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Jonathan D. Ashwell, M.D.

Selected Publications

1)  Yang Y, Fang S, Jensen JP, Weissman AM, Ashwell JD.
Ubiquitin protein ligase activity of IAPs and their degradation in proteasomes in response to apoptotic stimuli.
Science. 288: 874-7, 2000.
2)  Salvador JM, Mittelstadt PR, Guszczynski T, Copeland TD, Yamaguchi H, Appella E, Fornace AJ, Ashwell JD.
Alternative p38 activation pathway mediated by T cell receptor-proximal tyrosine kinases.
Nat Immunol. 6: 390-5, 2005.
3)  Wu CJ, Conze DB, Li T, Srinivasula SM, Ashwell JD.
NEMO is a sensor of Lys 63-linked polyubiquitination and functions in NF-kappaB activation.
Nat. Cell Biol. 8: 398-406, 2006.
4)  Mittelstadt PR, Monteiro JP, Ashwell JD.
Thymocyte responsiveness to endogenous glucocorticoids is required for immunological fitness.
J. Clin. Invest. 122: 2384-94, 2012.
5)  Alam MS, Gaida MM, Ogawa Y, Kolios AG, Lasitschka F, Ashwell JD.
Counter-regulation of T cell effector function by differentially activated p38.
J. Exp. Med. 211: 1257-70, 2014.
6)  Allam A, Swiecki M, Vermi W, Ashwell JD, Colonna M.
Dual Function of CD70 in Viral Infection: Modulator of Early Cytokine Responses and Activator of Adaptive Responses.
J. Immunol. 2014.
7)  Presman DM, Ogara MF, Stortz M, Alvarez LD, Pooley JR, Schiltz RL, Grøntved L, Johnson TA, Mittelstadt PR, Ashwell JD, Ganesan S, Burton G, Levi V, Hager GL, Pecci A.
Live cell imaging unveils multiple domain requirements for in vivo dimerization of the glucocorticoid receptor.
PLoS Biol. 12: e1001813, 2014.
8)  Guo L, Zheng Z, Ai J, Howatt DA, Mittelstadt PR, Thacker S, Daugherty A, Ashwell JD, Remaley AT, Li XA.
Scavenger Receptor BI and High-Density Lipoprotein Regulate Thymocyte Apoptosis in Sepsis.
Arterioscler. Thromb. Vasc. Biol. 34: 966-75, 2014.
9)  Kuka M, Ashwell JD.
A method for high purity sorting of rare cell subsets applied to TDC.
J. Immunol. Methods. 2013.
10)  Giardino Torchia ML, Conze DB, Jankovic D, Ashwell JD.
Balance between NF-?B p100 and p52 regulates T cell costimulation dependence.
J. Immunol. 190: 549-55, 2013.
11)  Giardino Torchia ML, Conze DB, Ashwell JD.
c-IAP1 and c-IAP2 redundancy differs between T and B cells.
PLoS ONE. 8: e66161, 2013.
12)  Kugler DG, Mittelstadt PR, Ashwell JD, Sher A, Jankovic D.
CD4+ T cells are trigger and target of the glucocorticoid response that prevents lethal immunopathology in toxoplasma infection.
J. Exp. Med. 210: 1919-27, 2013.
13)  Munitic I, Kuka M, Allam A, Scoville JP, Ashwell JD.
CD70 deficiency impairs effector CD8 T cell generation and viral clearance but is dispensable for the recall response to lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus.
J. Immunol. 190: 1169-79, 2013.
14)  Kuka M, Munitic I, Giardino Torchia ML, Ashwell JD.
CD70 Is Downregulated by Interaction with CD27.
J. Immunol. 191: 2282-9, 2013.
15)  Munitic I, Giardino Torchia ML, Meena NP, Zhu G, Li CC, Ashwell JD.
Optineurin insufficiency impairs IRF3 but not NF-?B activation in immune cells.
J. Immunol. 191: 6231-40, 2013.
16)  Kuka M, Munitic I, Ashwell JD.
Identification and characterization of polyclonal aß-T cells with dendritic cell properties.
Nat Commun. 3: 1223, 2012.
17)  Shen Y, Torchia ML, Lawson GW, Karp CL, Ashwell JD, Mazmanian SK.
Outer membrane vesicles of a human commensal mediate immune regulation and disease protection.
Cell Host Microbe. 12: 509-20, 2012.
18)  Srinivasula SM, Ashwell JD.
A20: more than one way to skin a cat.
Mol. Cell. 44: 511-2, 2011.
19)  Jirmanova L, Giardino Torchia ML, Sarma ND, Mittelstadt PR, Ashwell JD.
Lack of the T-cell-specific alternative p38 activation pathway reduces autoimmunity and inflammation.
Blood. 118: 3280-9, 2011.
20)  Conze DB, Zhao Y, Ashwell JD.
Non-canonical NF-kappaB activation and abnormal B cell accumulation in mice expressing ubiquitin protein ligase-inactive c-IAP2.
PLoS Biol. 8: e1000518, 2010.
21)  Jirmanova L, Ashwell JD.
T cell priming: let there be light.
Cell Res. 20: 608-10, 2010.
22)  Jirmanova L, Sarma DN, Jankovic D, Mittelstadt PR, Ashwell JD.
Genetic disruption of p38alpha Tyr323 phosphorylation prevents T-cell receptor-mediated p38alpha activation and impairs interferon-gamma production.
Blood. 113: 2229-37, 2009.
23)  Lo YC, Lin SC, Rospigliosi CC, Conze DB, Wu CJ, Ashwell JD, Eliezer D, Wu H.
Structural basis for recognition of diubiquitins by NEMO.
Mol. Cell. 33: 602-15, 2009.
24)  Mittelstadt PR, Yamaguchi H, Appella E, Ashwell JD.
T cell receptor-mediated activation of p38{alpha} by mono-phosphorylation of the activation loop results in altered substrate specificity.
J. Biol. Chem. 284: 15469-74, 2009.
25)  Allam A, Conze DB, Giardino Torchia ML, Munitic I, Yagita H, Sowell RT, Marzo AL, Ashwell JD.
The CD8+ memory T cell state of readiness is actively maintained and reversible.
Blood. 114: 2121-30, 2009.
26)  Srinivasula SM, Ashwell JD.
IAPs: what's in a name?.
Mol. Cell. 30: 123-35, 2008.
27)  Conze DB, Wu CJ, Thomas JA, Landstrom A, Ashwell JD.
Lys63-linked polyubiquitination of IRAK-1 is required for interleukin-1 receptor- and toll-like receptor-mediated NF-kappaB activation.
Mol. Cell. Biol. 28: 3538-47, 2008.
28)  Wu CJ, Ashwell JD.
NEMO recognition of ubiquitinated Bcl10 is required for T cell receptor-mediated NF-kappaB activation.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 105: 3023-8, 2008.
29)  Ashwell JD.
TWEAKing death.
J. Cell Biol. 182: 15-7, 2008.
30)  Wagner S, Carpentier I, Rogov V, Kreike M, Ikeda F, Lohr F, Wu C, Ashwell JD, Dotsch V, Dikic I, Beyaert R.
Ubiquitin binding mediates the NF-kappaB inhibitory potential of ABIN proteins.
Oncogene. 27: 3739-45, 2008.
31)  Jirmanova L, Jankovic D, Fornace AJ, Ashwell JD.
Gadd45alpha regulates p38-dependent dendritic cell cytokine production and Th1 differentiation.
J. Immunol. 178: 4153-8, 2007.
32)  Zhu G, Wu C, Zhao Y, Ashwell JD.
Optineurin Negatively Regulates TNFalpha- Induced NF-kappaB Activation by Competing with NEMO for Ubiquitinated RIP.
Curr Biol. 17: 1438-43, 2007.
33)  Zhao Y, Conze DB, Hanover JA, Ashwell JD.
Tumor necrosis factor receptor 2 signaling induces selective c-IAP1-dependent ASK1 ubiquitination and terminates mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling.
J. Biol. Chem. 282: 7777-82, 2007.
34)  Ashwell JD.
The many paths to p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase activation in the immune system.
Nat. Rev. Immunol. 6: 532-40, 2006.
35)  Schito ML, Demidov ON, Saito S, Ashwell JD, Appella E.
Wip1 phosphatase-deficient mice exhibit defective T cell maturation due to sustained p53 activation.
J. Immunol. 176: 4818-25, 2006.
36)  Mittelstadt PR, Salvador JM, Fornace AJ, Ashwell JD.
Activating p38 MAPK: new tricks for an old kinase.
Cell Cycle. 4: 1189-92, 2005.
37)  Conze DB, Albert L, Ferrick DA, Goeddel DV, Yeh WC, Mak T, Ashwell JD.
Posttranscriptional downregulation of c-IAP2 by the ubiquitin protein ligase c-IAP1 in vivo.
Mol Cell Biol. 25: 3348-56, 2005.
38)  Munitic I, Ryan PE, Ashwell JD.
T cells in G1 provide a memory-like response to secondary stimulation.
J Immunol. 174: 4010-8, 2005.
39)  Salvador JM, Mittelstadt PR, Belova GI, Fornace AJ, Ashwell JD.
The autoimmune suppressor Gadd45alpha inhibits the T cell alternative p38 activation pathway.
Nat Immunol. 6: 396-402, 2005.
40)  Wu CJ, Conze DB, Li X, Ying SX, Hanover JA, Ashwell JD.
TNF-alpha induced c-IAP1/TRAF2 complex translocation to a Ubc6-containing compartment and TRAF2 ubiquitination.
EMBO J. 24: 1886-98, 2005.
41)  Munitic I, Williams JA, Yang Y, Dong B, Lucas PJ, El Kassar N, Gress RE, Ashwell JD.
Dynamic regulation of IL-7 receptor expression is required for normal thymopoiesis.
Blood. 104: 4165-72, 2004.
42)  Mittelstadt PR, Ashwell JD.
Disruption of glucocorticoid receptor exon 2 yields a ligand-responsive C-terminal fragment that regulates gene expression.
Mol. Endo. 17: 1534-1542, 2003.
43)  Stephens GL, Ashwell JD, Ignatowicz L.
Mutually antagonistic signals regulate selection of the T cell repertoire.
Int. Immunol. 15: 623-32, 2003.
44)  Mittelstadt PR, Galon J, Franchimont D, O'Shea JJ, Ashwell JD.
Glucocorticoid-inducible genes that regulate T-cell function.
Ernst Schering Res. Found. Workshop. 319-39, 2002.
45)  Yang Y, Dong B, Mittelstadt PR, Xiao H, Ashwell JD.
HIV Tat binds Egr proteins and enhances Egr-dependent transactivation of the Fas ligand promoter.
J. Biol. Chem. 277: 19482-7, 2002.
46)  Salvador JM, Hollander MC, Nguyen AT, Kopp JB, Barisoni L, Moore JK, Ashwell JD, Fornace AJ.
Mice lacking the p53-effector gene Gadd45a develop a lupus-like syndrome.
Immunity. 16: 499-508, 2002.
47)  D'Oro U, Munitic I, Chacko G, Karpova T, McNally J, Ashwell JD.
Regulation of constitutive T cell receptor internalization by the zeta chain.
J. Immunol. 169: 6269-6278, 2002.
48)  Li X, Yang Y, Ashwell JD.
TNF-RII and c-IAP1 mediate ubiquitination and degradation of TRAF2.
Nature. 416: 345-7, 2002.
49)  Yang Y, Ashwell JD.
Exploiting the apoptotic process for management of HIV: are we there yet?.
Apoptosis. 6: 139-46, 2001.
50)  Mittelstadt PR, Ashwell JD.
Inhibition of AP-1 by the glucocorticoid-inducible protein GILZ.
J Biol Chem. 276: 29603-10, 2001.
51)  Valavanis C, Hu Y, Yang Y, Osborne BA, Chouaib S, Greene L, Ashwell JD, Schwartz LM.
Model cell lines for the study of apoptosis in vitro.
Methods Cell Biol. 66: 417-36, 2001.
52)  Ashwell JD, Vacchio MS, Galon J.
Do glucocorticoids participate in thymocyte development?.
Immunol. Today. 21: 644-6, 2000.
53)  Vacchio MS, Ashwell JD.
Glucocorticoids and thymocyte development.
Semin. Immunol. 12: 475-85, 2000.
54)  Ashwell JD, Lu FW, Vacchio MS.
Glucocorticoids in T cell development and function*.
Annu. Rev. Immunol. 18: 309-45, 2000.
55)  Rengarajan J, Mittelstadt PR, Mages HW, Gerth AJ, Kroczek RA, Ashwell JD, Glimcher LH.
Sequential involvement of NFAT and Egr transcription factors in FasL regulation.
Immunity. 12: 293-300, 2000.
56)  Lu FW, Yasutomo K, Goodman GB, McHeyzer-Williams LJ, McHeyzer-Williams MG, Germain RN, Ashwell JD.
Thymocyte resistance to glucocorticoids leads to antigen-specific unresponsiveness due to "holes" in the T cell repertoire.
Immunity. 12: 183-92, 2000.
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