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1)  Huang T, Li J, Byrd RA.
Solution structure of lysine-free (K0) ubiquitin.
Protein Sci. 23: 662-7, 2014. [Journal]

2)  Gruschus JM, Byrd RA, Randazzo PA.
The importance of seeing surface (effects).
Structure. 22: 363-5, 2014. [Journal]

3)  Metzger MB, Liang YH, Das R, Mariano J, Li S, Li J, Kostova Z, Byrd RA, Ji X, Weissman AM.
A structurally unique E2-binding domain activates ubiquitination by the ERAD E2, Ubc7p, through multiple mechanisms.
Mol. Cell. 50: 516-27, 2013. [Journal]

4)  Das R, Liang YH, Mariano J, Li J, Huang T, King A, Tarasov SG, Weissman AM, Ji X, Byrd RA.
Allosteric regulation of E2:E3 interactions promote a processive ubiquitination machine.
EMBO J. 32: 2504-16, 2013. [Journal]

5)  Fang X, Wang J, O'Carroll IP, Mitchell M, Zuo X, Wang Y, Yu P, Liu Y, Rausch JW, Dyba MA, Kjems J, Schwieters CD, Seifert S, Winans RE, Watts NR, Stahl SJ, Wingfield PT, Byrd RA, Le Grice SF, Rein A, Wang YX.
An Unusual Topological Structure of the HIV-1 Rev Response Element.
Cell. 155: 594-605, 2013. [Journal]

6)  Byrd RA, Weissman AM.
Compact Parkin only: insights into the structure of an autoinhibited ubiquitin ligase.
EMBO J. 32: 2087-9, 2013. [Journal]

7)  Stagno JR, Ma B, Li J, Altieri AS, Byrd RA, Ji X.
Crystal structure of a plectonemic RNA supercoil.
Nat Commun. 3: 901, 2012. [Journal]

8)  Biswas K, Das R, Eggington JM, Qiao H, North SL, Stauffer S, Burkett SS, Martin BK, Southon E, Sizemore SC, Pruss D, Bowles KR, Roa BB, Hunter N, Tessarollo L, Wenstrup RJ, Byrd RA, Sharan SK.
Functional evaluation of BRCA2 variants mapping to the PALB2-binding and C-terminal DNA-binding domains using a mouse ES cell-based assay.
Hum Mol Genet. 21:: 3993-4006, 2012. [Journal]

9)  Liu S, Chen Y, Li J, Huang T, Tarasov S, King A, Weissman AM, Byrd RA, Das R.
Promiscuous interactions of gp78 E3 ligase CUE domain with polyubiquitin chains.
Structure. 20: 2138-50, 2012. [Journal]

10)  Cecchi F, Pajalunga D, Fowler CA, Uren A, Rabe DC, Peruzzi B, Macdonald NJ, Blackman DK, Stahl SJ, Byrd RA, Bottaro DP.
Targeted disruption of heparan sulfate interaction with hepatocyte and vascular endothelial growth factors blocks normal and oncogenic signaling.
Cancer Cell. 22: 250-62, 2012. [Journal]

11)  Biswas K, Das R, Alter BP, Kuznetsov SG, Stauffer S, North SL, Burkett S, Brody LC, Meyer S, Byrd RA, Sharan SK.
A comprehensive functional characterization of BRCA2 variants associated with Fanconi anemia using mouse ES cell-based assay.
Blood. 118: 2430-42, 2011. [Journal]

12)  Stagno JR, Altieri AS, Bubunenko M, Tarasov SG, Li J, Court DL, Byrd RA, Ji X.
Structural basis for RNA recognition by NusB and NusE in the initiation of transcription antitermination.
Nucleic Acids Res. 39: 7803-15, 2011. [Journal]

13)  Das R, Mariano J, Tsai YC, Kalathur RC, Kostova Z, Li J, Tarasov SG, McFeeters RL, Altieri AS, Ji X, Byrd RA, Weissman AM.
Allosteric activation of E2-RING finger-mediated ubiquitylation by a structurally defined specific E2-binding region of gp78.
Mol. Cell. 34: 674-85, 2009. [Journal]

14)  Das R, Loss S, Li J, Waugh DS, Tarasov S, Wingfield PT, Byrd RA, Altieri AS.
Structural biophysics of the NusB:NusE antitermination complex.
J. Mol. Biol. 376: 705-20, 2008. [Journal]

15)  McFeeters RL, Altieri AS, Cherry S, Tropea JE, Waugh DS, Byrd RA.
The high-precision solution structure of Yersinia modulating protein YmoA provides insight into interaction with H-NS.
Biochemistry. 46: 13975-82, 2007. [Journal]

16)  McFeeters RL, Xiong C, O'keefe BR, Bokesch HR, McMahon JB, Ratner DM, Castelli R, Seeberger PH, Byrd RA.
The novel fold of scytovirin reveals a new twist for antiviral entry inhibitors.
J. Mol. Biol. 369: 451-61, 2007. [Journal]

17)  Byrd R, Fowler C, McFeeters R, Gaponenko V.
Craik D, Webb G, eds.
Novel uses of paramagnets to solve complex protein structures. In: Modern Magnetic Resonance.
New York: Springer; 2006. p. 1237-43. [Book Chapter]

18)  Hamel DJ, Zhou H, Starich MR, Byrd RA, Dahlquist FW.
Chemical-shift-perturbation mapping of the phosphotransfer and catalytic domain interaction in the histidine autokinase CheA from Thermotoga maritima.
Biochemistry. 45: 9509-17, 2006. [Journal]

19)  Xiong C, O'keefe BR, Byrd RA, McMahon JB.
Potent anti-HIV activity of scytovirin domain 1 peptide.
Peptides. 27: 1668-75, 2006. [Journal]

20)  Morcombe CR, Gaponenko V, Byrd RA, Zilm KW.
13C CPMAS spectroscopy of deuterated proteins: CP dynamics, line shapes, and T1 relaxation.
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 127: 397-404, 2005. [Journal]

21)  Morcombe CR, Paulson EK, Gaponenko V, Byrd RA, Zilm KW.
1H-15N correlation spectroscopy of nanocrystalline proteins.
J. Biomol. NMR. 31: 217-30, 2005. [Journal]

22)  McFeeters RL, Fowler CA, Gaponenko VV, Byrd RA.
Efficient and precise measurement of H(alpha)-C(alpha), C(alpha)-C', C(alpha)-C(beta) and H(N)-N residual dipolar couplings from 2D H(N)-N correlation spectra.
J. Biomol. NMR. 31: 35-47, 2005. [Journal]

23)  Altieri AS, Byrd RA.
Automation of NMR structure determination of proteins.
Curr. Opin. Struct. Biol. 14: 547-53, 2004. [Journal]

24)  Kuszewski J, Schwieters CD, Garrett DS, Byrd RA, Tjandra N, Clore GM.
Completely automated, highly error-tolerant macromolecular structure determination from multidimensional nuclear overhauser enhancement spectra and chemical shift assignments.
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 126: 6258-73, 2004. [Journal]

25)  Morcombe CR, Gaponenko V, Byrd RA, Zilm KW.
Diluting abundant spins by isotope edited radio frequency field assisted diffusion.
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 126: 7196-7, 2004. [Journal]

26)  Gaponenko V, Sarma SP, Altieri AS, Horita DA, Li J, Byrd RA.
Improving the accuracy of NMR structures of large proteins using pseudocontact shifts as long-range restraints.
J. Biomol. NMR. 28: 205-12, 2004. [Journal]

27)  Paulson EK, Morcombe CR, Gaponenko V, Dancheck B, Byrd RA, Zilm KW.
High-sensitivity observation of dipolar exchange and NOEs between exchangeable protons in proteins by 3D solid-state NMR spectroscopy.
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 125: 14222-3, 2003. [Journal]

28)  Paulson EK, Morcombe CR, Gaponenko V, Dancheck B, Byrd RA, Zilm KW.
Sensitive high resolution inverse detection NMR spectroscopy of proteins in the solid state.
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 125: 15831-6, 2003. [Journal]

29)  Gaponenko V, Altieri AS, Li J, Byrd RA.
Breaking symmetry in the structure determination of (large) symmetric protein dimers.
J. Biomol. NMR. 24: 143-8, 2002. [Journal]

30)  Cierpicki T, Zhukov I, Byrd RA, Otlewski J.
Hydrogen bonds in human ubiquitin reflected in temperature coefficients of amide protons.
J. Magn. Reson. 157: 178-80, 2002. [Journal]

31)  Zhou M, Horita DA, Waugh DS, Byrd RA, Morrison DK.
Solution structure and functional analysis of the cysteine-rich C1 domain of kinase suppressor of Ras (KSR).
J. Mol. Biol. 315: 435-46, 2002. [Journal]

32)  Gmeiner WH, Xu I, Horita DA, Smithgall TE, Engen JR, Smith DL, Byrd RA.
Intramolecular binding of a proximal PPII helix to an SH3 domain in the fusion protein SH3Hck : PPIIhGAP.
Cell Biochem. Biophys. 35: 115-26, 2001. [Journal]

33)  Eisenmesser EZ, Horita DA, Byrd RA.
Secondary structure and backbone resonance assignments for human interleukin-13.
J. Biomol. NMR. 19: 93-4, 2001. [Journal]

34)  Eisenmesser EZ, Horita DA, Altieri AS, Byrd RA.
Solution structure of interleukin-13 and insights into receptor engagement.
J. Mol. Biol. 310: 231-41, 2001. [Journal]

35)  Horita DA, Ivanova AV, Altieri AS, Klar AJ, Byrd RA.
Solution structure, domain features, and structural implications of mutants of the chromo domain from the fission yeast histone methyltransferase Clr4.
J. Mol. Biol. 307: 861-70, 2001. [Journal]

36)  Horita DA, Farnsworth DW, Byrd RA.
A simple and inexpensive preparation of perdeuterated sorbitol for use as a biomacromolecule stabilization agent in NMR studies.
J. Biomol. NMR. 16: 339-42, 2000. [Journal]

37)  Horita DA, Zhang W, Smithgall TE, Gmeiner WH, Byrd RA.
Dynamics of the Hck-SH3 domain: comparison of experiment with multiple molecular dynamics simulations.
Protein Sci. 9: 95-103, 2000. [Journal]

38)  Eisenmesser EZ, Kapust RB, Nawrocki JP, Mazzulla MJ, Pannell LK, Waugh DS, Byrd RA.
Expression, purification, refolding, and characterization of recombinant human interleukin-13: utilization of intracellular processing.
Protein Expr. Purif. 20: 186-95, 2000. [Journal]

39)  Altieri AS, Mazzulla MJ, Horita DA, Coats RH, Wingfield PT, Das A, Court DL, Byrd RA.
The structure of the transcriptional antiterminator NusB from Escherichia coli.
Nat. Struct. Biol. 7: 470-4, 2000. [Journal]

40)  Zwahlen C, Gardner KH, Sarma SP, Horita DA, Byrd RA, Kay LE.
An NMR experiment for measuring methyl-methyl NOEs in 13C-labeled proteins with high resolution.
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 120: 7617-25, 1998. [Journal]

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