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Molecular Targets Laboratory

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In addition to the information presented below, the MTL has an alternative website that can provide you with more detail about their work.


The Molecular Targets Laboratory (MTL) provides the focus and infrastructure that enables CCR investigators to pursue molecularly targeted drug discovery research by promoting an interdisciplinary, collaborative, team-oriented approach to identifying and validating potential cancer-pertinent targets. The MTL:

- translates basic science advances into drug leads, bioprobes, and reagents for molecular target evaluation;

- exploits NCI's existing chemical and biodiversity repositories for molecularly targeted lead discovery; and

- assists in identifying natural products and synthetic compounds that may serve as bioprobes for chemical genetics, proteomics, target validation and potential lead compounds for clinical development.

Compounds of interest include not only classical "drug-like" organic small molecules, but also peptides, proteins, and other bioactive chemical classes.

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