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Jonathan D. Ashwell, M.D.

Selected Publications

1)  Salvador JM, Mittelstadt PR, Guszczynski T, Copeland TD, Yamaguchi H, Appella E, Fornace AJ, Ashwell JD.
Alternative p38 activation pathway mediated by T cell receptor-proximal tyrosine kinases.
Nat Immunol. 6: 390-5, 2005.
2)  Jirmanova L, Giardino Torchia ML, Sarma ND, Mittelstadt PR, Ashwell JD.
Lack of the T-cell-specific alternative p38 activation pathway reduces autoimmunity and inflammation.
Blood. 118: 3280-9, 2011.
3)  Yang Y, Fang S, Jensen JP, Weissman AM, Ashwell JD.
Ubiquitin protein ligase activity of IAPs and their degradation in proteasomes in response to apoptotic stimuli.
Science. 288: 874-7, 2000.
4)  Conze DB, Zhao Y, Ashwell JD.
Non-canonical NF-kappaB activation and abnormal B cell accumulation in mice expressing ubiquitin protein ligase-inactive c-IAP2.
PLoS Biol. 8: e1000518, 2010.
5)  Mittelstadt PR, Monteiro JP, Ashwell JD.
Thymocyte responsiveness to endogenous glucocorticoids is required for immunological fitness.
J. Clin. Invest. 122: 2384-94, 2012.
6)  Presman DM, Ogara MF, Stortz M, Alvarez LD, Pooley JR, Schiltz RL, Grøntved L, Johnson TA, Mittelstadt PR, Ashwell JD, Ganesan S, Burton G, Levi V, Hager GL, Pecci A.
Live cell imaging unveils multiple domain requirements for in vivo dimerization of the glucocorticoid receptor.
PLoS Biol. 12: e1001813, 2014.
7)  Guo L, Zheng Z, Ai J, Howatt DA, Mittelstadt PR, Thacker S, Daugherty A, Ashwell JD, Remaley AT, Li XA.
Scavenger Receptor BI and High-Density Lipoprotein Regulate Thymocyte Apoptosis in Sepsis.
Arterioscler. Thromb. Vasc. Biol. 34: 966-75, 2014.
8)  Kuka M, Ashwell JD.
A method for high purity sorting of rare cell subsets applied to TDC.
J. Immunol. Methods. 2013.
9)  Giardino Torchia ML, Conze DB, Jankovic D, Ashwell JD.
Balance between NF-?B p100 and p52 regulates T cell costimulation dependence.
J. Immunol. 190: 549-55, 2013.
10)  Giardino Torchia ML, Conze DB, Ashwell JD.
c-IAP1 and c-IAP2 redundancy differs between T and B cells.
PLoS ONE. 8: e66161, 2013.
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