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Robert Yarchoan, M.D.

Selected Links

•  Oral History - Dr. Yarchoan's role in AIDS drug development - This is the transcript of an interview conducted in April, 1998 about the role of Dr. Yarchoan in developing drugs for AIDS. It is part of the ''In their own words'' Oral History project of the NIH.
•  Interview in the NCI Cancer Bulletin, July 2006 - Conversation with Dr. Yarchoan about the NCI Contribution to Cancer Research during the first 25 years of the epidemic.
•  NCI Office of HIV and AIDS Malignancy (OHAM) - NCI Office that coordinates institute-wide research on HIV/AIDS and HIV Malignancy. The site contains a compilation of information and resources related to this research.
•  Guest Director's Column in NCI Cancer Bulletin, May 19, 2009 - Guest Director's column about the 25th year anniversary of the codiscovery of HIV and proof it was the cause of AIDS, and about NCI intramural AIDS research.
•  NCI News Release about KSHV-Associated IL-6 Syndrome, July 2010 - NCI Press release about article by T. Uldrick, R. Yarchoan, and colleagues in Clin Infectious Diseases, August 2010, describing a syndrome caused by an excess of KSHV-associated IL-6 that is distinct from multicentric Castleman's disease.
•  Abbott Award in Clinical and Diagnostic Immunology 2014 - Anouncement of the 2014 award.
•  AMherst College Honorary Degree 2013 - Amherst College website describing the awarding of an honorary degree in 2013.

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