 19204-17, 2014.
2)  Fang X, Wang J, O'Carroll IP, Mitchell M, Zuo X, Wang Y, Yu P, Liu Y, Rausch JW, Dyba MA, Kjems J, Schwieters CD, Seifert S, Winans RE, Watts NR, Stahl SJ, Wingfield PT, Byrd RA, Le Grice SF, Rein A, Wang YX.
An unusual topological structure of the HIV-1 Rev response element.
Cell. 155: 594-605, 2013.
3)  Giladi M, Sasson Y, Fang X, Hiller R, Buki T, Wang YX, Hirsch JA, Khananshvili D.
A Common Ca(2+)-Driven Interdomain Module Governs Eukaryotic NCX Regulation.
PLoS ONE. 7: e39985, 2012.
4)  Chen B, Zuo X, Wang YX, Dayie TK.
Multiple conformations of SAM-II riboswitch detected with SAXS and NMR spectroscopy.
Nucleic Acids Res. 40: 3117-30, 2012.
5)  Burke JE, Sashital DG, Zuo X, Wang YX, Butcher SE.
Structure of the yeast U2/U6 snRNA complex.
RNA. 18: 673-83, 2012.
6)  Avvakumov GV, Walker JR, Xue S, Allali-Hassani A, Asinas A, Nair UB, Fang X, Zuo X, Wang YX, Wilkinson KD, Dhe-Paganon S.
Two ZnF-UBP domains in isopeptidase T (USP5).
Biochemistry. 51: 1188-98, 2012.
7)  Liao JC, Lam R, Brazda V, Duan S, Ravichandran M, Ma J, Xiao T, Tempel W, Zuo X, Wang YX, Chirgadze NY, Arrowsmith CH.
Interferon-inducible protein 16: insight into the interaction with tumor suppressor p53.
Structure. 19: 418-29, 2011.
8)  Ying J, Wang J, Grishaev A, Yu P, Wang YX, Bax A.
Measurement of (1)H-(15)N and (1)H-(13)C residual dipolar couplings in nucleic acids from TROSY intensities.
J. Biomol. NMR. 51: 89-103, 2011.
9)  Nady N, Lemak A, Walker JR, Avvakumov GV, Kareta MS, Achour M, Xue S, Duan S, Allali-Hassani A, Zuo X, Wang Y, Bronner C, Chedin F, Arrowsmith CH, Dhe-Paganon S.
Recognition of multivalent histone states associated with heterochromatin by UHRF1.
J Biol Chem. 286: 24300-11, 2011.
10)  Datta SA, Zuo X, Clark PK, Campbell SJ, Wang YX, Rein A.
Solution properties of murine leukemia virus gag protein: differences from HIV-1 gag.
J. Virol. 85: 12733-41, 2011.
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