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Rosalba Salcedo, Ph.D.

Selected Publications

1)  Iida N, Dzutsev A, Stewart CA, Smith L, Bouladoux N, Weingarten RA, Molina DA, Salcedo R, Back T, Cramer S, Dai RM, Kiu H, Cardone M, Naik S, Patri AK, Wang E, Marincola FM, Frank KM, Belkaid Y, Trinchieri G, Goldszmid RS.
Commensal bacteria control cancer response to therapy by modulating the tumor microenvironment.
Science. 342: 967-70, 2013.
2)  Golubeva Y, Salcedo R, Mueller C, Liotta LA, Espina V.
Laser capture microdissection for protein and NanoString RNA analysis.
Methods Mol. Biol. 931: 213-57, 2013.
3)  Salcedo R, Cataisson C, Hasan U, Yuspa SH, Trinchieri G.
MyD88 and its divergent toll in carcinogenesis.
Trends Immunol. 34: 379-89, 2013.
4)  Naik S, Bouladoux N, Wilhelm C, Molloy MJ, Salcedo R, Kastenmuller W, Deming C, Quinones M, Koo L, Conlan S, Spencer S, Hall JA, Dzutsev A, Kong H, Campbell DJ, Trinchieri G, Segre JA, Belkaid Y.
Compartmentalized control of skin immunity by resident commensals.
Science. 337: 1115-9, 2012.
5)  Stauffer JK, Orentas RJ, Lincoln E, Khan T, Salcedo R, Hixon JA, Back TC, Wei JS, Patidar R, Song Y, Hurd L, Tsokos M, Lai EW, Eisenhofer G, Weiss W, Khan J, Wigginton JM.
High-throughput molecular and histopathologic profiling of tumor tissue in a novel transplantable model of murine neuroblastoma: new tools for pediatric drug discovery.
Cancer Invest. 30: 343-63, 2012.
6)  Cataisson C, Salcedo R, Hakim S, Moffitt BA, Wright L, Yi M, Stephens R, Dai RM, Lyakh L, Schenten D, Yuspa HS, Trinchieri G.
IL-1R-MyD88 signaling in keratinocyte transformation and carcinogenesis.
J. Exp. Med. 209: 1689-702, 2012.
7)  Young GR, Eksmond U, Salcedo R, Alexopoulou L, Stoye JP, Kassiotis G.
Resurrection of endogenous retroviruses in antibody-deficient mice.
Nature. 491: 774-8, 2012.
8)  Wu J, Li J, Salcedo R, Mivechi NF, Trinchieri G, Horuzsko A.
The proinflammatory myeloid cell receptor TREM-1 controls Kupffer cell activation and development of hepatocellular carcinoma.
Cancer Res. 72: 3977-86, 2012.
9)  Garg H, Salcedo R, Trinchieri G, Blumenthal R.
Improved nonviral cancer suicide gene therapy using survivin promoter-driven mutant Bax.
Cancer Gene Ther. 17: 155-63, 2010.
10)  Salcedo R, Worschech A, Cardone M, Jones Y, Gyulai Z, Dai RM, Wang E, Ma W, Haines D, O'hUigin C, Marincola FM, Trinchieri G.
MyD88-mediated signaling prevents development of adenocarcinomas of the colon: role of interleukin 18.
J. Exp. Med. 207: 1625-36, 2010.
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