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Adam Parks, Ph.D.

Selected Publications

1)  Parks AR, Peters JE.
Tn7 elements: engendering diversity from chromosomes to episomes.
Plasmid. 61: 1-14, 2009.
2)  Parks AR, Li Z, Shi Q, Owens RM, Jin MM, Peters JE.
Transposition into replicating DNA occurs through interaction with the processivity factor.
Cell. 138: 685-95, 2009.
3)  Shi Q, Parks AR, Potter BD, Safir IJ, Luo Y, Forster BM, Peters JE.
DNA damage differentially activates regional chromosomal loci for Tn7 transposition in Escherichia coli.
Genetics. 179: 1237-50, 2008.
4)  Finn JA, Parks AR, Peters JE.
Transposon Tn7 directs transposition into the genome of filamentous bacteriophage M13 using the element-encoded TnsE protein.
J. Bacteriol. 189: 9122-5, 2007.
5)  Parks AR, Peters JE.
Transposon Tn7 is widespread in diverse bacteria and forms genomic islands.
J. Bacteriol. 189: 2170-3, 2007.
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