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Mark B. Lewandoski, Ph.D.

Selected Publications

1)  Anderson MJ, Naiche LA, Wilson CP, Elder C, Swing DA, Lewandoski M.
TCreERT2, a transgenic mouse line for temporal control of Cre-mediated recombination in lineages emerging from the primitive streak or tail bud.
PLoS ONE. 8: e62479, 2013.
2)  Naiche LA, Holder N, Lewandoski M.
FGF4 and FGF8 comprise the wavefront activity that controls somitogenesis.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 108: 4018-23, 2011.
3)  Pajni-Underwood S, Wilson CP, Elder C, Mishina Y, Lewandoski M.
BMP signals control limb bud interdigital programmed cell death by regulating FGF signaling.
Development. 134: 2359-68, 2007.
4)  Perantoni AO, Timofeeva O, Naillat F, Richman C, Pajni-Underwood S, Wilson C, Vainio S, Dove LF, Lewandoski M.
Inactivation of FGF8 in early mesoderm reveals an essential role in kidney development.
Development. 132: 3859-71, 2005.
5)  Lewandoski M.
Conditional control of gene expression in the mouse.
Nat Rev Genet. 2: 743-55, 2001.
6)  Yun K, Ajima R, Sharma N, Costantini F, Mackem S, Lewandoski M, Yamaguchi TP, Perantoni AO.
Non-canonical Wnt5a/Ror2 signaling regulates kidney morphogenesis by controlling intermediate mesoderm extension.
Hum. Mol. Genet. 2014.
7)  Sauer S, Burkett SS, Lewandoski M, Klar AJ.
A CO-FISH assay to assess sister chromatid segregation patterns in mitosis of mouse embryonic stem cells.
Chromosome Res. 21: 311-28, 2013.
8)  Buckley DM, Burroughs-Garcia J, Lewandoski M, Waters ST.
Characterization of the gbx1(-/-) mouse mutant: a requirement for gbx1 in normal locomotion and sensorimotor circuit development.
PLoS ONE. 8: e56214, 2013.
9)  Domyan ET, Branchfield K, Gibson DA, Naiche LA, Lewandoski M, Tessier-Lavigne M, Ma L, Sun X.
Roundabout receptors are critical for foregut separation from the body wall.
Dev. Cell. 24: 52-63, 2013.
10)  Williams M, Burdsal C, Periasamy A, Lewandoski M, Sutherland A.
Mouse primitive streak forms in situ by initiation of epithelial to mesenchymal transition without migration of a cell population.
Dev. Dyn. 241: 270-83, 2012.
11)  Mackem S, Lewandoski M.
Development. Limb cells don't tell time.
Science. 332: 1038-9, 2011.
12)  Lewandoski M, Mackem S.
Developmental biology: extending the limb and body with vectors and scalars.
Curr. Biol. 21: R34-6, 2011.
13)  Kitagaki J, Ueda Y, Chi X, Sharma N, Elder CM, Truffer E, Costantini F, Lewandoski M, Perantoni AO.
FGF8 is essential for formation of the ductal system in the male reproductive tract.
Development. 138: 5369-78, 2011.
14)  Naiche LA, Arora R, Kania A, Lewandoski M, Papaioannou VE.
Identity and fate of Tbx4-expressing cells reveal developmental cell fate decisions in the allantois, limb, and external genitalia.
Dev. Dyn. 240: 2290-300, 2011.
15)  Kawakami Y, Marti M, Kawakami H, Itou J, Quach T, Johnson A, Sahara S, O'Leary DD, Nakagawa Y, Lewandoski M, Pfaff S, Evans SM, Izpisua Belmonte JC.
Islet1-mediated activation of the {beta}-catenin pathway is necessary for hindlimb initiation in mice.
Development. 138: 4465-73, 2011.
16)  Zacharias AL, Lewandoski M, Rudnicki MA, Gage PJ.
Pitx2 is an upstream activator of extraocular myogenesis and survival.
Dev. Biol. 349: 395-405, 2011.
17)  Zhang Z, O'Rourke JR, McManus MT, Lewandoski M, Harfe BD, Sun X.
The microRNA-processing enzyme Dicer is dispensable for somite segmentation but essential for limb bud positioning.
Dev Biol. 351: 254-265, 2011.
18)  Yi L, Domyan ET, Lewandoski M, Sun X.
Fibroblast growth factor 9 signaling inhibits airway smooth muscle differentiation in mouse lung.
Dev. Dyn. 238: 123-37, 2009.
19)  Tzchori I, Day TF, Carolan PJ, Zhao Y, Wassif CA, Li L, Lewandoski M, Gorivodsky M, Love PE, Porter FD, Westphal H, Yang Y.
LIM homeobox transcription factors integrate signaling events that control three-dimensional limb patterning and growth.
Development. 136: 1375-85, 2009.
20)  Mackem S, Lewandoski M.
Limb development takes a measured step toward systems analysis.
Sci Signal. 2: pe33, 2009.
21)  Lewandoski M, Mackem S.
Limb development: the rise and fall of retinoic acid.
Curr. Biol. 19: R558-61, 2009.
22)  Aulehla A, Wiegraebe W, Baubet V, Wahl MB, Deng C, Taketo M, Lewandoski M, Pourquie O.
A beta-catenin gradient links the clock and wavefront systems in mouse embryo segmentation.
Nat. Cell Biol. 10: 186-93, 2008.
23)  Kumar A, Lualdi M, Lewandoski M, Kuehn MR.
Broad mesodermal and endodermal deletion of Nodal at postgastrulation stages results solely in left/right axial defects.
Dev. Dyn. 237: 3591-3601, 2008.
24)  Macdonald ST, Bamforth SD, Chen C, Farthing CR, Franklyn A, Broadbent C, Schneider JE, Saga Y, Lewandoski M, Bhattacharya S.
Epiblastic Cited2 deficiency results in cardiac phenotypic heterogeneity and provides a mechanism for haploinsufficiency.
Cardiovasc. Res. 79: 448-57, 2008.
25)  Dunty WC, Biris KK, Chalamalasetty RB, Taketo MM, Lewandoski M, Yamaguchi TP.
Wnt3a/beta-catenin signaling controls posterior body development by coordinating mesoderm formation and segmentation.
Development. 135: 85-94, 2008.
26)  Lewandoski M.
Analysis of mouse development with conditional mutagenesis.
Handb Exp Pharmacol. 235-62, 2007.
27)  Wahl MB, Deng C, Lewandoski M, Pourquie O.
FGF signaling acts upstream of the NOTCH and WNT signaling pathways to control segmentation clock oscillations in mouse somitogenesis.
Development. 134: 4033-41, 2007.
28)  Jacques BE, Montcouquiol ME, Layman EM, Lewandoski M, Kelley MW.
Fgf8 induces pillar cell fate and regulates cellular patterning in the mammalian cochlea.
Development. 134: 3021-9, 2007.
29)  Waters ST, Lewandoski M.
A threshold requirement for Gbx2 levels in hindbrain development.
Development. 133: 1991-2000, 2006.
30)  Winger Q, Huang J, Auman HJ, Lewandoski M, Williams T.
Analysis of Transcription Factor AP-2 Expression and Function during Mouse Pre-implantation Development.
Biol Reprod. 75: 324-33, 2006.
Full Text Article. [Journal]
31)  Aggarwal VS, Liao J, Bondarev A, Schimmang T, Lewandoski M, Locker J, Shanske A, Campione M, Morrow BE.
Dissection of Tbx1 and Fgf interactions in mouse models of 22q11DS suggests functional redundancy.
Hum. Mol. Genet. 15: 3219-28, 2006.
32)  Voronina VA, Kozlov S, Mathers PH, Lewandoski M.
Conditional alleles for activation and inactivation of the mouse Rx homeobox gene.
Genesis. 41: 160-4, 2005.
33)  Verheyden JM, Lewandoski M, Deng C, Harfe BD, Sun X.
Conditional inactivation of Fgfr1 in mouse defines its role in limb bud establishment, outgrowth and digit patterning.
Development. 132: 4235-45, 2005.
34)  Waters ST, Wilson CP, Lewandoski M.
Cloning and embryonic expression analysis of the mouse Gbx1 gene.
Gene Expr Patterns. 3: 313-7, 2003.
35)  Kim YS, Nakanishi G, Lewandoski M, Jetten AM.
GLIS3, a novel member of the GLIS subfamily of Kruppel-like zinc finger proteins with repressor and activation functions.
Nucleic Acids Res. 31: 5513-25, 2003.
36)  Kim YS, Lewandoski M, Perantoni AO, Kurebayashi S, Nakanishi G, Jetten AM.
Identification of Glis1, a novel Gli-related, Kruppel-like zinc finger protein containing transactivation and repressor functions.
J Biol Chem. 277: 30901-13, 2002.
37)  Lewandoski M, Sun X, Martin GR.
Fgf8 signalling from the AER is essential for normal limb development.
Nat Genet. 26: 460-3, 2000.
38)  Sun X, Lewandoski M, Meyers EN, Liu YH, Maxson RE, Martin GR.
Conditional inactivation of Fgf4 reveals complexity of signalling during limb bud development.
Nat Genet. 25: 83-6, 2000.
39)  Cushman LJ, Burrows HL, Seasholtz AF, Lewandoski M, Muzyczka N, Camper SA.
Cre-mediated recombination in the pituitary gland.
Genesis. 28: 167-74, 2000.
40)  Shelbourne PF, Killeen N, Hevner RF, Johnston HM, Tecott L, Lewandoski M, Ennis M, Ramirez L, Li Z, Iannicola C, Littman DR, Myers RM.
A Huntington's disease CAG expansion at the murine Hdh locus is unstable and associated with behavioural abnormalities in mice.
Hum Mol Genet. 8: 763-74, 1999.
41)  Sun X, Meyers EN, Lewandoski M, Martin GR.
Targeted disruption of Fgf8 causes failure of cell migration in the gastrulating mouse embryo.
Genes Dev. 13: 1834-46, 1999.
42)  Meyers EN, Lewandoski M, Martin GR.
An Fgf8 mutant allelic series generated by Cre- and Flp-mediated recombination.
Nat Genet. 18: 136-41, 1998.
43)  Larsson NG, Wang J, Wilhelmsson H, Oldfors A, Rustin P, Lewandoski M, Barsh GS, Clayton DA.
Mitochondrial transcription factor A is necessary for mtDNA maintenance embryogenesis in mice.
Nat Genet. 18: 231-6, 1998.
44)  Grieshammer U, Lewandoski M, Prevette D, Oppenheim RW, Martin GR.
Muscle-specific cell ablation conditional upon Cre-mediated DNA recombination in transgenic mice leads to massive spinal and cranial motoneuron loss.
Dev Biol. 197: 234-47, 1998.
45)  Lewandoski M, Meyers EN, Martin GR.
Analysis of Fgf8 gene function in vertebrate development.
Cold Spring Harb. Symp. Quant. Biol. 62: 159-68, 1997.
46)  Lewandoski M, Martin GR.
Cre-mediated chromosome loss in mice.
Nat Genet. 17: 223-5, 1997.
47)  Wassarman KM, Lewandoski M, Campbell K, Joyner AL, Rubenstein JL, Martinez S, Martin GR.
Specification of the anterior hindbrain and establishment of a normal mid/hindbrain organizer is dependent on Gbx2 gene function.
Development. 124: 2923-34, 1997.
48)  Lewandoski M, Wassarman KM, Martin GR.
Zp3-cre, a transgenic mouse line for the activation or inactivation of loxP-flanked target genes specifically in the female germ line.
Curr Biol. 7: 148-51, 1997.
49)  Smith I, Dubnau J, Gaur M, Lewandoski M, Cabane K, Naiu G, Drlica K, Riley M.
The Bacterial Chromosome.
American Society for Microbiology. pp. 389-403, 1990.
50)  Bai U, Lewandoski M, Dubnau E, Smith I.
Temporal regulation of Bacillus subtilis early sporulation gene spoOF.
J Bacteriol. 172: 5432-9, 1990.
51)  Lewandoski M, Smith I.
Use of a versatile lacZ vector to analyze the upstream region of Bacillus subtilis spoOF gene.
Plasmid. 20: 148-54, 1988.
52)  Lewandoski M, Dubnau E, Smith I.
Transcriptional regulation of the spoOF gene of Bacillus subtilis.
J Bacteriol. 168: 870-7, 1986.
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