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Svetlana D. Pack, Ph.D.

Selected Publications

1)  Thomas A, Lee JH, Abdullaev Z, Park KS, Pineda M, Saidkhodjaeva L, Miettinen M, Wang Y, Pack SD, Giaccone G.
Characterization of fibroblast growth factor receptor 1 in small-cell lung cancer.
J Thorac Oncol. 9: 567-71, 2014.
2)  Mamessier E, Song JY, Eberle FC, Pack S, Drevet C, Chetaille B, Abdullaev Z, Adelaïde J, Birnbaum D, Chaffanet M, Pittaluga S, Roulland S, Chott A, Jaffe ES, Nadel B.
Early lesions of follicular lymphoma: a genetic perspective.
Haematologica. 99: 481-8, 2014.
3)  Nicolae A, Xi L, Pittaluga S, Abdullaev Z, Pack SD, Chen J, Waldmann TA, Jaffe ES, Raffeld M.
Frequent STAT5B mutations in ?d hepatosplenic T-cell lymphomas.
Leukemia. 2014.
4)  Sadri N, Barroeta J, Pack SD, Abdullaev Z, Chatterjee B, Puthiyaveettil R, Brooks JS, Barr FG, Zhang PJ.
Malignant round cell tumor of bone with EWSR1-NFATC2 gene fusion.
Virchows Arch. 465: 233-9, 2014.
5)  Arnold MA, Ballester L, Pack S, Abdullaev Z, Merchant M, Tsokos M.
Primary Subcutaneous Spindle Cell Ewing Sarcoma with Strong S100 Expression and EWSR1-FLI1 Fusion: A Case Report.
Pediatr. Dev. Pathol. 2014.
6)  Zhuang Z, Frerich JM, Huntoon K, Yang C, Merrill MJ, Abdullaev Z, Pack SD, Shively SB, Stamp G, Lonser RR.
Tumor derived vasculogenesis in von Hippel-Lindau disease-associated tumors.
Sci Rep. 4: 4102, 2014.
7)  Mardekian SK, Gandhe A, Miettinen M, Pack S, Curtis MT, Abdullaev Z.
Two Cases of Spinal, Extraosseous, Intradural Ewing"s sarcoma/Peripheral Neuroectodermal Tumor: Radiologic, Pathologic, and Molecular Analysis.
J Clin Imaging Sci. 4: 6, 2014.
8)  Zhang C, Yang AI, Vasconcelos L, Moon S, Yang C, Nesvick CL, Saidkhodjaeva L, Abdullaev Z, Pack SD, Ghosh A, Chittiboina P, Heiss JD, Zhuang Z, Quezado MM, Zaghloul KA.
Von hippel-lindau disease associated pulmonary carcinoid with cranial metastasis.
J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab. 99: 2633-6, 2014.
9)  Ballester L, Aung P, Lai J, DiGiovanna J, Abdullaev Z, Pack S, Linehan M, Stern J, Pinto P, Lee C.
An unusual presentation of glomeruloid hemangioma in a patient with VHL syndrome: A case report and review of literature.
Open J Clin Diagn. 3: 63-66, 2013.
Full Text Article. [Journal]
10)  Li H, Rodriguez-Canales J, Liu W, Zhu J, Hanson JC, Pack S, Zhuang Z, Emmert-Buck MR, Rodgers GP.
Deletion of the olfactomedin 4 gene is associated with progression of human prostate cancer.
Am. J. Pathol. 183: 1329-38, 2013.
11)  Aung PP, Ballester LY, Abdullaev Z, Pack SD, Cummins DL, Mahalingam M.
ER/PR positive epidermotropic primary cutaneous eccrine carcinoma as a cutaneous manifestation of MEN 2B.
J. Am. Acad. Dermatol. 69: e310-2, 2013.
12)  Miettinen M, Wang Z, Sarlomo-Rikala M, Abdullaev Z, Pack SD, Fetsch JF.
ERG expression in epithelioid sarcoma: a diagnostic pitfall.
Am. J. Surg. Pathol. 37: 1580-5, 2013.
13)  Fraum TJ, Barak S, Pack S, Lonser RR, Fine HA, Quezado M, Iwamoto FM.
Spinal cord glioneuronal tumor with neuropil-like islands with 1p/19q deletion in an adult with low-grade cerebral oligodendroglioma.
J. Neurooncol. 107: 421-6, 2012.
14)  Renton AE, Majounie E, Waite A, Simón-Sánchez J, Rollinson S, Gibbs JR, Schymick JC, Laaksovirta H, van Swieten JC, Myllykangas L, Kalimo H, Paetau A, Abramzon Y, Remes AM, Kaganovich A, Scholz SW, Duckworth J, Ding J, Harmer DW, Hernandez DG, Johnson JO, Mok K, Ryten M, Trabzuni D, Guerreiro RJ, Orrell RW, Neal J, Murray A, Pearson J, Jansen IE, Sondervan D, Seelaar H, Blake D, Young K, Halliwell N, Callister JB, Toulson G, Richardson A, Gerhard A, Snowden J, Mann D, Neary D, Nalls MA, Peuralinna T, Jansson L, Isoviita VM, Kaivorinne AL, Hölttä-Vuori M, Ikonen E, Sulkava R, Benatar M, Wuu J, Chiò A, Restagno G, Borghero G, Sabatelli M, Heckerman D, Rogaeva E, Zinman L, Rothstein JD, Sendtner M, Drepper C, Eichler EE, Alkan C, Abdullaev Z, Pack SD, Dutra A, Pak E, Hardy J, Singleton A, Williams NM, Heutink P, Pickering-Brown S, Morris HR, Tienari PJ, Traynor BJ.
A hexanucleotide repeat expansion in C9ORF72 is the cause of chromosome 9p21-linked ALS-FTD.
Neuron. 72: 257-68, 2011.
15)  Jegalian AG, Eberle FC, Pack SD, Mirvis M, Raffeld M, Pittaluga S, Jaffe ES.
Follicular lymphoma in situ: clinical implications and comparisons with partial involvement by follicular lymphoma.
Blood. 118: 2976-84, 2011.
16)  Chatterjee R, Bhattacharya P, Gavrilova O, Glass K, Moitra J, Myakishev M, Pack S, Jou W, Feigenbaum L, Eckhaus M, Vinson C.
Suppression of the C/EBP family of transcription factors in adipose tissue causes lipodystrophy.
J. Mol. Endocrinol. 46: 175-92, 2011.
17)  Suzuki T, Kosaka-Suzuki N, Pack S, Shin DM, Yoon J, Abdullaev Z, Pugacheva E, Morse HC, Loukinov D, Lobanenkov V.
Expression of a testis-specific form of Gal3st1 (CST), a gene essential for spermatogenesis, is regulated by the CTCF paralogous gene BORIS.
Mol. Cell. Biol. 30: 2473-84, 2010.
18)  Pugacheva EM, Suzuki T, Pack SD, Kosaka-Suzuki N, Yoon J, Vostrov AA, Barsov E, Strunnikov AV, Morse HC, Loukinov D, Lobanenkov V.
The structural complexity of the human BORIS gene in gametogenesis and cancer.
PLoS ONE. 5: e13872, 2010.
19)  Kim JH, Ebersole T, Kouprina N, Noskov VN, Ohzeki J, Masumoto H, Mravinac B, Sullivan BA, Pavlicek A, Dovat S, Pack SD, Kwon YW, Flanagan PT, Loukinov D, Lobanenkov V, Larionov V.
Human gamma-satellite DNA maintains open chromatin structure and protects a transgene from epigenetic silencing.
Genome Res. 19: 533-44, 2009.
20)  D'Arcy V, Pore N, Docquier F, Abdullaev ZK, Chernukhin I, Kita GX, Rai S, Smart M, Farrar D, Pack S, Lobanenkov V, Klenova E.
BORIS, a paralogue of the transcription factor, CTCF, is aberrantly expressed in breast tumours.
Br. J. Cancer. 98: 571-9, 2008.
21)  Ghochikyan A, Mkrtichyan M, Loukinov D, Mamikonyan G, Pack SD, Movsesyan N, Ichim TE, Cribbs DH, Lobanenkov VV, Agadjanyan MG.
Elicitation of T cell responses to histologically unrelated tumors by immunization with the novel cancer-testis antigen, brother of the regulator of imprinted sites.
J. Immunol. 178: 566-73, 2007.
22)  Risinger JI, Chandramouli GV, Maxwell GL, Custer M, Pack S, Loukinov D, Aprelikova O, Litzi T, Schrump DS, Murphy SK, Berchuck A, Lobanenkov V, Barrett JC.
Global expression analysis of cancer/testis genes in uterine cancers reveals a high incidence of BORIS expression.
Clin. Cancer Res. 13: 1713-9, 2007.
23)  Jaikumar S, Zhuang Z, Mannan P, Vortmeyer AO, Furuta M, Dickerman R, Bedanova J, Lonser RR, Walbridge S, Weil RJ, Lobanenkov VV, Oldfield EH, Pack SD.
Interspecies comparative genomic hybridization (I-CGH): a new twist to study animal tumor models.
Cell Cycle. 6: 836-42, 2007.
24)  Pugacheva EM, Kwon YW, Hukriede NA, Pack S, Flanagan PT, Ahn JC, Park JA, Choi KS, Kim KW, Loukinov D, Dawid IB, Lobanenkov VV.
Cloning and characterization of zebrafish CTCF: Developmental expression patterns, regulation of the promoter region, and evolutionary aspects of gene organization.
Gene. 375: 26-36, 2006.
25)  Robyn J, Lemery S, McCoy JP, Kubofcik J, Kim YJ, Pack S, Nutman TB, Dunbar C, Klion AD.
Multilineage involvement of the fusion gene in patients with FIP1L1/PDGFRA-positive hypereosinophilic syndrome.
Br. J. Haematol. 132: 286-92, 2006.
26)  Pack SD, Qin LX, Pak E, Wang Y, Ault DO, Mannan P, Jaikumar S, Stratakis CA, Oldfield EH, Zhuang Z, Weil RJ.
Common genetic changes in hereditary and sporadic pituitary adenomas detected by comparative genomic hybridization.
Genes Chromosomes Cancer. 43: 72-82, 2005.
27)  Vatolin S, Abdullaev Z, Pack SD, Flanagan PT, Custer M, Loukinov DI, Pugacheva E, Hong JA, Morse H, Schrump DS, Risinger JI, Barrett JC, Lobanenkov VV.
Conditional expression of the CTCF-paralogous transcriptional factor BORIS in normal cells results in demethylation and derepression of MAGE-A1 and reactivation of other cancer-testis genes.
Cancer Res. 65: 7751-62, 2005.
28)  Docquier F, Farrar D, D'Arcy V, Chernukhin I, Robinson AF, Loukinov D, Vatolin S, Pack S, Mackay A, Harris RA, Dorricott H, O'Hare MJ, Lobanenkov V, Klenova E.
Heightened expression of CTCF in breast cancer cells is associated with resistance to apoptosis.
Cancer Res. 65: 5112-22, 2005.
29)  Spiridonov NA, Wong L, Zerfas PM, Starost MF, Pack SD, Paweletz CP, Johnson GR.
Identification and characterization of SSTK, a serine/threonine protein kinase essential for male fertility.
Mol. Cell. Biol. 25: 4250-61, 2005.
30)  Pack SD, Weil RJ, Vortmeyer AO, Zeng W, Li J, Okamoto H, Furuta M, Pak E, Lubensky IA, Oldfield EH, Zhuang Z.
Individual adult human neurons display aneuploidy: detection by fluorescence in situ hybridization and single neuron PCR.
Cell Cycle. 4: 1758-60, 2005.
31)  Hong JA, Kang Y, Abdullaev Z, Flanagan PT, Pack SD, Fischette MR, Adnani MT, Loukinov DI, Vatolin S, Risinger JI, Custer M, Chen GA, Zhao M, Nguyen DM, Barrett JC, Lobanenkov VV, Schrump DS.
Reciprocal binding of CTCF and BORIS to the NY-ESO-1 promoter coincides with derepression of this cancer-testis gene in lung cancer cells.
Cancer Res. 65: 7763-74, 2005.
32)  Wen J, Huang S, Pack SD, Yu X, Brandt SJ, Noguchi CT.
Tal1/SCL binding to pericentromeric DNA represses transcription.
J. Biol. Chem. 280: 12956-66, 2005.
33)  Bossis I, Voutetakis A, Matyakhina L, Pack S, Abu-Asab M, Bourdeau I, Griffin KJ, Courcoutsakis N, Stergiopoulos S, Batista D, Tsokos M, Stratakis CA.
A pleiomorphic GH pituitary adenoma from a Carney complex patient displays universal allelic loss at the protein kinase A regulatory subunit 1A (PRKARIA) locus.
J. Med. Genet. 41: 596-600, 2004.
34)  Pack SD, Alper OM, Stromberg K, Augustus M, Ozdemirli M, Miermont AM, Klus G, Rusin M, Slack R, Hacker NF, Ried T, Szallasi Z, Alper O.
Simultaneous suppression of epidermal growth factor receptor and c-erbB-2 reverses aneuploidy and malignant phenotype of a human ovarian carcinoma cell line.
Cancer Res. 64: 789-94, 2004.
35)  Wait SD, Vortmeyer AO, Lonser RR, Chang DT, Finn MA, Bhowmick DA, Pack SD, Oldfield EH, Zhuang Z.
Somatic mutations in VHL germline deletion kindred correlate with mild phenotype.
Ann. Neurol. 55: 236-40, 2004.
36)  Mukhopadhyay R, Yu W, Whitehead J, Xu J, Lezcano M, Pack S, Kanduri C, Kanduri M, Ginjala V, Vostrov A, Quitschke W, Chernukhin I, Klenova E, Lobanenkov V, Ohlsson R.
The binding sites for the chromatin insulator protein CTCF map to DNA methylation-free domains genome-wide.
Genome Res. 14: 1594-602, 2004.
37)  Huang SC, Torres-Cruz J, Pack SD, Koch CA, Vortmeyer AO, Mannan P, Lubensky IA, Gagel RF, Zhuang Z.
Amplification and overexpression of mutant RET in multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2-associated medullary thyroid carcinoma.
J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab. 88: 459-63, 2003.
38)  Matyakhina L, Pack S, Kirschner LS, Pak E, Mannan P, Jaikumar J, Taymans SE, Sandrini F, Carney JA, Stratakis CA.
Chromosome 2 (2p16) abnormalities in Carney complex tumours.
J. Med. Genet. 40: 268-77, 2003.
39)  Knutsen T, Pack S, Petropavlovskaja M, Padilla-Nash H, Knight C, Mickley LA, Ried T, Elwood PC, Roberts SJ.
Cytogenetic, spectral karyotyping, fluorescence in situ hybridization, and comparative genomic hybridization characterization of two new secondary leukemia cell lines with 5q deletions, and MYC and MLL amplification.
Genes Chromosomes Cancer. 37: 270-81, 2003.
40)  Ma W, Tessarollo L, Hong SB, Baba M, Southon E, Back TC, Spence S, Lobe CG, Sharma N, Maher GW, Pack S, Vortmeyer AO, Guo C, Zbar B, Schmidt LS.
Hepatic vascular tumors, angiectasis in multiple organs, and impaired spermatogenesis in mice with conditional inactivation of the VHL gene.
Cancer Res. 63: 5320-8, 2003.
41)  Debelenko LV, Arthur DC, Pack SD, Helman LJ, Schrump DS, Tsokos M.
Identification of CARS-ALK fusion in primary and metastatic lesions of an inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor.
Lab. Invest. 83: 1255-65, 2003.
42)  Lonser RR, Walbridge S, Vortmeyer AO, Pack SD, Nguyen TT, Gogate N, Olson JJ, Akbasak A, Bobo RH, Goffman T, Zhuang Z, Oldfield EH.
Tumor Young Investigator Award: induction of glioblastoma multiforme in primates after fractionated whole-brain irradiation in the therapeutic dose range.
Clin Neurosurg. 50: 350-73, 2003.
43)  Martin CL, Waggoner DJ, Wong A, Uhrig S, Roseberry JA, Hedrick JF, Pack SD, Russell K, Zackai E, Dobyns WB, Ledbetter DH.
'Molecular rulers' for calibrating phenotypic effects of telomere imbalance.
J. Med. Genet. 39: 734-40, 2002.
44)  Loukinov DI, Pugacheva E, Vatolin S, Pack SD, Moon H, Chernukhin I, Mannan P, Larsson E, Kanduri C, Vostrov AA, Cui H, Niemitz EL, Rasko JE, Docquier FM, Kistler M, Breen JJ, Zhuang Z, Quitschke WW, Renkawitz R, Klenova EM, Feinberg AP, Ohlsson R, Morse HC, Lobanenkov VV.
BORIS, a novel male germ-line-specific protein associated with epigenetic reprogramming events, shares the same 11-zinc-finger domain with CTCF, the insulator protein involved in reading imprinting marks in the soma.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 99: 6806-11, 2002.
45)  Weil RJ, Vortmeyer AO, Zhuang Z, Pack SD, Theodore N, Erickson RK, Oldfield EH.
Clinical and molecular analysis of disseminated hemangioblastomatosis of the central nervous system in patients without von Hippel-Lindau disease. Report of four cases.
J. Neurosurg. 96: 775-87, 2002.
46)  Zhang J, Liu WL, Tang DC, Chen L, Wang M, Pack SD, Zhuang Z, Rodgers GP.
Identification and characterization of a novel member of olfactomedin-related protein family, hGC-1, expressed during myeloid lineage development.
Gene. 283: 83-93, 2002.
47)  Lonser RR, Walbridge S, Vortmeyer AO, Pack SD, Nguyen TT, Gogate N, Olson JJ, Akbasak A, Bobo RH, Goffman T, Zhuang Z, Oldfield EH.
Induction of glioblastoma multiforme in nonhuman primates after therapeutic doses of fractionated whole-brain radiation therapy.
J. Neurosurg. 97: 1378-89, 2002.
48)  Srivatsan ES, Chakrabarti R, Zainabadi K, Pack SD, Benyamini P, Mendonca MS, Yang PK, Kang K, Motamedi D, Sawicki MP, Zhuang Z, Jesudasan RA, Bengtsson U, Sun C, Roe BA, Stanbridge EJ, Wilczynski SP, Redpath JL.
Localization of deletion to a 300 Kb interval of chromosome 11q13 in cervical cancer.
Oncogene. 21: 5631-42, 2002.
49)  Vortmeyer AO, Huang SC, Pack SD, Koch CA, Lubensky IA, Oldfield EH, Zhuang Z.
Somatic point mutation of the wild-type allele detected in tumors of patients with VHL germline deletion.
Oncogene. 21: 1167-70, 2002.
50)  Qin LX, Tang ZY, Ye SL, Liu YK, Ma ZC, Zhou XD, Wu ZQ, Lin ZY, Sun FX, Tian J, Guan XY, Pack SD, Zhuang ZP.
Chromosome 8p deletion is associated with metastasis of human hepatocellular carcinoma when high and low metastatic models are compared.
J. Cancer Res. Clin. Oncol. 127: 482-8, 2001.
51)  Weil RJ, Zhuang Z, Pack S, Kumar S, Helman L, Fuller BG, Mackall CL, Oldfield EH.
Intramedullary Ewing sarcoma of the spinal cord: consequences of molecular diagnostics. Case report.
J. Neurosurg. 95: 270-5, 2001.
52)  Huang S, Lichtenauer UD, Pack S, Wang C, Kim AC, Lutchman M, Koch CA, Torres-Cruz J, Huang SC, Benz EJ, Christiansen H, Dockhorn-Dworniczak B, Poremba C, Vortmeyer AO, Chishti AH, Zhuang Z.
Reassignment of the EPB4.1 gene to 1p36 and assessment of its involvement in neuroblastomas.
Eur. J. Clin. Invest. 31: 907-14, 2001.
53)  Tseng TC, Marfatia SM, Bryant PJ, Pack S, Zhuang Z, O'Brien JE, Lin L, Hanada T, Chishti AH.
VAM-1: a new member of the MAGUK family binds to human Veli-1 through a conserved domain.
Biochim. Biophys. Acta. 1518: 249-59, 2001.
54)  Pack SD, Zhuang Z.
Fluorescence in situ hybridization: Application in Cancer Research and Clinical Diagnostics. In: Methods in Molecular Medicine. Colorectal Cancer: Methods and Protocols. Volume 50.
Totowa, NJ: Humana Press; 2000. p. 35-50 [Book Chapter]
55)  Knutsen T, Rao VK, Ried T, Mickley L, Schneider E, Miyake K, Ghadimi BM, Padilla-Nash H, Pack S, Greenberger L, Cowan K, Dean M, Fojo T, Bates S.
Amplification of 4q21-q22 and the MXR gene in independently derived mitoxantrone-resistant cell lines.
Genes Chromosomes Cancer. 27: 110-6, 2000.
56)  Huang SC, Koch CA, Vortmeyer AO, Pack SD, Lichtenauer UD, Mannan P, Lubensky IA, Chrousos GP, Gagel RF, Pacak K, Zhuang Z.
Duplication of the mutant RET allele in trisomy 10 or loss of the wild-type allele in multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2-associated pheochromocytomas.
Cancer Res. 60: 6223-6, 2000.
57)  Pack SD, Kirschner LS, Pak E, Zhuang Z, Carney JA, Stratakis CA.
Genetic and histologic studies of somatomammotropic pituitary tumors in patients with the.
J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab. 85: 3860-5, 2000.
58)  Gubin AN, Njoroge JM, Wojda U, Pack SD, Rios M, Reid ME, Miller JL.
Identification of the dombrock blood group glycoprotein as a polymorphic member of the ADP-ribosyltransferase gene family.
Blood. 96: 2621-7, 2000.
59)  Moon YW, Weil RJ, Pack SD, Park WS, Pak E, Pham T, Karkera JD, Kim HK, Vortmeyer AO, Fuller BG, Zhuang Z.
Missense mutation of the MET gene detected in human glioma.
Mod. Pathol. 13: 973-7, 2000.
60)  Kirschner LS, Carney JA, Pack SD, Taymans SE, Giatzakis C, Cho YS, Cho-Chung YS, Stratakis CA.
Mutations of the gene encoding the protein kinase A type I-alpha regulatory subunit in patients with the Carney complex.
Nat. Genet. 26: 89-92, 2000.
61)  Stratakis CA, Papageorgiou T, Premkumar A, Pack S, Kirschner LS, Taymans SE, Zhuang Z, Oelkers WH, Carney JA.
Ovarian lesions in Carney complex: clinical genetics and possible predisposition to malignancy.
J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab. 85: 4359-66, 2000.
62)  Stratakis CA, Schussheim DH, Freedman SM, Keil MF, Pack SD, Agarwal SK, Skarulis MC, Weil RJ, Lubensky IA, Zhuang Z, Oldfield EH, Marx SJ.
Pituitary macroadenoma in a 5-year-old: an early expression of multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1.
J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab. 85: 4776-80, 2000.
63)  Vortmeyer AO, Choo D, Pack S, Oldfield E, Zhuang Z.
VHL gene inactivation in an endolymphatic sac tumor associated with von Hippel-Lindau disease.
Neurology. 55: 460, 2000.
64)  Kumar S, Perlman E, Pack S, Davis M, Zhang H, Meltzer P, Tsokos M.
Absence of EWS/FLI1 fusion in olfactory neuroblastomas indicates these tumors do not belong to the Ewing's sarcoma family.
Hum. Pathol. 30: 1356-60, 1999.
65)  Thieblemont C, Pack S, Sakai A, Beaty M, Pak E, Vortmeyer AO, Wellmann A, Zhuang Z, Jaffe ES, Raffeld M.
Allelic loss of 11q13 as detected by MEN1-FISH is not associated with mutation of the MEN1 gene in lymphoid neoplasms.
Leukemia. 13: 85-91, 1999.
66)  Angeloni D, Lindor NM, Pack S, Latif F, Wei MH, Lerman MI.
CALL gene is haploinsufficient in a 3p- syndrome patient.
Am. J. Med. Genet. 86: 482-5, 1999.
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Hum. Pathol. 30: 324-30, 1999.
69)  Kirschner LS, Taymans SE, Pack S, Pak E, Pike BL, Chandrasekharappa SC, Zhuang Z, Stratakis CA.
Genomic mapping of chromosomal region 2p15-p21 (D2S378-D2S391): integration of Genemap'98 within a framework of yeast and bacterial artificial chromosomes.
Genomics. 62: 21-33, 1999.
70)  Lubensky IA, Schmidt L, Zhuang Z, Weirich G, Pack S, Zambrano N, Walther MM, Choyke P, Linehan WM, Zbar B.
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Loss of heterozygosity on 8p in prostate cancer implicates a role for dematin in tumor progression.
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73)  Huang SC, Zhuang Z, Weil RJ, Pack S, Wang C, Krutzsch HC, Pham TA, Lubensky IA.
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Perivascular cells harboring multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 alterations are neoplastic cells in angiofibromas.
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[Chromosomal localization of nine genes in common shrew (Sorex araneus)].
Genetika. 34: 406-10, 1998.
79)  Weil RJ, Vortmeyer AO, Huang S, Boni R, Lubensky IA, Pack S, Marx SJ, Zhuang Z, Oldfield EH.
11q13 allelic loss in pituitary tumors in patients with multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 1.
Clin. Cancer Res. 4: 1673-8, 1998.
80)  Park WS, Vortmeyer AO, Pack S, Duray PH, Böni R, Guerami AA, Emmert-Buck MR, Liotta LA, Zhuang Z.
Allelic deletion at chromosome 9p21(p16) and 17p13(p53) in microdissected sporadic dysplastic nevus.
Hum. Pathol. 29: 127-30, 1998.
81)  Pack SD, Pak E, Tanigami A, Ledbetter DH, Fukuda MN.
Assignment1 of the bystin gene BYSL to human chromosome band 6p21.1 by in situ hybridization.
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82)  Cole KA, Chuaqui RF, Katz K, Pack S, Zhuang Z, Cole CE, Lyne JC, Linehan WM, Liotta LA, Emmert-Buck MR.
cDNA sequencing and analysis of POV1 (PB39): a novel gene up-regulated in prostate cancer.
Genomics. 51: 282-7, 1998.
83)  Pack S, Turner ML, Zhuang Z, Vortmeyer AO, Böni R, Skarulis M, Marx SJ, Darling TN.
Cutaneous tumors in patients with multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 show allelic deletion of the MEN1 gene.
J. Invest. Dermatol. 110: 438-40, 1998.
84)  Pack SD, Boni R, Vortmeyer AO, Pak E, Zhuang Z.
Detection of gene deletion in single metastatic tumor cells in the excision margin of a primary cutaneous melanoma.
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85)  Ivanov SV, Kuzmin I, Wei MH, Pack S, Geil L, Johnson BE, Stanbridge EJ, Lerman MI.
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