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Position Title: Postdoctoral Fellow
Contact Name: Munira A. Basrai, Ph.D., Senior Investigator
Contact Phone: 301-402-2552
Contact Fax: 301-480-0380
Contact E-mail:
Branch/Laboratory/Program: Genetics Branch
Investigator's Home Page:
Number of Positions Available: 1

Research Area Key Words:

Chromosome segregation, cell cycle, mitosis
CV Required? Yes
Number References Required: 3
Publications List Required? Yes
Position Description: Postdoctoral fellowship is available to study faithful chromosome transmission, cell cycle and checkpoint regulation in S. cerevisiae and its human homologs. Genome instability is one of the hallmarks of cancers and budding yeast serves as an excellent model system for these studies. We are specifically interested in understanding the assembly of a functional kinetochore (centromere DNA and associated proteins) and the mitotic checkpoints that monitor errors in this process (Choy et al 2012 BBA for a review). Our results have led to characterization of post-translational modification state of centromeric histone H4 (Choy et al., 2011), established that mislocalization of centromeric histone H3 variant Cse4 (Au et al., 2008) and misregulation of kinetochore protein Scm3 and its human homolog HJURP lead to chromosome segregation defects (Mishra et al., 2011). In addition to the traditional approaches we utilize a colony-picking robot that facilitates genetic screens, finding drug targets and studying the expression of heterologous genes from human in the yeast model system. NIH provides and excellent and stimulating environment for training and interactions with almost 30 yeast laboratories in the local area.
Experience Required: Candidates must have a Ph.D. and/or M.D. Experience in molecular biology is essential, knowledge of yeast genetics is preferred.
Additional Information: If you wish to be a part of our enthusiastic team, please send your curriculum vitae and names of 3 references to:

Dr. Munira A. Basrai
Genetics Branch
National Cancer Institute/NIH
Navy Medical Center
Bldg. 8, Rm. 5101
8901 Wisconsin Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20889

Location: NCI-Bethesda
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