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Michael L. Nickerson, Ph.D.

Selected Publications

1)  Jia W, Qiu K, He M, Song P, Zhou Q, Zhou F, Yu Y, Zhu D, Nickerson ML, Wan S, Liao X, Zhu X, Peng S, Li Y, Wang J, Guo G.
SOAPfuse: an algorithm for identifying fusion transcripts from paired-end RNA-Seq data.
Genome Biol. 14: R12, 2013.
2)  Nickerson ML, Im KM, Misner KJ, Tan W, Lou H, Gold B, Wells DW, Bravo HC, Fredrikson KM, Harkins TT, Milos P, Zbar B, Linehan WM, Yeager M, Andresson T, Dean M, Bova GS.
Somatic Alterations Contributing to Metastasis of a Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer.
Hum. Mutat. 2013.
3)  Fredericks WJ, McGarvey T, Wang H, Zheng Y, Fredericks NJ, Yin H, Wang LP, Hsiao W, Lee R, Weiss JS, Nickerson ML, Kruth HS, Rauscheriii FJ, Malkowicz SB.
The TERE1 protein interacts with mitochondrial TBL2: Regulation of trans-membrane potential, ROS/RNS and SXR target genes.
J. Cell. Biochem. 114: 2170-87, 2013.
4)  Nickerson ML, Bosley AD, Weiss JS, Kostiha BN, Hirota Y, Brandt W, Esposito D, Kinoshita S, Wessjohann L, Morham SG, Andresson T, Kruth HS, Okano T, Dean M.
The UBIAD1 prenyltransferase links menaquinone-4 synthesis to cholesterol metabolic enzymes.
Hum. Mutat. 34: 317-29, 2013.
5)  Oleksyk TK, Pombert JF, Siu D, Mazo-Vargas A, Ramos B, Guiblet W, Afanador Y, Ruiz-Rodriguez CT, Nickerson ML, Logue DM, Dean M, Figueroa L, Valentin R, Martinez-Cruzado JC.
A locally funded Puerto Rican parrot (Amazona vittata) genome sequencing project increases avian data and advances young researcher education.
Gigascience. 1: 14, 2012.
6)  Moore LE, Jaeger E, Nickerson ML, Brennan P, De Vries S, Roy R, Toro J, Li H, Karami S, Lenz P, Zaridze D, Janout V, Bencko V, Navratilova M, Szeszenia-Dabrowska N, Mates D, Linehan WM, Merino M, Simko J, Pfeiffer R, Boffetta P, Hewitt S, Rothman N, Chow WH, Waldman FM.
Genomic copy number alterations in clear cell renal carcinoma: associations with case characteristics and mechanisms of VHL gene inactivation.
Oncogenesis. 1: e14, 2012.
7)  Léger A, Le Guiner C, Nickerson ML, McGee Im K, Ferry N, Moullier P, Snyder RO, Penaud-Budloo M.
Adeno-associated viral vector-mediated transgene expression is independent of DNA methylation in primate liver and skeletal muscle.
PLoS ONE. 6: e20881, 2011.
8)  Gui Y, Guo G, Huang Y, Hu X, Tang A, Gao S, Wu R, Chen C, Li X, Zhou L, He M, Li Z, Sun X, Jia W, Chen J, Yang S, Zhou F, Zhao X, Wan S, Ye R, Liang C, Liu Z, Huang P, Liu C, Jiang H, Wang Y, Zheng H, Sun L, Liu X, Jiang Z, Feng D, Chen J, Wu S, Zou J, Zhang Z, Yang R, Zhao J, Xu C, Yin W, Guan Z, Ye J, Zhang H, Li J, Kristiansen K, Nickerson ML, Theodorescu D, Li Y, Zhang X, Li S, Wang J, Yang H, Wang J, Cai Z.
Frequent mutations of chromatin remodeling genes in transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder.
Nat. Genet. 43: 875-8, 2011.
9)  Cherkasova E, Malinzak E, Rao S, Takahashi Y, Senchenko VN, Kudryavtseva AV, Nickerson ML, Merino M, Hong JA, Schrump DS, Srinivasan R, Linehan WM, Tian X, Lerman MI, Childs RW.
Inactivation of the von Hippel-Lindau tumor suppressor leads to selective expression of a human endogenous retrovirus in kidney cancer.
Oncogene. 30: 4697-706, 2011.
10)  Fredericks WJ, McGarvey T, Wang H, Lal P, Puthiyaveettil R, Tomaszewski J, Sepulveda J, Labelle E, Weiss JS, Nickerson ML, Kruth HS, Brandt W, Wessjohann LA, Malkowicz SB.
The bladder tumor suppressor protein TERE1 (UBIAD1) modulates cell cholesterol: implications for tumor progression.
DNA Cell Biol. 30: 851-64, 2011.
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