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Nadya I. Tarasova, Ph.D.

Selected Links

•  Story about Jarrett published in Gazzette
•  Inhibition of ABC Transporters by Transmembrane Domain Analogs - PCT, Patent Application No. PCT/US00/31817 filed 17 Nov 2000, NIH OTT Abstract
•  Self-Assembling Nanoparticles Composed of Transmembrane Peptides and Their Application - US, Petent Application No. 12/513,950 filed 07 May 2009, NIH OTT Abstract
•  Synthetic Analogs of Juxtamembrane Domain of IGF-1 Receptor as Anti-Cancer Agents - PCT, Patent Application No. PCT/US09/38620 filed 27 Mar 2009, NIH OTT Abstract
•  Peptide and Peptidomimetic Inhibitors of Smoothened Protein as Anti-neoplastic Agents - US, Patent Application No. 12/513,091 filed 30 Apr 2009, NIH OTT Abstract
•  Compounds Binding to the N-Terminal Domains of STAT Proteins as Therapeutic Agents - US,Patent Application No. 12/601,711 filed 24 Nov 2009, NIH OTT abstract
•  G-Protein Coupled Receptor Antagonists - US Patent No. 7,105,488, Issued 12 Sep 2006, NIH OTT Abstract
•  Potent, Easy to Use Targeted Toxins as Anti-Tumor Agents - US, Patent Application No. 12/441,029 filed 12 Mar 2009, NIH OTT Abstract
•  Synthetic Peptide Inhibitors of the Wnt Pathway - PCT, Application No. PCT/US2011/64902 filed 14 Dec 2010
•  Selective IL-10 and IFN-gamma Peptide Inhibitors - PCT, Application No. PCT/US2011/036010 filed 11 May 2011

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