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The positive attitude that permeates every aspect of working here is unbelievable. It is welcoming, pleasant, and supportive. The motto of being like no other hospital is truly felt here. In every hospital there are issues with getting studies done on time and difficulty maneuvering the bureaucracy. The difference in this hospital is everybody realizing this challenge and trying to help the patient and the providers get through the maze of patient care. Moreover, as a fellow, our attendings are wonderful and collegial treating us as equals and having a genuine interest in our career development and success. You see this occurring in the different fellowships of medicine, pharmacy, and social work. It is truly a hospital like no other!
        ~ Marc B.

The fellowship at the NIH provides an opportunity to work with and study under some of the best clinical scientists in the world. Having come from a strong basic scientific background, I wanted exposure to clinicians who understand and are active in advancing the scientific approach to modern cancer therapy, and will have an important role in developing new treatments in the age of targeted therapies. That and I can walk to work. How's that for scholarly?
        ~ Bob L.