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Arthur L. Shaffer III, Ph.D.

Selected Publications

1)  Shaffer AL, Young RM, Staudt LM.
Pathogenesis of human B cell lymphomas.
Annu. Rev. Immunol. 30: 565-610, 2012.
2)  Yang Y, Shaffer AL, Emre NC, Ceribelli M, Zhang M, Wright G, Xiao W, Powell J, Platig J, Kohlhammer H, Young RM, Zhao H, Yang Y, Xu W, Buggy JJ, Balasubramanian S, Mathews LA, Shinn P, Guha R, Ferrer M, Thomas C, Waldmann TA, Staudt LM.
Exploiting Synthetic Lethality for the Therapy of ABC Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma.
Cancer Cell. 21: 723-37, 2012.
3)  Ngo VN, Young RM, Schmitz R, Jhavar S, Xiao W, Lim KH, Kohlhammer H, Xu W, Yang Y, Zhao H, Shaffer AL, Romesser P, Wright G, Powell J, Rosenwald A, Muller-Hermelink HK, Ott G, Gascoyne RD, Connors JM, Rimsza LM, Campo E, Jaffe ES, Delabie J, Smeland EB, Fisher RI, Braziel RM, Tubbs RR, Cook JR, Weisenburger DD, Chan WC, Staudt LM.
Oncogenically active MYD88 mutations in human lymphoma.
Nature. 470: 115-9, 2011.
4)  Shaffer AL, Emre NC, Lamy L, Ngo VN, Wright G, Xiao W, Powell J, Dave S, Yu X, Zhao H, Zeng Y, Chen B, Epstein J, Staudt LM.
IRF4 addiction in multiple myeloma.
Nature. 454: 226-31, 2008.
5)  Davis RE, Ngo VN, Lenz G, Tolar P, Young RM, Romesser PB, Kohlhammer H, Lamy L, Zhao H, Yang Y, Xu W, Shaffer AL, Wright G, Xiao W, Powell J, Jiang JK, Thomas CJ, Rosenwald A, Ott G, Muller-Hermelink HK, Gascoyne RD, Connors JM, Johnson NA, Rimsza LM, Campo E, Jaffe ES, Wilson WH, Delabie J, Smeland EB, Fisher RI, Braziel RM, Tubbs RR, Cook JR, Weisenburger DD, Chan WC, Pierce SK, Staudt LM.
Chronic active B-cell-receptor signalling in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.
Nature. 463: 88-92, 2010.
6)  Ippolito GC, Dekker JD, Wang YH, Lee BK, Shaffer AL, Lin J, Wall JK, Lee BS, Staudt LM, Liu YJ, Iyer VR, Tucker HO.
Dendritic cell fate is determined by BCL11A.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 2014.
7)  Lamy L, Ngo VN, Emre NC, Shaffer AL, Yang Y, Tian E, Nair V, Kruhlak MJ, Zingone A, Landgren O, Staudt LM.
Control of autophagic cell death by caspase-10 in multiple myeloma.
Cancer Cell. 23: 435-49, 2013.
8)  Lee BS, Dekker JD, Lee BK, Iyer VR, Sleckman BP, Shaffer AL, Ippolito GC, Tucker PW.
The BCL11A transcription factor directly activates RAG gene expression and V(D)J recombination.
Mol. Cell. Biol. 33: 1768-81, 2013.
9)  Valdez PA, Vithayathil PJ, Janelsins BM, Shaffer AL, Williamson PR, Datta SK.
Prostaglandin E2 suppresses antifungal immunity by inhibiting interferon regulatory factor 4 function and interleukin-17 expression in T cells.
Immunity. 36: 668-79, 2012.
10)  Annunziata CM, Hernandez L, Davis RE, Zingone A, Lamy L, Lam LT, Hurt EM, Shaffer AL, Kuehl WM, Staudt LM.
A mechanistic rationale for MEK inhibitor therapy in myeloma based on blockade of MAF oncogene expression.
Blood. 117: 2396-404, 2011.
11)  Pérez-Galán P, Mora-Jensen H, Weniger MA, Shaffer AL, Rizzatti EG, Chapman CM, Mo CC, Stennett LS, Rader C, Liu P, Raghavachari N, Stetler-Stevenson M, Yuan C, Pittaluga S, Maric I, Dunleavy KM, Wilson WH, Staudt LM, Wiestner A.
Bortezomib resistance in mantle cell lymphoma is associated with plasmacytic differentiation.
Blood. 117: 542-52, 2011.
12)  Rui L, Emre NC, Kruhlak MJ, Chung HJ, Steidl C, Slack G, Wright GW, Lenz G, Ngo VN, Shaffer AL, Xu W, Zhao H, Yang Y, Lamy L, Davis RE, Xiao W, Powell J, Maloney D, Thomas CJ, Möller P, Rosenwald A, Ott G, Muller-Hermelink HK, Savage K, Connors JM, Rimsza LM, Campo E, Jaffe ES, Delabie J, Smeland EB, Weisenburger DD, Chan WC, Gascoyne RD, Levens D, Staudt LM.
Cooperative epigenetic modulation by cancer amplicon genes.
Cancer Cell. 18: 590-605, 2010.
13)  Shaffer AL, Emre NC, Romesser PB, Staudt LM.
IRF4: Immunity. Malignancy! Therapy?.
Clin. Cancer Res. 15: 2954-61, 2009.
14)  Lenz G, Wright GW, Emre NC, Kohlhammer H, Dave SS, Davis RE, Carty S, Lam LT, Shaffer AL, Xiao W, Powell J, Rosenwald A, Ott G, Muller-Hermelink HK, Gascoyne RD, Connors JM, Campo E, Jaffe ES, Delabie J, Smeland EB, Rimsza LM, Fisher RI, Weisenburger DD, Chan WC, Staudt LM.
Molecular subtypes of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma arise by distinct genetic pathways.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 105: 13520-5, 2008.
15)  Kuo TC, Shaffer AL, Haddad J, Choi YS, Staudt LM, Calame K.
Repression of BCL-6 is required for the formation of human memory B cells in vitro.
J. Exp. Med. 204: 819-30, 2007.
16)  Shaffer AL, Wright G, Yang L, Powell J, Ngo V, Lamy L, Lam LT, Davis RE, Staudt LM.
A library of gene expression signatures to illuminate normal and pathological lymphoid biology.
Immunol. Rev. 210: 67-85, 2006.
17)  Liu H, Ippolito GC, Wall JK, Niu T, Probst L, Lee BS, Pulford K, Banham AH, Stockwin L, Shaffer AL, Staudt LM, Das C, Dyer MJ, Tucker PW.
Functional studies of BCL11A: characterization of the conserved BCL11A-XL splice variant and its interaction with BCL6 in nuclear paraspeckles of germinal center B cells.
Mol. Cancer. 5: 18, 2006.
18)  Sciammas R, Shaffer AL, Schatz JH, Zhao H, Staudt LM, Singh H.
Graded expression of interferon regulatory factor-4 coordinates isotype switching with plasma cell differentiation.
Immunity. 25: 225-36, 2006.
19)  Tunyaplin C, Shaffer AL, Angelin-Duclos CD, Yu X, Staudt LM, Calame KL.
Direct repression of prdm1 by Bcl-6 inhibits plasmacytic differentiation.
J. Immunol. 173: 1158-65, 2004.
20)  Hurt EM, Wiestner A, Rosenwald A, Shaffer AL, Campo E, Grogan T, Bergsagel PL, Kuehl WM, Staudt LM.
Overexpression of c-maf is a frequent oncogenic event in multiple myeloma that promotes proliferation and pathological interactions with bone marrow stroma.
Cancer Cell. 5: 191-9, 2004.
21)  Shaffer AL, Shapiro-Shelef M, Iwakoshi NN, Lee AH, Qian SB, Zhao H, Yu X, Yang L, Tan BK, Rosenwald A, Hurt EM, Petroulakis E, Sonenberg N, Yewdell JW, Calame K, Glimcher LH, Staudt LM.
XBP1, downstream of Blimp-1, expands the secretory apparatus and other organelles, and increases protein synthesis in plasma cell differentiation.
Immunity. 21: 81-93, 2004.
22)  Shaffer AL, Lin KI, Kuo TC, Yu X, Hurt EM, Rosenwald A, Giltnane JM, Yang L, Zhao H, Calame K, Staudt LM.
Blimp-1 orchestrates plasma cell differentiation by extinguishing the mature B cell gene expression program.
Immunity. 17: 51-62, 2002.
23)  Shaffer AL, Rosenwald A, Staudt LM.
Lymphoid malignancies: the dark side of B-cell differentiation.
Nat. Rev. Immunol. 2: 920-32, 2002.
24)  Shaffer AL, Rosenwald A, Hurt EM, Giltnane JM, Lam LT, Pickeral OK, Staudt LM.
Signatures of the immune response.
Immunity. 15: 375-85, 2001.
25)  Shaffer AL, Yu X, He Y, Boldrick J, Chan EP, Staudt LM.
BCL-6 represses genes that function in lymphocyte differentiation, inflammation, and cell cycle control.
Immunity. 13: 199-212, 2000.
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