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Laboratory of Pathology

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In addition to the information presented below, the LP has an alternative website that can provide you with more detail about their work.


The Laboratory of Pathology (LP) has three interdependent missions: clinical service, graduate medical education in pathology, and clinical, translational, and basic research in cancer and related fields.

Service. The laboratory conducts all of the diagnostic anatomic pathology for all the patients undergoing clinical trials in the NCI and in the NIH Clinical Center, for all patients being considered for entry into clinical trials, and for epidemiologic and case studies of disease pathophysiology. Clinical diagnostic services include surgical pathology, cytogenetics, cytopathology, postmortem, hematopathology, pediatric pathology, dermatopathology, neuropathology, electron microscopy, and flow cytometry. Many of the staff receive extramural consultations from pathology centers in the United States and internationally.

Research. Current research interests of the staff include:

Mechanisms of transcriptional regulation of oncogenes
The cellular and molecular biology of human neoplasia
Biochemical and genetic mechanisms of tumor cell invasion, metastasis, and angiogenesis
The molecular biology and immunology of lymphoid neoplasms
Use of proteomics to analyze regulatory pathways of cellular proliferation and differentiation
Molecular mechanisms of developmental biology
Biomedical engineering and technology development for single cell capture, i.e., laser capture and expression-based cell isolation techniques

Training. The laboratory supports an acclaimed Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education (ACGME)-accredited 4-year program in anatomic pathology. The training program combines anatomic pathology service with experimental molecular pathology. More than 90 percent of residents over the past 10 years have gone on to a career in academic pathology or research. The laboratory also offers pathology fellowship programs in Cytopathology and Hematopathology. and surgical pathology.

Core Laboratories. Laser Capture Core. The LCM core laboratory provides training, technical assistance and guidance in the use of laser capture microscopy to isolate purified cellular populations from frozen or fixed paraffin-embedded tissue sections. After appropriate training, users have access to the LCM core on a collaborative or individual basis.

Proteomics Core. Proteomic technologies are used to dissect signaling and metabolic pathways in human tumors. An Auchon arrayer is used to prepare reverse phase protein arrays, which can be coupled with LCM technology to examine purified populations.

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