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Rimas J. Orentas, Ph.D.

Selected Publications

1)  Orentas RJ, Nordlund J, He J, Sindiri S, Mackall C, Fry TJ, Khan J.
Bioinformatic description of immunotherapy targets for pediatric T-cell leukemia and the impact of normal gene sets used for comparison.
Front Oncol. 4: 134, 2014.
2)  Haso W, Lee DW, Shah NN, Stetler-Stevenson M, Yuan CM, Pastan IH, Dimitrov DS, Morgan RA, FitzGerald DJ, Barrett DM, Wayne AS, Mackall CL, Orentas RJ.
Anti-CD22-chimeric antigen receptors targeting B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
Blood. 121: 1165-74, 2013.
3)  Orentas RJ, Yang JJ, Wen X, Wei JS, Mackall CL, Khan J.
Identification of cell surface proteins as potential immunotherapy targets in 12 pediatric cancers.
Front Oncol. 2: 194, 2012.
4)  Kohler ME, Hallett WH, Chen QR, Khan J, Johnson BD, Orentas RJ.
Early expression of stem cell-associated genes within the CD8 compartment after treatment with a tumor vaccine.
Cell. Immunol. 265: 65-73, 2010.
5)  Kohler ME, Johnson BD, Palen K, Chen QR, Khan J, Orentas RJ.
Tumor antigen analysis in neuroblastoma by serological interrogation of bioinformatic data.
Cancer Sci. 101: 2316-24, 2010.
6)  Kroesen M, Nierkens S, Ansems M, Wassink M, Orentas RJ, Boon L, den Brok MH, Hoogerbrugge PM, Adema GJ.
A transplantable TH-MYCN transgenic tumor model in C57Bl/6 mice for preclinical immunological studies in neuroblastoma.
Int. J. Cancer. 134: 1335-45, 2014.
7)  Zhang H, Maric I, DiPrima MJ, Khan J, Orentas RJ, Kaplan RN, Mackall CL.
Fibrocytes represent a novel MDSC subset circulating in patients with metastatic cancer.
Blood. 122: 1105-13, 2013.
8)  Long AH, Haso WM, Orentas RJ.
Lessons learned from a highly-active CD22-specific chimeric antigen receptor.
Oncoimmunology. 2: e23621, 2013.
9)  Orentas RJ.
Reading the tea leaves of tumor-mediated immunosuppression.
Clin. Cancer Res. 19: 955-7, 2013.
10)  Stauffer JK, Orentas RJ, Lincoln E, Khan T, Salcedo R, Hixon JA, Back TC, Wei JS, Patidar R, Song Y, Hurd L, Tsokos M, Lai EW, Eisenhofer G, Weiss W, Khan J, Wigginton JM.
High-throughput molecular and histopathologic profiling of tumor tissue in a novel transplantable model of murine neuroblastoma: new tools for pediatric drug discovery.
Cancer Invest. 30: 343-63, 2012.
11)  Orentas RJ, Lee DW, Mackall C.
Immunotherapy targets in pediatric cancer.
Front Oncol. 2: 3, 2012.
12)  Lee DW, Barrett DM, Mackall C, Orentas R, Grupp SA.
The future is now: chimeric antigen receptors as new targeted therapies for childhood cancer.
Clin. Cancer Res. 18: 2780-90, 2012.
13)  Zheng J, Orentas R, Yan X, Liu H.
Humoral immune response induced by an engineered cell-based neuroblastoma vaccine with or without CD25 blockade.
Acta Biochim. Biophys. Sin. (Shanghai). 43: 124-32, 2011.
14)  Meadors JL, Cui Y, Chen QR, Song YK, Khan J, Merlino G, Tsokos M, Orentas RJ, Mackall CL.
Murine rhabdomyosarcoma is immunogenic and responsive to T-cell-based immunotherapy.
Pediatr Blood Cancer. 57: 921-9, 2011.
15)  Norell H, Zhang Y, McCracken J, Martins da Palma T, Lesher A, Liu Y, Roszkowski JJ, Temple A, Callender GG, Clay T, Orentas R, Guevara-Patiño J, Nishimura MI.
CD34-based enrichment of genetically engineered human T cells for clinical use results in dramatically enhanced tumor targeting.
Cancer Immunol. Immunother. 59: 851-62, 2010.
16)  Zhou Q, Yan X, Gershan J, Orentas RJ, Johnson BD.
Expression of macrophage migration inhibitory factor by neuroblastoma leads to the inhibition of antitumor T cell reactivity in vivo.
J. Immunol. 181: 1877-86, 2008.
17)  Yan X, Johnson BD, Orentas RJ.
Induction of a VLA-2 (CD49b)-expressing effector T cell population by a cell-based neuroblastoma vaccine expressing CD137L.
J. Immunol. 181: 4621-31, 2008.
18)  Prosser SE, Orentas RJ, Jurgens L, Cohen EP, Hariharan S.
Recovery of BK virus large T-antigen-specific cellular immune response correlates with resolution of bk virus nephritis.
Transplantation. 85: 185-92, 2008.
19)  Saad ER, Bresnahan BA, Cohen EP, Lu N, Orentas RJ, Vasudev B, Hariharan S.
Successful treatment of BK viremia using reduction in immunosuppression without antiviral therapy.
Transplantation. 85: 850-4, 2008.
20)  Johnson BD, Jing W, Orentas RJ.
CD25+ regulatory T cell inhibition enhances vaccine-induced immunity to neuroblastoma.
J. Immunother. 30: 203-14, 2007.
21)  Zhou Q, Johnson BD, Orentas RJ.
Cellular immune response to an engineered cell-based tumor vaccine at the vaccination site.
Cell. Immunol. 245: 91-102, 2007.
22)  Jing W, Orentas RJ, Johnson BD.
Induction of immunity to neuroblastoma early after syngeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation using a novel mouse tumor vaccine.
Biol. Blood Marrow Transplant. 13: 277-92, 2007.
23)  Zheng J, Kohler ME, Chen Q, Weber J, Khan J, Johnson BD, Orentas RJ.
Serum from mice immunized in the context of Treg inhibition identifies DEK as a neuroblastoma tumor antigen.
BMC Immunol. 8: 4, 2007.
24)  Orentas RJ, Kohler ME, Johnson BD.
Suppression of anti-cancer immunity by regulatory T cells: back to the future.
Semin. Cancer Biol. 16: 137-49, 2006.
25)  Jurgens LA, Khanna R, Weber J, Orentas RJ.
Transduction of primary lymphocytes with Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) latent membrane protein-specific T-cell receptor induces lysis of virus-infected cells: A novel strategy for the treatment of Hodgkin"s disease and nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
J. Clin. Immunol. 26: 22-32, 2006.
26)  Yan X, Orentas RJ, Johnson BD.
Tumor-derived macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) inhibits T lymphocyte activation.
Cytokine. 33: 188-98, 2006.
27)  Hariharan S, Cohen EP, Vasudev B, Orentas R, Viscidi RP, Kakela J, DuChateau B.
BK virus-specific antibodies and BKV DNA in renal transplant recipients with BKV nephritis.
Am. J. Transplant. 5: 2719-24, 2005.
28)  Gershan JA, Johnson BD, Weber J, Schauer DW, Natalia N, Behnke S, Burns K, Maloney KW, Warwick AB, Orentas RJ.
Immediate transfection of patient-derived leukemia: a novel source for generating cell-based vaccines.
Genet Vaccines Ther. 3: 4, 2005.
29)  Johnson BD, Gershan JA, Natalia N, Zujewski H, Weber JJ, Yan X, Orentas RJ.
Neuroblastoma cells transiently transfected to simultaneously express the co-stimulatory molecules CD54, CD80, CD86, and CD137L generate antitumor immunity in mice.
J. Immunother. 28: 449-60, 2005.
30)  Rosenblum MD, Olasz E, Woodliff JE, Johnson BD, Konkol MC, Gerber KA, Orentas RJ, Sandford G, Truitt RL.
CD200 is a novel p53-target gene involved in apoptosis-associated immune tolerance.
Blood. 103: 2691-8, 2004.
31)  Abed N, Casper JT, Camitta BM, Margolis D, Trost B, Orentas R, Chang CC.
Evaluation of histogenesis of B-lymphocytes in pediatric EBV-related post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorders.
Bone Marrow Transplant. 33: 321-7, 2004.
32)  Yan X, Johnson BD, Orentas RJ.
Murine CD8 lymphocyte expansion in vitro by artificial antigen-presenting cells expressing CD137L (4-1BBL) is superior to CD28, and CD137L expressed on neuroblastoma expands CD8 tumour-reactive effector cells in vivo.
Immunology. 112: 105-16, 2004.
33)  Johnson BD, Yan X, Schauer DW, Orentas RJ.
Dual expression of CD80 and CD86 produces a tumor vaccine superior to single expression of either molecule.
Cell. Immunol. 222: 15-26, 2003.
34)  Orentas RJ, Schauer DW, Ellis FW, Walczak J, Casper JT, Margolis DA.
Monitoring and modulation of Epstein-Barr virus loads in pediatric transplant patients.
Pediatr Transplant. 7: 305-14, 2003.
35)  Orentas RJ, Bircher LA, Roskopf S.
Retroviral transfer of T-cell receptor genes produces cells with a broad range of lytic activity.
Scand. J. Immunol. 58: 33-42, 2003.
36)  Keever-Taylor CA, Behn B, Konings S, Orentas R, Davies B, Margolis D.
Suppression of EBV release from irradiated B lymphoblastoid cell-lines: superior activity of ganciclovir compared with acyclovir.
Cytotherapy. 5: 323-35, 2003.
37)  Bin Q, Johnson BD, Schauer DW, Casper JT, Orentas RJ.
Production of macrophage migration inhibitory factor by human and murine neuroblastoma.
Tumour Biol. 23: 123-9, 2002.
38)  Orentas RJ, Schauer D, Bin Q, Johnson BD.
Electrofusion of a weakly immunogenic neuroblastoma with dendritic cells produces a tumor vaccine.
Cell. Immunol. 213: 4-13, 2001.
39)  Orentas RJ, Roskopf SJ, Nolan GP, Nishimura MI.
Retroviral transduction of a T cell receptor specific for an Epstein-Barr virus-encoded peptide.
Clin. Immunol. 98: 220-8, 2001.
40)  Orentas RJ, Rospkopf SJ, Casper JT, Getts RC, Nilsen TW.
Detection of Epstein-Barr virus EBER sequence in post-transplant lymphoma patients with DNA dendrimers.
J. Virol. Methods. 77: 153-63, 1999.
41)  Orentas RJ.
Determination of Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) load by RT-PCR and cellular dilution.
Mol. Cell. Probes. 12: 427-30, 1998.
42)  Orentas RJ, Lemas MV, Mullin MJ, Colombani PM, Schwarz K, Ambinder R.
Feasibility of cellular adoptive immunotherapy for Epstein-Barr virus-associated lymphomas using haploidentical donors.
J Hematother. 7: 257-61, 1998.
43)  Orentas RJ, Hildreth JE.
Association of host cell surface adhesion receptors and other membrane proteins with HIV and SIV.
AIDS Res. Hum. Retroviruses. 9: 1157-65, 1993.
44)  Orentas RJ, Reinlib L, Hildreth JE.
Anti-class II MHC antibody induces multinucleated giant cell formation from peripheral blood monocytes.
J. Leukoc. Biol. 51: 199-209, 1992.
45)  Orentas RJ, Hildreth JE, Obah E, Polydefkis M, Smith GE, Clements ML, Siliciano RF.
Induction of CD4+ human cytolytic T cells specific for HIV-infected cells by a gp160 subunit vaccine.
Science. 248: 1234-7, 1990.
46)  Hildreth JE, Orentas RJ.
Involvement of a leukocyte adhesion receptor (LFA-1) in HIV-induced syncytium formation.
Science. 244: 1075-8, 1989.
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