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Steven A. Rosenberg, M.D., Ph.D.

Office of the Chief Staff

Melissa A. Corbitt, Information Technology Specialist
Claudia Espinoza, Research Specialist (Contr)
Jared Gartner, Research Biologist
Michelle C. Gaye, Program Specialist
Joan E. Harris, Editorial Assistant
Arati Kamath, Research Specialist (Contr)
Etta D. Owens, Secretary
Rhonda Philippi, Secretary
Todd Prickett, Research Biologist
Pearl Queen, Secretary (Contr)
Beverly Russell, Secretary
Laila Salaam-Cofield, Secretary
Linda Shell, Secretary
Raul Vizcardosakoda, Research Fellow
Donald E. White, M.S., Information Technology Specialist
Gordon W. Wiegand, Research Biologist


Steven A. Rosenberg, M.D., Ph.D., Branch Chief
Head, Tumor Immunology Section

Research Team:
• Daniel Abate-Daga, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow (Visiting)
• Mojgan Ahmadzadeh, Ph.D., Research Fellow (Contr)
• Mack Bell, Postdoctoral Fellow (Visiting)
• Mini Bharathan, Research Fellow
• Mary Black, Research Biologist
• Tracy Campbell, Postbaccalaureate Fellow
• Cyrille Cohen, Research Fellow
David N. Danforth Jr., M.S., M.D., Staff Clinician
• Drew Deniger, Postdoctoral Fellow (Visiting)
• Alena Gros, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow (CRTA)
Ken-ichi Hanada, M.D., Ph.D., Staff Scientist
• Tangying Lu, Research Fellow
• Richard A. Morgan, Ph.D., Special Volunteer
• Lien T. Ngo, Research Biologist
• Anna Pasetto, Postdoctoral Fellow (Visiting)
• Shashankkumar Patel, Predoctoral Fellow
Giao Q. Phan, M.D., F.A.C.S., Staff Clinician
• Satyajit Ray, Ph.D., Research Biologist
Richard M. Sherry, M.D., Staff Clinician
• Eric Tran, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow (Visiting)
• Yili Xie, Ph.D., Research Fellow
• Zhiya Yu, Research Biologist
• Zhili Zheng, Research Biologist
Christian S. Hinrichs, M.D., Assistant Clinical Investigator

Research Team:
• Tracy Campbell, Postbaccalaureate Fellow
• Sanja Stevanovic, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow (Visiting)
Udai S. Kammula, M.D., Investigator

Research Team:
• Smita Chandran, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow (Visiting)
• Biman C. Paria, Ph.D., Research Biologist
• Abhishek Srivastava, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow (Visiting)
Christopher A. Klebanoff, M.D., Assistant Clinical Investigator
Nicholas P. Restifo, M.D., Senior Investigator
Tumor Immunology Section

Research Team:
• David Clever, Guest Researcher
• Zulmarie Franco, Special Volunteer
• Douglas Palmer, Research Biologist
• Rahul Roychoudhuri, Postdoctoral Fellow (Visiting)
• Madusudhanan Sukumar, Postdoctoral Fellow (Visiting)
• Tori Yamamoto, Special Volunteer
James C. Yang, M.D., Senior Investigator

Research Team:
• Christopher Alex Chow, Postbaccalaureate Fellow
Ken-ichi Hanada, M.D., Ph.D., Staff Scientist
• W. David Jones, Biological Laboratory Technician
• Emanuela Romano, Special Volunteer
• Qiong J. Wang, Ph.D., Research Biologist

Staff Clinicians

David N. Danforth Jr., M.S., M.D.
Tumor Immunology Section
Giao Q. Phan, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Tumor Immunology Section
Richard M. Sherry, M.D.
Tumor Immunology Section
John R. Wunderlich, M.D.
Cell Production Facility

Research Team:
• Mary B. Ganges, Laboratory Technician (Contr)
• Michelle M. Langhan, Research Biologist
• Azam V. Nahvi, Research Biologist
• Linda L. Parker, Technical Laboratory Manager
• Thomas E. Shelton, Research Biologist
• Robert Somerville, Research Biologist (Contr)

Staff Scientists

Steven A. Feldman, Ph.D.
Head, Retrovirus/Lentivirus Vector Core Facility

Research Team:
• Hui Xu, Research Biologist
Ken-ichi Hanada, M.D., Ph.D.
Tumor Immunology Section
Maria R. Parkhurst, Ph.D.
Head, Antigen Discovery Core Facility

Research Team:
• Adnan Jaigirdar, M.D., Clinical Fellow
Paul F. Robbins, Ph.D.
Head, DNA Sequencing and FACS Cores

Research Team:
• Mona El-Gamil, Research Biologist
• Shawn Farid, Research Biologist
• Yong Fang Li, Research Biologist
• Yong-Chen Lu, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow (Visiting)
• Arnold Mixon, Research Biologist

Other Groups and Programs

SB Clinical Operations
Steven A. Rosenberg, M.D., Ph.D., Head
Melonise Battle, Data Manager (Contr)
Tatiana Beresnev, Data Manager (Contr)
Monica Epstein, R.N., Nurse Specialist
June Kryk, Nurse Specialist
Joyce G. Landry, Nurse Specialist
Kathleen Morton, Clinical Research Nurse
Debbie Nathan, Clinical Research Nurse
Sarah Ramirez, R.N., Research Nurse
Shannon Rosati, Clinical Fellow
Yvonne Shutack, Data Manager (Contr)
Marie Statler, Clinical Research Nurse
Mary Ann Toomey, Clinical Research Nurse
Jessica Yingling, R.N., Clinical Research Nurse