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Positions Available in the Center for Cancer Research

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If you would like to post a position announcement on this page, please contact Ave Cline,

Please direct all position-specific questions to the contact person listed at the top of each announcement
 Positions Available (Postdoctoral Fellow Listings)
Dr. Jeff Gildersleeve    Chemical biology, glycan array, vaccine    Chemical Biology Laboratory   
Electron Kebebew    Functional genomics; gene regulation;microRNA    Endocrine Oncology Branch   
Dinah Singer    Transcriptional regulation    Experimental Immunology Branch   
Damian Kovalovsky    Immunology, T-cell, transcription factors    Experimental Immunology Branch   
Munira A. Basrai, Ph.D., Senior Investigator    Chromosome segregation, cell cycle, mitosis    Genetics Branch   
Kevin Gardner    Epigenetic, transcriptional regulation    Genetics Branch   
Kevin Gardner    Epigenetics,ChIP-seq,RNA-seq,Bioinformatics    Genetics Branch   
Wei-Shau Hu, Ph.D.    retroviral assembly and reverse transcription    HIV DRP Retroviral Replication Laboratory   
Alan Rein, Ph.D.    Assembly and replication of HIV, retroviruses    HIV DRP Retroviral Replication Laboratory   
Yikang Rong, Ph.D.    DNA repair, Telomere maintenance, Drosophila    Laboratory of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology   
Dr. Li Yang     inflammation, microenvironment, metastasis    Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Genetics   
Jing Huang, Ph.D.    Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Osteosarcoma    Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Genetics   
Deborah Morrison, Ph.D.    Signal Transduction, Cell Biology,Oncogenesis    Laboratory of Cell and Developmental Signaling   
Paul A. Randazzo    GTPase-activating protein, biochemistry    Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biology   
Paul A. Randazzo, M.D., Ph.D.    Arfs, GAPs, cell migration, metastasis    Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biology   
Yinling Hu    IKKalpha, skin and lung carcinogenesis    Laboratory of Experimental Immunology   
Andre Nussenzweig    DNA repair, aging, chromatin structure    Laboratory of Genome Integrity   
Remy Bosselut    T cell development and function/Transcription    Laboratory of Immune Cell Biology   
Mitchell Ho, Ph.D.    cancer biology, antibody therapy    Laboratory of Molecular Biology   
Scott Durum    Immunology, T cells, apoptosis, homeostasis    Laboratory of Molecular Immunoregulation   
Shalini Oberdoerffer    Epigenetic regulation pre-mRNA splicing    Laboratory of Receptor Biology and Gene Expression   
Jeffrey Schlom, Ph.D.    Immunology, immunotherapy, vaccines    Laboratory of Tumor Immunology and Biology   
Brian A. Lewis    Transcriptional regulation, RNA polymerase II    Lymphoid Malignancies Branch   
Charles Lin    Angiogenesis, vascular biology    Mouse Cancer Genetics Program   
Karlyne Reilly    Astrocytoma, NF1, Mouse Models    Mouse Cancer Genetics Program   
Carol J. Thiele, Ph.D.    Epigenetics, differentiation, neuroblastoma    Pediatric Oncology Branch   
Christina Mazcko    metastasis, microenvironment, osteosarcoma    Pediatric Oncology Branch   
Rosandra Kaplan, MD    Metastasis, Pre-Metastatic niche    Pediatric Oncology Branch   
Aparna Kesarwala, MD, PhD    Radiation biology, molecular imaging    Radiation Oncology Branch   
Yun-Xing Wang, Ph.D.    RNA structural biology, NMR spectroscopy    Structural Biophysics Laboratory   
Steven A. Rosenberg M.D., Ph.D.    Molecular immunology, Gene Therapy    Surgery Branch   
Nicholas P. Restifo, M.D.    Immunotherapy, T cells, Mouse models    Surgery Branch   
Donald P. Bottaro, Ph.D.    Oncogenic Signaling in Genitourinary Cancers    Urologic Oncology Branch   
Dr. Marston Linehan    Metabolic & Genetic Basis of Kidney Cancer    Urologic Oncology Branch   
Ramaprasad Srinivasan, M.D., Ph.D.    Molecular Mechanisms/Targets/Kidney Cancer    Urologic Oncology Branch   
Barbara K. Felber, Ph.D.     HIV vaccine, pathogenesis, gene expression    Vaccine Branch   
Dr. Jay A. Berzofsky    Tumor Cellular Immunology and Cancer Vaccines    Vaccine Branch   
Jennifer C. Jones, MD, Ph.D.    Radiation, Tumor Immunology and Vaccines    Vaccine Branch   
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