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Eric O. Freed, Ph.D.

Selected Publications

1)  Zhang H, Curreli F, Waheed A, Mercredi P, Mehta M, Bhargava P, Scacalossi D, Tong X, Lee S, Cooper A, Summers M, Freed E, Debnath A.
Dual-acting stapled peptides target both HIV-1 entry and assembly.
Retrovirology. 10: 136, 2013.
Full Text Article. [Journal]
2)  Tedbury P, Ablan S, Freed E.
Global rescue of defects in HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein incorporation: implications for matrix structure.
PLoS Pathog. 9(11): e1003739, 2013.
Full Text Article. [Journal]
3)  Afonin KA, Viard M, Martins AN, Lockett SJ, Maciag AE, Freed EO, Heldman E, Jaeger L, Blumenthal R, Shapiro BA.
Activation of different split functionalities on re-association of RNA-DNA hybrids.
Nat Nanotechnol. 8: 296-304, 2013.
4)  Keren-Kaplan T, Attali I, Estrin M, Kuo LS, Farkash E, Jerabek-Willemsen M, Blutraich N, Artzi S, Peri A, Freed EO, Wolfson HJ, Prag G.
Structure-based in silico identification of ubiquitin-binding domains provides insights into the ALIX-V:ubiquitin complex and retrovirus budding.
EMBO J. 32: 538-51, 2013.
5)  Checkley MA, Luttge BG, Mercredi PY, Kyere SK, Donlan J, Murakami T, Summers MF, Cocklin S, Freed EO.
Reevaluation of the Requirement for TIP47 in Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Envelope Glycoprotein Incorporation.
J. Virol. 87: 3561-70, 2013.
6)  Tedbury PR, Freed EO.
The role of matrix in HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein incorporation.
Trends Microbiol. 22: 372-378, 2014.
7)  Van Engelenburg S, Shtengel G, Sengupta P, Waki K, Jarnik M, Ablan S, Freed E, Hess H, Lippincott-Schwartz J.
Distribution of ESCRT machinery at HIV assembly sites reveals virus scaffolding of ESCRT subunits.
Science. 343: 343: 653-656, 2014.
Full Text Article. [Journal]
8)  Freed E, Gale M, eds.
Antiviral Innate Immunity (Part 1).
J Mol Biol. 425: 4857-5044, 2013.
Full Text Article. [Journal (Editor)]
9)  Freed E, Gale M, eds.
Antiviral Innate Immunity (Part 2).
J Mol Biol. 426: 1129-1366, 2014.
Full Text Article. [Journal (Editor)]
10)  Freed E, Gale M.
Antiviral Innate Immunity: Editorial Overview.
J Mol Biol. 426: 1129-1132, 2014.
Full Text Article. [Journal]
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