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Camera on Cancer Research: Designing RNA Nanoscaffolds to Deliver Drugs

The last decade has seen an increased appreciation of the various functions of RNA beyond its role as an intermediary between DNA and proteins. Bruce Shapiro, Ph.D., a Senior Investigator in the Basic Research Laboratory in NCI's Center for Cancer Research, has developed nanoscale tools to take advantage of the ability of a kind of RNA called RNAi to silence genes.

Camera on Cancer Research

Cancer has eluded us for centuries, but researchers at NCI’s Center for Cancer Research (CCR) remain undaunted. They are bringing real hope, real progress. Day after day they forge ahead to counter this deadly disease by attacking cancer at every angle with every possible tool. Our camera will bring you into their labs and clinics to see this progress for yourself. Our community of scientists will share with you their innovative experiments and strategies. They will give you reasons to be hopeful about the future...

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