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Yamini Dalal, Ph.D.

Selected Links

•  The Sign of Four - Our work is highlighted in this Editor's Choice - Molecular Biology article in Science (317: 1010, 2007).
•  Super-coil me: Sizing up centromeric nucleosomes - Our research highlighted in Journal of Cell Biology (186: 453-6, 2009).
•  Tetrameric structure of centromeric nucleosomes in interphase Drosophila cells - This article, originally published in PLoS Biology (5: e218, 2007) is highlighted in the Faculty of 1000 Post-Publication Peer Review.
•  New Cancer Mentality - UCLA Interview (January, 2011)
•  The Split Personality of CENP-A nucleosomes - Read a highlight in Cell, of our recently published work (Bui et al, Cell, 2012)
showing CENP-A nucleosomes can oscillate in their structure over the human cell cycle.
•  Nucleosomal dynamics at centromeres - Read about our latest work, highlighted in Nature
•  Yamini Dalal's Faculty page on F1000 - Read Yamini's highlights of the recent chromatin/chromosome biology literature

This page was last updated on 9/12/2013.