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"It is rare that a researcher gets to do both clinical and basic research on essentially the same research problem. That is what CCR is set up for." - Sunil Sudarshan, MD, Former CCR Clinical Fellow
"The legacy of CCR is greater than the education of this medical oncologist or that molecular pharmacologist. It provides an environment where one can be mentored and further develop one's medical, scientific and analytical skills to make fundamental discoveries that ultimately will benefit patients around the globe." - Patrick Johnston, MD, PhD, former CCR Fellow, now Scientific Director for the Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology, Belfast, Ireland.

Since the doors opened at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Center more than 50 years ago, NCI research clinicians have played a singular role in advancing cancer care. A mark of this success is the NCI's pioneering work in immunotherapy—boosting the body's own cancer -fighting potential. In the 1980s, NCI's Surgery Branch investigators were largely responsible for advancing the treatment of metastatic melanoma and kidney cancer.

Today groundbreaking NCI's clinical research continues at the newly expanded NIH Clinical Research Center. Robotic surgery brings unprecedented precision to prostate cancer surgery. Clinicians visit their patients and return to their lab work all under the same roof. And personalized medicine—when a patient's cancer genome is profiled in order to match the gene changes that are present with the most appropriate treatment—has come to clinical trials

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