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Stavroula Mili, Ph.D.

Gallery Pictures

Lab photo-April 2014
Lab photo-April 2014
Tianhong Wang
(PhD, Johns Hopkins University)
Sarah Clatterbuck Soper
(PhD, Johns Hopkins University)
Kyota Yasuda
(PhD, Hokkaido University)
Susan Hamilla
(Graduate student, UMD-NCI)
Our research
Our research
Left: Fibroblast cell expressing an MS2-reporter RNA (green) targeted at cell protrusions and co-transfected mRFP (red). Right: Current working model showing components of localized APC-RNPs (based on Mili et al. (2008); Yasuda et al. (2013))
Left: Distribution of an endogenous localized RNA (Ddr2, green) and of a diffuse RNA (Arpc3, red) in a fibroblast cell, by in situ hybridization. Blue: nucleus, white: cell outline. Right: Localized RNA (red) at the tips of microtubules (green).
Labeling of newly-synthesized proteins (A) and ribopuromycylation assays (B) supporting the presence of active translation sites within cytoplasmic Fus granules (from Yasuda et al. 2013).
Current working model regarding effects of cytoplasmic Fus granules on localization and translation of APC-RNPs

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