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Transcriptional anti-termination

For a number of years, we studied the proteins involved in the anti-termination regulation of transcription, in collaboration with Don Court, CCR. We studied the NusB protein and its interaction with NusE and boxA RNA. Our published work included structures of the E. coli NusB ( NSMB 2000; PDB ID: 1EY1) and Aquifex aeolicus NusB and its interactions with NusE (J. Molecular Biology, 2008; PDB ID: 2JR0). We have recently published a combined NMR and X-ray crystallography study of the ternary complex formed by NusB:NusE:boxA, Nucleic Acids Research 2011. The multi-disciplinary approach combined solution and crystal structural biology, biophysical measurements, genetic analyses to confirm structural insights, and has led to proposals for new aspects of this regulatory system.

pdb code 3R2C EcNusB

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