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Howard A. Young, Ph.D.

Selected Publications

1)  Hodge DL, Berthet C, Coppola V, Kastenmüller W, Buschman MD, Schaughency PM, Shirota H, Scarzello AJ, Subleski JJ, Anver MR, Ortaldo JR, Lin F, Reynolds DA, Sanford ME, Kaldis P, Tessarollo L, Klinman DM, Young HA.
IFN-gamma AU-rich element removal promotes chronic IFN-gamma expression and autoimmunity in mice.
J. Autoimmun. [Epub ahead of print], 2014.
2)  McFarland AP, Savan R, Wagage S, Addison A, Ramakrishnan K, Karwan M, Duong T, Young HA.
Localized delivery of interferon-beta by Lactobacillus exacerbates experimental colitis.
PLoS ONE. 6: e16967, 2011.
3)  Savan R, McFarland AP, Reynolds DA, Feigenbaum L, Ramakrishnan K, Karwan M, Shirota H, Klinman DM, Dunleavy K, Pittaluga S, Anderson SK, Donnelly RP, Wilson WH, Young HA.
A novel role for IL-22R1 as a driver of inflammation.
Blood. 117: 575-84, 2011.
4)  Ortaldo JR, Winkler-Pickett R, Wigginton J, Horner M, Bere EW, Mason AT, Bhat N, Cherry J, Sanford M, Hodge DL, Young HA.
Regulation of ITAM-positive receptors: role of IL-12 and IL-18.
Blood. 107: 1468-75, 2006.
5)  Hodge DL, Martinez A, Julias JG, Taylor LS, Young HA.
Regulation of nuclear gamma interferon gene expression by interleukin 12 (IL-12) and IL-2 represents a novel form of posttranscriptional control.
Mol Cell Biol. 22: 1742-1753, 2002.
6)  Barrios B, Baez NS, Reynolds D, Iribarren P, Cejas H, Young HA, Rodriguez-Galan MC.
Abrogation of TNFa Production during Cancer Immunotherapy Is Crucial for Suppressing Side Effects Due to the Systemic Expression of IL-12.
PLoS ONE. 9: e90116, 2014.
7)  Lee YJ, Zhang X, Vazquez E, Shivasabesan G, Young HA, Murphy A, Wang H, Suffredini AF, Siebenlist U, Kottilil S.
Impaired HCV clearance in HIV/HCV coinfected subjects treated with PegIFN and RBV due to interference of IFN signaling by IFNaR2a.
J. Interferon Cytokine Res. 34: 28-34, 2014.
8)  Heinecke JL, Ridnour LA, Cheng RY, Switzer CH, Lizardo MM, Khanna C, Glynn SA, Hussain SP, Young HA, Ambs S, Wink DA.
Tumor microenvironment-based feed-forward regulation of NOS2 in breast cancer progression.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 111: 6323-8, 2014.
9)  Smith LM, Hensley LE, Geisbert TW, Johnson J, Stossel A, Honko A, Yen JY, Geisbert J, Paragas J, Fritz E, Olinger G, Young HA, Rubins KH, Karp CL.
Interferon-ß Therapy Prolongs Survival in Rhesus Macaque Models of Ebola and Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever.
J. Infect. Dis. 208: 310-8, 2013.
10)  Xiao Z, Jiang Q, Willette-Brown J, Xi S, Zhu F, Burkett S, Back T, Song NY, Datla M, Sun Z, Goldszmid R, Lin F, Cohoon T, Pike K, Wu X, Schrump DS, Wong KK, Young HA, Trinchieri G, Wiltrout RH, Hu Y.
The Pivotal Role of IKKa in the Development of Spontaneous Lung Squamous Cell Carcinomas.
Cancer Cell. 23: 527-40, 2013.
11)  Kawayama T, Okamoto M, Imaoka H, Kato S, Young HA, Hoshino T.
Interleukin-18 in pulmonary inflammatory diseases.
J. Interferon Cytokine Res. 32: 443-9, 2012.
12)  Hodge DL, Reynolds D, Cerbán FM, Correa SG, Baez NS, Young HA, Rodriguez-Galan MC.
MCP-1/CCR2 interactions direct migration of peripheral B and T lymphocytes to the thymus during acute infectious/inflammatory processes.
Eur. J. Immunol. 42: 2644-54, 2012.
13)  Ridnour LA, Cheng RY, Switzer CH, Heinecke JL, Ambs S, Glynn SA, Young HA, Trinchieri G, Wink DA.
Molecular Pathways: Toll-like Receptors in the Tumor Microenvironment: Poor Prognosis or New Therapeutic Opportunity.
Clin. Cancer Res. 19: 1340-6, 2012.
14)  Xiao C, Wang RH, Lahusen TJ, Park O, Bertola A, Maruyama T, Reynolds D, Chen Q, Xu X, Young HA, Chen WJ, Gao B, Deng CX.
Progression of chronic liver inflammation and fibrosis driven by activation of c-JUN signaling in Sirt6 mutant mice.
J. Biol. Chem. 287: 41903-13, 2012.
15)  Young HA.
Scientific Apps are here (and more will be coming).
Cytokine. 59: 1-2, 2012.
16)  Zhang X, Brann TW, Zhou M, Yang J, Oguariri RM, Lidie KB, Imamichi H, Huang DW, Lempicki RA, Baseler MW, Veenstra TD, Young HA, Lane HC, Imamichi T.
Cutting edge: Ku70 is a novel cytosolic DNA sensor that induces type III rather than type I IFN.
J. Immunol. 186: 4541-5, 2011.
17)  Kulkarni S, Savan R, Qi Y, Gao X, Yuki Y, Bass SE, Martin MP, Hunt P, Deeks SG, Telenti A, Pereyra F, Goldstein D, Wolinsky S, Walker B, Young HA, Carrington M.
Differential microRNA regulation of HLA-C expression and its association with HIV control.
Nature. 472: 495-8, 2011.
18)  Zhu Y, Michelle Luo T, Jobin C, Young HA.
Gut microbiota and probiotics in colon tumorigenesis.
Cancer Lett. 309: 119-27, 2011.
19)  Park O, Wang H, Weng H, Feigenbaum L, Li H, Yin S, Ki S, Yoo SH, Dooley S, Wang F, Young HA, Gao B.
In vivo consequences of liver-specific interleukin-22 expression: Implications for human liver disease progression.
Hepatology. 54: 252-61, 2011.
20)  Zaidi MR, Davis S, Noonan FP, Graff-Cherry C, Hawley TS, Walker RL, Feigenbaum L, Fuchs E, Lyakh L, Young HA, Hornyak TJ, Arnheiter H, Trinchieri G, Meltzer PS, De Fabo EC, Merlino G.
Interferon-gamma links ultraviolet radiation to melanomagenesis in mice.
Nature. 469: 548-53, 2011.
21)  Kaczmarczyk SJ, Sitaraman K, Young HA, Hughes SH, Chatterjee DK.
Protein delivery using engineered virus-like particles.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 108: 16998-7003, 2011.
22)  Donnelly RP, Sheikh F, Dickensheets H, Savan R, Young HA, Walter MR.
Interleukin-26: an IL-10-related cytokine produced by Th17 cells.
Cytokine Growth Factor Rev. 21: 393-401, 2010.
23)  Savan R, Chan T, Young HA.
Lentiviral gene transduction in human and mouse NK cell lines.
Methods Mol. Biol. 612: 209-21, 2010.
24)  Klein M, Sanders ME, Duong T, Young HA.
Probiotics: from bench to market.
Ann. N. Y. Acad. Sci. 1212 Suppl 1: E1-14, 2010.
25)  Donnelly RP, Young HA, Rosenberg AS.
An overview of cytokines and cytokine antagonists as therapeutic agents.
Ann. N. Y. Acad. Sci. 1182: 1-13, 2009.
26)  Cismasiu VB, Duque J, Paskaleva E, Califano D, Ghanta S, Young HA, Avram D.
BCL11B enhances TCR/CD28-triggered NF-kappaB activation through up-regulation of Cot kinase gene expression in T-lymphocytes.
Biochem. J. 417: 457-66, 2009.
27)  Miller CH, Maher SG, Young HA.
Clinical Use of Interferon-gamma.
Ann. N. Y. Acad. Sci. 1182: 69-79, 2009.
28)  Rodriguez-Galan MC, Reynolds D, Correa SG, Iribarren P, Watanabe M, Young HA.
Coexpression of IL-18 strongly attenuates IL-12-induced systemic toxicity through a rapid induction of IL-10 without affecting its antitumor capacity.
J. Immunol. 183: 740-8, 2009.
29)  Young HA.
Cytokine multiplex analysis.
Methods Mol. Biol. 511: 85-105, 2009.
30)  Hodge DL, Yang J, Buschman MD, Schaughency PM, Dang H, Bere W, Yang Y, Savan R, Subleski JJ, Yin XM, Loughran TP, Young HA.
Interleukin-15 enhances proteasomal degradation of bid in normal lymphocytes: implications for large granular lymphocyte leukemias.
Cancer Res. 69: 3986-94, 2009.
31)  Hoshino T, Okamoto M, Sakazaki Y, Kato S, Young HA, Aizawa H.
Role of Proinflammatory Cytokine IL-18 and IL-1{beta} in Bleomycin-induced Lung Injury in Humans and Mice.
Am. J. Respir. Cell Mol. Biol. 41: 661-70, 2009.
32)  Savan R, Ravichandran S, Collins JR, Sakai M, Young HA.
Structural conservation of interferon gamma among vertebrates.
Cytokine Growth Factor Rev. 20: 115-24, 2009.
33)  Duan D, Sigano DM, Kelley JA, Lai CC, Lewin NE, Kedei N, Peach ML, Lee J, Abeyweera TP, Rotenberg SA, Kim H, Kim YH, El Kazzouli S, Chung JU, Young HA, Young MR, Baker A, Colburn NH, Haimovitz-Friedman A, Truman JP, Parrish DA, Deschamps JR, Perry NA, Surawski RJ, Blumberg PM, Marquez VE.
Conformationally constrained analogues of diacylglycerol. 29. Cells sort diacylglycerol-lactone chemical zip codes to produce diverse and selective biological activities.
J. Med. Chem. 51: 5198-220, 2008.
34)  Winkler-Pickett R, Young HA, Cherry JM, Diehl J, Wine J, Back T, Bere WE, Mason AT, Ortaldo JR.
In vivo regulation of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis by NK cells: alteration of primary adaptive responses.
J. Immunol. 180: 4495-506, 2008.
35)  Biragyn A, Coscia M, Nagashima K, Sanford M, Young HA, Olkhanud P.
Murine beta-defensin 2 promotes TLR-4/MyD88-mediated and NF-kappaB-dependent atypical death of APCs via activation of TNFR2.
J. Leukoc. Biol. 83: 998-1008, 2008.
36)  Chakrabarti A, Sadler AJ, Kar N, Young HA, Silverman RH, Williams BR.
Protein kinase R-dependent regulation of interleukin-10 in response to double-stranded RNA.
J. Biol. Chem. 283: 25132-9, 2008.
37)  Caposio P, Gugliesi F, Zannetti C, Sponza S, Mondini M, Medico E, Hiscott J, Young HA, Gribaudo G, Gariglio M, Landolfo S.
A novel role of the interferon-inducible protein IFI16 as inducer of proinflammatory molecules in endothelial cells.
J. Biol. Chem. 282: 33515-29, 2007.
38)  Berthet C, Rodriguez-Galan MC, Hodge DL, Gooya J, Pascal V, Young HA, Keller J, Bosselut R, Kaldis P.
Hematopoiesis and thymic apoptosis are not affected by the loss of cdk2.
Mol. Cell. Biol. 27: 5079-89, 2007.
39)  Young HA, Bream JH.
IFN-gamma: recent advances in understanding regulation of expression, biological functions, and clinical applications.
Curr. Top. Microbiol. Immunol. 316: 97-117, 2007.
40)  Geisbert TW, Daddario-DiCaprio KM, Geisbert JB, Young HA, Formenty P, Fritz EA, Larsen T, Hensley LE.
Marburg virus Angola infection of rhesus macaques: pathogenesis and treatment with recombinant nematode anticoagulant protein c2.
J. Infect. Dis. 196 Suppl 2: S372-81, 2007.
41)  Ortaldo JR, Mason A, Willette-Brown J, Ruscetti FW, Wine J, Back T, Stull T, Bere EW, Feigenbaum L, Winkler-Pickett R, Young HA.
Modulation of lymphocyte function with inhibitory CD2: loss of NK and NKT cells.
Cell. Immunol. 249: 8-19, 2007.
42)  Sonoda KH, Nakamura T, Young HA, Hart D, Carmeliet P, Stein-Streilein J.
NKT cell-derived urokinase-type plasminogen activator promotes peripheral tolerance associated with eye.
J. Immunol. 179: 2215-22, 2007.
43)  Hoshino T, Kato S, Oka N, Imaoka H, Kinoshita T, Takei S, Kitasato Y, Kawayama T, Imaizumi T, Yamada K, Young HA, Aizawa H.
Pulmonary Inflammation and Emphysema: Role of the Cytokines IL-18 and IL-13.
Am. J. Respir. Crit. Care Med. 176: 49-62, 2007.
44)  Roberts ZJ, Goutagny N, Perera P, Kato H, Kumar H, Kawai T, Akira S, Savan R, van Echo D, Fitzgerald KA, Young HA, Ching L, Vogel SN.
The chemotherapeutic agent DMXAA potently and specifically activates the TBK1-IRF-3 signaling axis.
J. Exp. Med. 204: 1559-69, 2007.
45)  Rubins KH, Hensley LE, Wahl-Jensen V, Daddario DiCaprio KM, Young HA, Reed DS, Jahrling PB, Brown PO, Relman DA, Geisbert TW.
The temporal program of peripheral blood gene expression in the response of nonhuman primates to Ebola hemorrhagic fever.
Genome Biol. 8: R174, 2007.
46)  Gonsky R, Deem RL, Bream JH, Young HA, Targan SR.
An IFNG SNP with an estrogen-like response element selectively enhances promoter expression in peripheral but not lamina propria T cells.
Genes Immun. 7: 342-51, 2006.
47)  Kogkopoulou O, Tzakos E, Mavrothalassitis G, Baldari CT, Paliogianni F, Young HA, Thyphronitis G.
Conditional up-regulation of IL-2 production by p38 MAPK inactivation is mediated by increased Erk1/2 activity.
J. Leukoc. Biol. 79: 1052-60, 2006.
48)  Young HA, Ortaldo J.
Cytokines as critical co-stimulatory molecules in modulating the immune response of natural killer cells.
Cell Res. 16: 20-4, 2006.
49)  Ortaldo JR, Young HA.
IL-18 as critical co-stimulatory molecules in modulating the immune response of ITAM bearing lymphocytes.
Semin. Immunol. 18: 193-6, 2006.
50)  Feng CG, Kaviratne M, Rothfuchs AG, Cheever A, Hieny S, Young HA, Wynn TA, Sher A.
NK cell-derived IFN-gamma differentially regulates innate resistance and neutrophil response in T cell-deficient hosts infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
J. Immunol. 177: 7086-93, 2006.
51)  Adachi M, Kurotani R, Morimura K, Shah Y, Sanford M, Madison BB, Gumucio DL, Marin HE, Peters JM, Young HA, Gonzalez FJ.
Peroxisome proliferator activated receptor gamma in colonic epithelial cells protects against experimental inflammatory bowel disease.
Gut. 55: 1104-13, 2006.
52)  Khabar KS, Young HA.
Post-transcriptional control of the interferon system.
Biochimie. 89: 761-9, 2006.
53)  Hodge DL, Subleski JJ, Reynolds DA, Buschman MD, Schill WB, Burkett MW, Malyguine AM, Young HA.
The proinflammatory cytokine interleukin-18 alters multiple signaling pathways to inhibit natural killer cell death.
J. Interferon Cytokine Res. 26: 706-18, 2006.
54)  Coppola V, Barrick CA, Bobisse S, Rodriguez-Galan MC, Pivetta M, Reynolds D, Howard OM, Palko ME, Esteban PF, Young HA, Rosato A, Tessarollo L.
The scaffold protein Cybr is required for cytokine-modulated trafficking of leukocytes in vivo.
Mol. Cell. Biol. 26: 5249-58, 2006.
55)  Young HA, Tovey MG.
TL1A: a mediator of gut inflammation.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 103: 8303-4, 2006.
56)  Young HA.
Unraveling the pros and cons of interferon-gamma gene regulation.
Immunity. 24: 506-7, 2006.
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58)  Khaled AR, Bulavin DV, Kittipatarin C, Li WQ, Alvarez M, Kim K, Young HA, Fornace AJ, Durum SK.
Cytokine-driven cell cycling is mediated through Cdc25A.
J Cell Biol. 169: 755-63, 2005.
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Dendritic cells endocytose Bacillus anthracis spores: implications for anthrax pathogenesis.
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Interleukin-10 and the immune response against cancer: a counterpoint.
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Specific inhibition of MyD88-independent signaling pathways of TLR3 and TLR4 by resveratrol: molecular targets are TBK1 and RIP1 in TRIF complex.
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64)  Malolanarasimhan K, Lai CC, Kelley JA, Iaccarino L, Reynolds D, Young HA, Marquez VE.
Synthesis and biological study of a flavone acetic acid analogue containing an azido reporting group designed as a multifunctional binding site probe.
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65)  Lyakh LA, Sanford M, Chekol S, Young HA, Roberts AB.
TGF-beta and vitamin D3 utilize distinct pathways to suppress IL-12 production and modulate rapid differentiation of human monocytes into CD83+ dendritic cells.
J Immunol. 174: 2061-70, 2005.
66)  Ichiki H, Hoshino T, Kinoshita T, Imaoka H, Kato S, Inoue H, Nakamura H, Yodoi J, Young HA, Aizawa H.
Thioredoxin suppresses airway hyperresponsiveness and airway inflammation in asthma.
Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 334: 1141-8, 2005.
67)  Krakauer T, Chen X, Howard OM, Young HA.
Triptolide attenuates endotoxin- and staphylococcal exotoxin-induced T-cell proliferation and production of cytokines and chemokines.
Immunopharmacol Immunotoxicol. 27: 53-66, 2005.
68)  Bream JH, Hodge DL, Gonsky R, Spolski R, Leonard WJ, Krebs S, Targan S, Morinobu A, O'Shea JJ, Young HA.
A distal region in the IFN-gamma gene is a site of epigenetic remodeling and transcriptional regulation by IL-2.
J Biol Chem. 279: 41249-67, 2004.
69)  Albright JW, Bream JH, Bere EW, Young HA, Winkler-Pickett R, Ortaldo JR.
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Exp Gerontol. 39: 73-82, 2004.
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Mouse susceptibility to anthrax lethal toxin is influenced by genetic factors in addition to those controlling macrophage sensitivity.
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