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Dr. Jordan L. Meier

Dr. Jordan L. Meier
Chemical Genomics

Research Summary

Cofactor-Based Profiling of Chromatin Modifiers
Enzyme cofactors link cellular metabolism with the regulation of genome function through the activity of chromatin-modifying enzymes. A major focus of the laboratory is to integrate cofactor-based synthetic probes with high-throughput approaches for the proteomic, genomic, and structural characterization of chromatin modifiers. The goal of these studies is to expand the pharmacological map of epigenomic regulators involved in cancer, and to generate new knowledge for structure-based design, screening, and inhibitor development efforts.

Metabolic Regulation of Epigenetic Signaling
Recent studies have shown that many enzymes active in epigenetic mechanisms of genomic regulation are sensitive to the metabolic state of the cell. A second major aim of the lab is to understand the mechanisms by which metabolic perturbations influence genomic signaling mediated by chromatin modifying enzymes. Long term goals of this work include: 1) the discovery of biological mechanisms underlying oncometabolite-driven cancers, 2) the development of new diagnostics for cancers driven by metabolic mutations, and 3) the identification of small molecules which inhibit epigenetic modifications through metabolic disruption.
1 - 5 of 24 results

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2)  Yang F, Nickols NG, Li BC, Szablowski JO, Hamilton SR, Meier JL, Wang CM, Dervan PB.
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5)  Hargrove AE, Raskatov JA, Meier JL, Montgomery DC, Dervan PB.
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