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Stephen K. Anderson, Ph.D.

Selected Publications

1)  Wright PW, Huehn A, Cichocki F, Li H, Sharma N, Dang H, Lenvik TR, Woll P, Kaufman D, Miller JS, Anderson SK.
Identification of a KIR antisense lncRNA expressed by progenitor cells.
Genes Immun. 14: 427-33, 2013.
2)  Cichocki F, Lenvik T, Sharma N, Yun G, Anderson SK, Miller JS.
Cutting edge: KIR antisense transcripts are processed into a 28-base PIWI-like RNA in human NK cells.
J. Immunol. 185: 2009-12, 2010.
3)  Li H, Pascal V, Martin MP, Carrington M, Anderson SK.
Genetic control of variegated KIR gene expression: polymorphisms of the bi-directional KIR3DL1 promoter are associated with distinct frequencies of gene expression.
PLoS Genet. 4: e1000254, 2008.
4)  Davies GE, Locke SM, Wright PW, Li H, Hanson RJ, Miller JS, Anderson SK.
Identification of bidirectional promoters in the human KIR genes.
Genes Immun. 8: 245-53, 2007.
5)  Saleh A, Davies GE, Pascal V, Wright PW, Hodge DL, Cho EH, Lockett SJ, Abshari M, Anderson SK.
Identification of probabilistic transcriptional switches in the Ly49 gene cluster: a eukaryotic mechanism for selective gene activation.
Immunity. 21: 55-66, 2004.
6)  Felices M, Lenvik TR, Ankarlo DE, Foley B, Curtsinger J, Luo X, Blazar BR, Anderson SK, Miller JS.
Functional NK Cell Repertoires Are Maintained through IL-2Ra and Fas Ligand.
J. Immunol. 192: 3889-97, 2014.
7)  O'Connor GM, Vivian JP, Widjaja JM, Bridgeman JS, Gostick E, Lafont BA, Anderson SK, Price DA, Brooks AG, Rossjohn J, McVicar DW.
Mutational and structural analysis of KIR3DL1 reveals a lineage-defining allotypic dimorphism that impacts both HLA and peptide sensitivity.
J. Immunol. 192: 2875-84, 2014.
8)  Cichocki F, Schlums H, Li H, Stache V, Holmes T, Lenvik TR, Chiang SC, Miller JS, Meeths M, Anderson SK, Bryceson YT.
Transcriptional regulation of Munc13-4 expression in cytotoxic lymphocytes is disrupted by an intronic mutation associated with a primary immunodeficiency.
J. Exp. Med. 2014.
9)  Alvarez M, Sungur CM, Ames E, Anderson SK, Pomeroy C, Murphy WJ.
Contrasting effects of anti-Ly49A due to MHC class I cis binding on NK cell-mediated allogeneic bone marrow cell resistance.
J. Immunol. 191: 688-98, 2013.
10)  Barao I, Wright PW, Sungur CM, Anderson SK, Redelman D, Murphy WJ.
Differential Expression of the Ly49G(B6), but Not the Ly49G(BALB), Receptor Isoform during Natural Killer Cell Reconstitution after Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation.
Biol. Blood Marrow Transplant. 19: 1446-52, 2013.
11)  Cichocki F, Miller JS, Anderson SK, Bryceson YT.
Epigenetic regulation of NK cell differentiation and effector functions.
Front Immunol. 4: 55, 2013.
12)  Orr SJ, Burg AR, Chan T, Quigley L, Jones GW, Ford JW, Hodge D, Razzook C, Sarhan J, Jones YL, Whittaker GC, Boelte KC, Lyakh L, Cardone M, O'Connor GM, Tan C, Li H, Anderson SK, Jones SA, Zhang W, Taylor PR, Trinchieri G, McVicar DW.
LAB/NTAL facilitates fungal/PAMP-induced IL-12 and IFN-? production by repressing ß-catenin activation in dendritic cells.
PLoS Pathog. 9: e1003357, 2013.
13)  Björkström NK, Béziat V, Cichocki F, Liu LL, Levine J, Larsson S, Koup RA, Anderson SK, Ljunggren HG, Malmberg KJ.
CD8 T cells express randomly selected KIRs with distinct specificities compared with NK cells.
Blood. 120: 3455-65, 2012.
14)  Zhang Q, Rahim MM, Allan DS, Tu MM, Belanger S, Abou-Samra E, Ma J, Sekhon HS, Fairhead T, Zein HS, Carlyle JR, Anderson SK, Makrigiannis AP.
Mouse Nkrp1-Clr gene cluster sequence and expression analyses reveal conservation of tissue-specific MHC-independent immunosurveillance.
PLoS ONE. 7: e50561, 2012.
15)  Lou H, Li H, Yeager M, Im K, Gold B, Schneider TD, Fraumeni JF, Chanock SJ, Anderson SK, Dean M.
Promoter variants in the MSMB gene associated with prostate cancer regulate MSMB/NCOA4 fusion transcripts.
Hum. Genet. 131: 1453-66, 2012.
16)  Savan R, McFarland AP, Reynolds DA, Feigenbaum L, Ramakrishnan K, Karwan M, Shirota H, Klinman DM, Dunleavy K, Pittaluga S, Anderson SK, Donnelly RP, Wilson WH, Young HA.
A novel role for IL-22R1 as a driver of inflammation.
Blood. 117: 575-84, 2011.
17)  Cichocki F, Miller JS, Anderson SK.
Killer immunoglobulin-like receptor transcriptional regulation: a fascinating dance of multiple promoters.
J Innate Immun. 3: 242-8, 2011.
18)  Barao I, Alvarez M, Ames E, Orr MT, Stefanski HE, Blazar BR, Lanier LL, Anderson SK, Redelman D, Murphy WJ.
Mouse Ly49G2+ NK cells dominate early responses during both immune reconstitution and activation independent of MHC.
Blood. 117: 7032-41, 2011.
19)  Li H, Wright PW, Anderson SK.
Identification and analysis of novel transcripts and promoters in the human killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor (KIR) genes.
Methods Mol. Biol. 612: 377-91, 2010.
20)  Lou H, Yeager M, Li H, Bosquet JG, Hayes RB, Orr N, Yu K, Hutchinson A, Jacobs KB, Kraft P, Wacholder S, Chatterjee N, Feigelson HS, Thun MJ, Diver WR, Albanes D, Virtamo J, Weinstein S, Ma J, Gaziano JM, Stampfer M, Schumacher FR, Giovannucci E, Cancel-Tassin G, Cussenot O, Valeri A, Andriole GL, Crawford ED, Anderson SK, Tucker M, Hoover RN, Fraumeni JF, Thomas G, Hunter DJ, Dean M, Chanock SJ.
Fine mapping and functional analysis of a common variant in MSMB on chromosome 10q11.2 associated with prostate cancer susceptibility.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 106: 7933-8, 2009.
21)  Cichocki F, Hanson RJ, Lenvik T, Pitt M, McCullar V, Li H, Anderson SK, Miller JS.
The transcription factor c-Myc enhances KIR gene transcription through direct binding to an upstream distal promoter element.
Blood. 113: 3245-53, 2009.
22)  Belanger S, Tai L, Anderson SK, Makrigiannis AP.
Ly49 cluster sequence analysis in a mouse model of diabetes: an expanded repertoire of activating receptors in the NOD genome.
Genes Immun. 9: 509-21, 2008.
23)  Thomas R, Yamada E, Alter G, Martin MP, Bashirova AA, Norman PJ, Altfeld M, Parham P, Anderson SK, McVicar DW, Carrington M.
Novel KIR3DL1 alleles and their expression levels on NK cells: convergent evolution of KIR3DL1 phenotype variation?.
J. Immunol. 180: 6743-50, 2008.
24)  Martin MP, Pascal V, Yeager M, Phair J, Kirk GD, Hoots K, O'brien SJ, Anderson SK, Carrington M.
A mutation in KIR3DS1 that results in truncation and lack of cell surface expression.
Immunogenetics. 2007.
25)  Ivanova AV, Ivanov SV, Pascal V, Lumsden JM, Ward JM, Morris N, Tessarolo L, Anderson SK, Lerman MI.
Autoimmunity, spontaneous tumourigenesis, and IL-15 insufficiency in mice with a targeted disruption of the tumour suppressor gene Fus1.
J. Pathol. 211: 591-601, 2007.
26)  Pascal V, Yamada E, Martin MP, Alter G, Altfeld M, Metcalf JA, Baseler MW, Adelsberger JW, Carrington M, Anderson SK, McVicar DW.
Detection of KIR3DS1 on the Cell Surface of Peripheral Blood NK Cells Facilitates Identification of a Novel Null Allele and Assessment of KIR3DS1 Expression during HIV-1 Infection.
J. Immunol. 179: 1625-33, 2007.
27)  Stulberg MJ, Wright PW, Dang H, Hanson RJ, Miller JS, Anderson SK.
Identification of distal KIR promoters and transcripts.
Genes Immun. 8: 124-30, 2007.
28)  Anderson SK, Makrigiannis AP.
UCSD-Nature Molecule Pages. 1, 2007.
Full Text Article. [Journal]
29)  Anderson SK, Makrigiannis AP.
UCSD-Nature Molecule Pages. 1, 2007.
Full Text Article. [Journal]
30)  Anderson SK, Makrigiannis AP.
UCSD-Nature Molecule Pages. 1, 2007.
Full Text Article. [Journal]
31)  Anderson SK, Makrigiannis AP.
UCSD-Nature Molecule Pages. 1, 2007.
Full Text Article. [Journal]
32)  Pascal V, Nathan NR, Claudio E, Siebenlist U, Anderson SK.
NF-{kappa}B p50/p65 Affects the Frequency of Ly49 Gene Expression by NK Cells.
J. Immunol. 179: 1751-9, 2007.
33)  Pascal V, Stulberg MJ, Anderson SK.
Regulation of class I major histocompatibility complex receptor expression in natural killer cells: one promoter is not enough!.
Immunol. Rev. 214: 9-21, 2006.
34)  Anderson S.
Transcriptional regulation of NK cell receptors.
Curr Top Microbiol Immunol. 298: 59-75, 2006.
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