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Katherine M. McKinnon

Selected Publications

1)  Moniuszko M, Lipinska D, Jeznach M, Kowal K, Grubczak K, Rusak M, McKinnon K, Vaccari M, Liyanage NP, Fenizia C, Wawrusiewicz-Kurylonek N, Dabrowska M, Jablonska E, Kretowski A, Gorska M, Bodzenta-Lukaszyk A.
Glucocorticoids upregulate decreased IL-7 receptor expression in asthmatic patients and simian immunodeficiency virus-infected non-human primates.
J. Biol. Regul. Homeost. Agents. 27: 427-42, 2013.
2)  Black PL, McKinnon KM, Wooden SL, Ussery MA.
Antiviral activity of biological response modifiers in a murine model of AIDS. Requirement for augmentation of natural killer cell activity and synergy with oral AZT.
Int. J. Immunopharmacol. 18: 633-50, 1996.
3)  Demberg T, Brocca-Cofano E, Xiao P, Venzon D, Vargas-Inchaustegui D, Lee EM, Kalisz I, Kalyanaraman VS, Dipasquale J, McKinnon K, Robert-Guroff M.
Dynamics of memory B-cell populations in blood, lymph nodes, and bone marrow during antiretroviral therapy and envelope boosting in simian immunodeficiency virus SIVmac251-infected rhesus macaques.
J. Virol. 86: 12591-604, 2012.
4)  Zhao J, Stagno JR, Varticovski L, Nimako E, Rishi V, McKinnon K, Akee R, Shoemaker RH, Ji X, Vinson C.
P6981, an Arylstibonic Acid, is a Novel Low Nanomolar Inhibitor of CREB binding to DNA.
Mol Pharmacol. 82: 814-23, 2012.
5)  Patterson LJ, Kuate S, Daltabuit-Test M, Li Q, Xiao P, McKinnon K, DiPasquale J, Cristillo A, Venzon D, Haase A, Robert-Guroff M.
Replicating adenovirus-simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) vectors efficiently prime SIV-specific systemic and mucosal immune responses by targeting myeloid dendritic cells and persisting in rectal macrophages, regardless of immunization route.
Clin. Vaccine Immunol. 19: 629-37, 2012.
6)  Lee CN, Heidbrink JL, McKinnon K, Bushman V, Olsen H, Fitzhugh W, Li A, Van Orden K, He T, Ruben SM, Moore PA.
RNA Interference Characterization of Proteins Discovered by Proteomic Analysis of Pancreatic Cancer Reveals Function in Cell Growth and Survival.
Pancreas. 41: 84-94, 2012.
7)  Edwards DC, McKinnon KM, Fenizia C, Jung KJ, Brady JN, Pise-Masison CA.
Inhibition of geranylgeranyl transferase-I decreases cell viability of HTLV-1-transformed cells.
Viruses. 3: 1815-35, 2011.
8)  Demberg T, Ettinger AC, Aladi S, McKinnon K, Kuddo T, Venzon D, Patterson LJ, Phillips TM, Robert-Guroff M.
Strong viremia control in vaccinated macaques does not prevent gradual Th17 cell loss from central memory.
Vaccine. 29: 6017-28, 2011.
9)  Brocca-Cofano E, McKinnon K, Demberg T, Venzon D, Hidajat R, Xiao P, Daltabuit-Test M, Patterson LJ, Robert-Guroff M.
Vaccine-elicited SIV and HIV envelope-specific IgA and IgG memory B cells in rhesus macaque peripheral blood correlate with functional antibody responses and reduced viremia.
Vaccine. 29: 3310-9, 2011.
10)  Fang DD, Kim YJ, Lee CN, Aggarwal S, McKinnon K, Mesmer D, Norton J, Birse CE, He T, Ruben SM, Moore PA.
Expansion of CD133(+) colon cancer cultures retaining stem cell properties to enable cancer stem cell target discovery.
Br. J. Cancer. 102: 1265-75, 2010.
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