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NCI AdHER2 DC Vaccine Clinical Trial: Informational Video for Patients

Dr. Lauren Wood, an immunologist and vaccine researcher at the National Cancer Institute, gives a brief overview about a clinical trial she is initiating this year as part of her work investigating the development of a vaccine for breast and other cancer patients with HER2 positive tumors. In the video, Dr. Wood talks about the newly opened phase I AdHER2 cancer vaccine trial by briefly explaining the purpose, approach and science of the trial. Through animation technology, Dr. Wood demonstrates how she believes the investigational vaccine might work and how it differs from currently available standard treatments. Inthis video targeted to patients, Dr. Wood seeks to provide a broad overview of the clinical trial approach, promote a greater understanding of the science of the vaccine, and to help potential participants feel more comfortable with the standard information and informed consent materials that are provided to them. Using plain language, the videos also reinforce the trial's primary objectives of safety, identification of the best dose of vaccine to give and determination of whether there is any antitumor activity associated with the vaccine. The video can also be shared with family members, friends and providers that potential participants may consult to assist them in making a decision about whether to participate in the trial.

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