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Laboratory of Cell and Developmental Signaling

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Laboratory of Cell and Developmental Signaling (LCDS) investigators employ a multi-disciplinary approach to study the signal transduction pathways involved in cancer as well as normal growth and development, with expertise in protein kinase signaling, lipid second messengers, tumor suppressors, cell cycle regulation, and ciliogenesis. LCDS research spans a wide range of experimental model systems and utilizes state-of-the art technologies such as high resolution imaging, RNA-seq, and mass spectrometry. The LCDS is affiliated with the broader Cancer Genetics and Signaling Program at NCI-Frederick comprised of the Cancer and Developmental Biology Laboratory (CDBL), the Laboratory of Protein Dynamics and Signaling (LPDS), and the Mouse Cancer Genetics Program (MCGP).

This page was last updated on 7/2/2014.