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Anu Puri, Ph.D.

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•  Student Poster Day - Purpose:

The Summer Student Poster Day is designed to provide an opportunity for our summer interns to present their research to the NCI-Frederick and Fort Detrick scientific community. We hope that the poster day will also provide a platform for students to interact with their peers and learn about interdisciplinary research programs being conducted at NCI-Frederick and Fort Detrick.
•  CCR SSSC Organization - The mission of the CCR Staff Scientist/Staff Clinician (SSSC) Organization is to advance the professional goals and scientific careers of CCR Staff Scientists and Staff Clinicians.
•  FAES Course: Nanotechnology in Medicine - Topics: How big is nanotechnology?; The promise of nanomedicine; Nanomedicine defined; Clinical diagnostics; Tissue engineering; Gene therapy; Nanoparticles and nanocapsules; Layer-by-layer technology; Analysis of nano-materials; Biology as nanoscaled machines; Construction of a nanoparticle; Toxicity of nanomaterials; Environmental issues in large scale nanotech; The future of nanotechnology in medicine
•  Nanobiology think tank 2011 - 6th Annual Cancer Nanobiology Think Tank

Date: May 17, 2011
Location: Bldg. 549 Auditorium, National Cancer Institute, Frederick, MD
Theme: Triggered Nanoparticles
Organizers: Drs. Robert Blumenthal and Anu Puri

Nanobiology offers many new exciting approaches to the problems of diagnosing, preventing and curing cancer and other diseases. Nanobiology brings together diverse multidisciplinary research groups to solve problems that are associated with nanodesign. In order to establish and strengthen lines of communication between multidisciplinary researchers from CCR and the intramural and extramural communities we have organized annual Nanobiology Think Tank workshops at the NCI-Frederick for the past five years. The aim is to discuss nanotechnology-, nanobiology-, and nanomedicine-related issues and become more informed about current research and future developments in these fields.
•  Award - Anu Puri, Ph.D., has received a meritorious grant from the Intramural to India Initiative for her proposal titled, Rapid Screening of Pathogens in Patients Sera by Novel Nanobiosensors.
•  Award -  Anu Puri, Ph.D., received a grant through the Intramural-to-India initiative for her project titled, “Development of Novel targeted nano-therapeutics against HIV-1”.

•  Cancer Nanotechnology

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