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Lino Tessarollo, Ph.D.

Selected Publications

1)  Yanpallewar SU, Barrick CA, Buckley H, Becker J, Tessarollo L.
Deletion of the BDNF Truncated Receptor TrkB.T1 Delays Disease Onset in a Mouse Model of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.
PLoS ONE. 7: e39946, 2012.
2)  Yanpallewar SU, Barrick CA, Palko ME, Fulgenzi G, Tessarollo L.
Tamalin is a critical mediator of electroconvulsive shock-induced adult neuroplasticity.
J. Neurosci. 32: 2252-62, 2012.
3)  Baydyuk M, Xie Y, Tessarollo L, Xu B.
Midbrain-derived neurotrophins support survival of immature striatal projection neurons.
J. Neurosci. 33: 3363-9, 2013.
4)  Puverel S, Tessarollo L.
RanBPM, a scaffolding protein for gametogenesis.
Curr. Top. Dev. Biol. 102: 357-84, 2013.
5)  Liu Y, Rutlin M, Huang S, Barrick CA, Wang F, Jones KR, Tessarollo L, Ginty DD.
Sexually dimorphic BDNF signaling directs sensory innervation of the mammary gland.
Science. 338: 1357-60, 2012.
6)  Di Lieto A, Rantamäki T, Vesa L, Yanpallewar S, Antila H, Lindholm J, Rios M, Tessarollo L, Castrén E.
The responsiveness of TrkB to BDNF and antidepressant drugs is differentially regulated during mouse development.
PLoS ONE. 7: e32869, 2012.
7)  Arnold ES, Ling SC, Huelga SC, Lagier-Tourenne C, Polymenidou M, Ditsworth D, Kordasiewicz HB, McAlonis-Downes M, Platoshyn O, Parone PA, Da Cruz S, Clutario KM, Swing D, Tessarollo L, Marsala M, Shaw CE, Yeo GW, Cleveland DW.
ALS-linked TDP-43 mutations produce aberrant RNA splicing and adult-onset motor neuron disease without aggregation or loss of nuclear TDP-43.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 110: E736-45, 2013.
8)  Kiviranta R, Yamana K, Saito H, Ho DK, Laine J, Tarkkonen K, Nieminen-Pihala V, Hesse E, Correa D, Määttä J, Tessarollo L, Rosen ED, Horne WC, Jenkins NA, Copeland NG, Warming S, Baron R.
Coordinated transcriptional regulation of bone homeostasis by Ebf1 and Zfp521 in both mesenchymal and hematopoietic lineages.
J. Exp. Med. [Epub ahead of print], 2013.
9)  Takeda H, Koso H, Tessarollo L, Copeland NG, Jenkins NA.
Musashi1-CreER(T2) : a new cre line for conditional mutagenesis in neural stem cells.
Genesis. 51: 128-34, 2013.
10)  Risinger JI, Custer M, Feigenbaum L, Mark Simpson R, Hoover SB, Webster JD, Chandramouli GV, Tessarollo L, Barrett JC.
Normal viability of Kai1/Cd82 deficient mice.
Mol. Carcinog. [Epub ahead of print], 2013.
11)  Chen K, Liu M, Liu Y, Wang C, Yoshimura T, Gong W, Le Y, Tessarollo L, Wang JM.
Signal relay by CCR2 and formylpeptide receptor-2 (Fpr2) in the recruitment of monocyte-derived dendritic cells in allergic airway inflammation.
J. Biol. Chem. [Epub ahead of print], 2013.
12)  Grivennikov SI, Wang K, Mucida D, Stewart CA, Schnabl B, Jauch D, Taniguchi K, Yu GY, Osterreicher CH, Hung KE, Datz C, Feng Y, Fearon ER, Oukka M, Tessarollo L, Coppola V, Yarovinsky F, Cheroutre H, Eckmann L, Trinchieri G, Karin M.
Adenoma-linked barrier defects and microbial products drive IL-23/IL-17-mediated tumour growth.
Nature. 491: 254-8, 2012.
13)  Nie Z, Hu G, Wei G, Cui K, Yamane A, Resch W, Wang R, Green DR, Tessarollo L, Casellas R, Zhao K, Levens D.
c-Myc is a universal amplifier of expressed genes in lymphocytes and embryonic stem cells.
Cell. 151: 68-79, 2012.
14)  Gaiser MR, Lämmermann T, Feng X, Igyarto BZ, Kaplan DH, Tessarollo L, Germain RN, Udey MC.
Cancer-associated epithelial cell adhesion molecule (EpCAM; CD326) enables epidermal Langerhans cell motility and migration in vivo.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 109: E889-97, 2012.
15)  Berquam-Vrieze KE, Swing DA, Tessarollo L, Dupuy AJ.
Characterization of transgenic mice expressing cancer-associated variants of human NOTCH1.
Genesis. 50: 112-8, 2012.
16)  Diril MK, Ratnacaram CK, Padmakumar VC, Du T, Wasser M, Coppola V, Tessarollo L, Kaldis P.
Cyclin-dependent kinase 1 (Cdk1) is essential for cell division and suppression of DNA re-replication but not for liver regeneration.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 109: 3826-31, 2012.
17)  Chiang YJ, Difilippantonio MJ, Tessarollo L, Morse HC, Hodes RJ.
Exon 1 disruption alters tissue-specific expression of mouse p53 and results in selective development of B cell lymphomas.
PLoS ONE. 7: e49305, 2012.
18)  Biswas K, Das R, Eggington JM, Qiao H, North SL, Stauffer S, Burkett S, Martin BK, Southon E, Sizemore SC, Pruss D, Bowles KR, Roa BB, Hunter N, Tessarollo L, Wenstrup RJ, Byrd RA, Sharan SK.
Functional evaluation of BRCA2 variants mapping to the PALB2 binding and C-terminal DNA binding domains using a mouse ES cell-based assay.
Hum. Mol. Genet. 21: 3993-4006, 2012.
19)  Dorsey SG, Lovering RM, Renn CL, Leitch CC, Liu X, Tallon LJ, Sadzewicz LD, Pratap A, Ott S, Sengamalay N, Jones KM, Barrick C, Fulgenzi G, Becker J, Voelker K, Talmadge R, Harvey BK, Wyatt RM, Vernon-Pitts E, Zhang C, Shokat K, Fraser-Liggett C, Balice-Gordon RJ, Tessarollo L, Ward CW.
Genetic deletion of trkB.T1 increases neuromuscular function.
Am. J. Physiol. Cell Physiol. 302: C141-53, 2012.
20)  Unnisa Z, Clark JP, Roychoudhury J, Thomas E, Tessarollo L, Copeland NG, Jenkins NA, Grimes HL, Kumar AR.
Meis1 preserves hematopoietic stem cells in mice by limiting oxidative stress.
Blood. 120: 4973-81, 2012.
21)  Siao CJ, Lorentz CU, Kermani P, Marinic T, Carter J, McGrath K, Padow VA, Mark W, Falcone DJ, Cohen-Gould L, Parrish DC, Habecker BA, Nykjaer A, Ellenson LH, Tessarollo L, Hempstead BL.
ProNGF, a cytokine induced after myocardial infarction in humans, targets pericytes to promote microvascular damage and activation.
J. Exp. Med. 209: 2291-305, 2012.
22)  Padmakumar VC, Speer K, Pal-Ghosh S, Masiuk K, Ryscavage A, Dengler S, Hwang S, Edwards J, Coppola V, Tessarollo L, Stepp MA, Yuspa SH.
Spontaneous Skin Erosions and Reduced Skin and Corneal Wound Healing Characterize CLIC4(NULL) Mice.
Am. J. Pathol. 181: 74-84, 2012.
23)  Baba M, Keller JR, Sun H, Resch W, Kuchen S, Suh HC, Hasumi H, Hasumi Y, Kieffer-Kwon K, Gonzalez CG, Hughes RM, Klein ME, Oh HF, Bible P, Southon E, Tessarollo L, Schmidt LS, Linehan WM, Casellas R.
The Folliculin-FNIP1 pathway deleted in human Birt-Hogg-Dube syndrome is required for mouse B cell development.
Blood. 120: 1254-61, 2012.
24)  Gegonne A, Tai X, Zhang J, Wu G, Zhu J, Yoshimoto A, Hanson J, Cultraro C, Chen QR, Guinter T, Yang Z, Hathcock K, Singer A, Rodriguez-Canales J, Tessarollo L, Mackem S, Meerzaman D, Buetow K, Singer DS.
The general transcription factor TAF7 is essential for embryonic development but not essential for the survival or differentiation of mature T cells.
Mol. Cell. Biol. 32: 1984-97, 2012.
25)  Waldron-Roby E, Ratovitski T, Wang X, Jiang M, Watkin E, Arbez N, Graham RK, Hayden MR, Hou Z, Mori S, Swing D, Pletnikov M, Duan W, Tessarollo L, Ross CA.
Transgenic mouse model expressing the caspase 6 fragment of mutant huntingtin.
J. Neurosci. 32: 183-93, 2012.
26)  Lai KO, Wong AS, Cheung MC, Xu P, Liang Z, Lok KC, Xie H, Palko ME, Yung WH, Tessarollo L, Cheung ZH, Ip NY.
TrkB phosphorylation by Cdk5 is required for activity-dependent structural plasticity and spatial memory.
Nat. Neurosci. 15: 1506-15, 2012.
27)  Zhang S, Readinger JA, DuBois W, Janka-Junttila M, Robinson R, Pruitt M, Bliskovsky V, Wu JZ, Sakakibara K, Patel J, Parent CA, Tessarollo L, Schwartzberg PL, Mock BA.
Constitutive reductions in mTOR alter cell size, immune cell development, and antibody production.
Blood. 117: 1228-38, 2011.
28)  Suh YH, Yoshimoto-Furusawa A, Weih KA, Tessarollo L, Roche KW, Mackem S, Roche PA.
Deletion of SNAP-23 results in pre-implantation embryonic lethality in mice.
PLoS ONE. 6: e18444, 2011.
29)  Graciotti L, Becker J, Granata AL, Procopio AD, Tessarollo L, Fulgenzi G.
Dystrophin is required for the normal function of the cardio-protective K(ATP) channel in cardiomyocytes.
PLoS ONE. 6: e27034, 2011.
30)  Kiris E, Nuss JE, Burnett JC, Kota KP, Koh DC, Wanner LM, Torres-Melendez E, Gussio R, Tessarollo L, Bavari S.
Embryonic stem cell-derived motoneurons provide a highly sensitive cell culture model for botulinum neurotoxin studies, with implications for high-throughput drug discovery.
Stem Cell Res. 6: 195-205, 2011.
31)  Cullen M, Elzarrad MK, Seaman S, Zudaire E, Stevens J, Yang MY, Li X, Chaudhary A, Xu L, Hilton MB, Logsdon D, Hsiao E, Stein EV, Cuttitta F, Haines DC, Nagashima K, Tessarollo L, St Croix B.
GPR124, an orphan G protein-coupled receptor, is required for CNS-specific vascularization and establishment of the blood-brain barrier.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 108: 5759-64, 2011.
32)  Avdoshina V, Becker J, Campbell LA, Parsadanian M, Mhyre T, Tessarollo L, Mocchetti I.
Neurotrophins modulate the expression of chemokine receptors in the brain.
J. Neurovirol. 17: 58-62, 2011.
33)  Tebbenkamp AT, Swing D, Tessarollo L, Borchelt DR.
Premature death and neurologic abnormalities in transgenic mice expressing a mutant huntingtin exon-2 fragment.
Hum. Mol. Genet. 20: 1633-42, 2011.
34)  Puverel S, Barrick C, Dolci S, Coppola V, Tessarollo L.
RanBPM is essential for mouse spermatogenesis and oogenesis.
Development. 138: 2511-21, 2011.
35)  Yu T, Calvo L, Anta B, López-Benito S, Southon E, Chao MV, Tessarollo L, Arévalo JC.
Regulation of trafficking of activated TrkA is critical for NGF-mediated functions.
Traffic. 12: 521-34, 2011.
36)  Vaegter CB, Jansen P, Fjorback AW, Glerup S, Skeldal S, Kjolby M, Richner M, Erdmann B, Nyengaard JR, Tessarollo L, Lewin GR, Willnow TE, Chao MV, Nykjaer A.
Sortilin associates with Trk receptors to enhance anterograde transport and neurotrophin signaling.
Nat. Neurosci. 14: 54-61, 2011.
37)  Buttermore ED, Dupree JL, Cheng J, An X, Tessarollo L, Bhat MA.
The cytoskeletal adaptor protein band 4.1B is required for the maintenance of paranodal axoglial septate junctions in myelinated axons.
J. Neurosci. 31: 8013-24, 2011.
38)  Tebbenkamp AT, Green C, Xu G, Denovan-Wright EM, Rising AC, Fromholt SE, Brown HH, Swing D, Mandel RJ, Tessarollo L, Borchelt DR.
Transgenic mice expressing caspase-6-derived N-terminal fragments of mutant huntingtin develop neurologic abnormalities with predominant cytoplasmic inclusion pathology composed largely of a smaller proteolytic derivative.
Hum. Mol. Genet. 20: 2770-82, 2011.
39)  Chen K, Le Y, Liu Y, Gong W, Ying G, Huang J, Yoshimura T, Tessarollo L, Wang JM.
A critical role for the g protein-coupled receptor mFPR2 in airway inflammation and immune responses.
J. Immunol. 184: 3331-5, 2010.
40)  Lefevre GM, Patel SR, Kim D, Tessarollo L, Dressler GR.
Altering a histone H3K4 methylation pathway in glomerular podocytes promotes a chronic disease phenotype.
PLoS Genet. 6: e1001142, 2010.
41)  Tessarollo L.
Brain disorders: getting 'Down' to the gene.
Nat. Neurosci. 13: 909-10, 2010.
42)  Takizawa M, Kim JS, Tessarollo L, McNeil N, Waldschmidt TJ, Casellas R, Ried T, Janz S.
Genetic reporter system for oncogenic Igh-Myc translocations in mice.
Oncogene. 29: 4113-20, 2010.
43)  Bai Y, Shi Z, Zhuo Y, Liu J, Malakhov A, Ko E, Burgess K, Schaefer H, Esteban PF, Tessarollo L, Saragovi HU.
In glaucoma the up-regulated truncated TrkC.T1 receptor isoform in glia causes increased TNF-{alpha} production, leading to retinal ganglion cell death.
Invest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci. 51: 6639-51, 2010.
44)  Wirth EK, Conrad M, Winterer J, Wozny C, Carlson BA, Roth S, Schmitz D, Bornkamm GW, Coppola V, Tessarollo L, Schomburg L, Köhrle J, Hatfield DL, Schweizer U.
Neuronal selenoprotein expression is required for interneuron development and prevents seizures and neurodegeneration.
FASEB J. 24: 844-52, 2010.
45)  Satyanarayana A, Gudmundsson KO, Chen X, Coppola V, Tessarollo L, Keller JR, Hou SX.
RapGEF2 is essential for embryonic hematopoiesis but dispensable for adult hematopoiesis.
Blood. 116: 2921-31, 2010.
46)  Nelson TM, Lopezjimenez ND, Tessarollo L, Inoue M, Bachmanov AA, Sullivan SL.
Taste function in mice with a targeted mutation of the pkd1l3 gene.
Chem. Senses. 35: 565-77, 2010.
47)  Arévalo JC, Wu SH, Takahashi T, Zhang H, Yu T, Yano H, Milner TA, Tessarollo L, Ninan I, Arancio O, Chao MV.
The ARMS/Kidins220 scaffold protein modulates synaptic transmission.
Mol. Cell. Neurosci. 45: 92-100, 2010.
48)  Keng VW, Villanueva A, Chiang DY, Dupuy AJ, Ryan BJ, Matise I, Silverstein KA, Sarver A, Starr TK, Akagi K, Tessarollo L, Collier LS, Powers S, Lowe SW, Jenkins NA, Copeland NG, Llovet JM, Largaespada DA.
A conditional transposon-based insertional mutagenesis screen for genes associated with mouse hepatocellular carcinoma.
Nat. Biotechnol. 27: 264-74, 2009.
49)  Starr TK, Allaei R, Silverstein KA, Staggs RA, Sarver AL, Bergemann TL, Gupta M, O'Sullivan MG, Matise I, Dupuy AJ, Collier LS, Powers S, Oberg AL, Asmann YW, Thibodeau SN, Tessarollo L, Copeland NG, Jenkins NA, Cormier RT, Largaespada DA.
A transposon-based genetic screen in mice identifies genes altered in colorectal cancer.
Science. 323: 1747-50, 2009.
50)  Nagao K, Zhu J, Heneghan MB, Hanson JC, Morasso MI, Tessarollo L, Mackem S, Udey MC.
Abnormal placental development and early embryonic lethality in EpCAM-null mice.
PLoS ONE. 4: e8543, 2009.
51)  Wu SH, Arévalo JC, Sarti F, Tessarollo L, Gan WB, Chao MV.
Ankyrin Repeat-rich Membrane Spanning/Kidins220 protein regulates dendritic branching and spine stability in vivo.
Dev Neurobiol. 69: 547-557, 2009.
52)  Carim-Todd L, Bath KG, Fulgenzi G, Yanpallewar S, Jing D, Barrick CA, Becker J, Buckley H, Dorsey SG, Lee FS, Tessarollo L.
Endogenous truncated TrkB.T1 receptor regulates neuronal complexity and TrkB kinase receptor function in vivo.
J. Neurosci. 29: 678-85, 2009.
53)  Tessarollo L, Palko ME, Akagi K, Coppola V.
Gene targeting in mouse embryonic stem cells.
Methods Mol. Biol. 530: 141-64, 2009.
54)  Cullen M, Seaman S, Chaudhary A, Yang MY, Hilton MB, Logsdon D, Haines DC, Tessarollo L, St Croix B.
Host-derived tumor endothelial marker 8 promotes the growth of melanoma.
Cancer Res. 69: 6021-6, 2009.
55)  Reid SW, Tessarollo L.
Isolation, microinjection and transfer of mouse blastocysts.
Methods Mol. Biol. 530: 269-85, 2009.
56)  Southon E, Tessarollo L.
Manipulating mouse embryonic stem cells.
Methods Mol. Biol. 530: 165-85, 2009.
57)  Wang X, Rao RP, Kosakowska-Cholody T, Masood MA, Southon E, Zhang H, Berthet C, Nagashim K, Veenstra TK, Tessarollo L, Acharya U, Acharya JK.
Mitochondrial degeneration and not apoptosis is the primary cause of embryonic lethality in ceramide transfer protein mutant mice.
J. Cell Biol. 184: 143-58, 2009.
58)  Takahashi M, Galligan C, Tessarollo L, Yoshimura T.
Monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (MCP-1), not MCP-3, is the primary chemokine required for monocyte recruitment in mouse peritonitis induced with thioglycollate or zymosan A.
J. Immunol. 183: 3463-71, 2009.
59)  Yang J, Siao CJ, Nagappan G, Marinic T, Jing D, McGrath K, Chen ZY, Mark W, Tessarollo L, Lee FS, Lu B, Hempstead BL.
Neuronal release of proBDNF.
Nat. Neurosci. 12: 113-5, 2009.
60)  Ueda T, Furusawa T, Kurahashi T, Tessarollo L, Bustin M.
The nucleosome binding protein HMGN3 modulates the transcription profile of pancreatic beta cells and affects insulin secretion.
Mol. Cell. Biol. 29: 5264-76, 2009.
61)  Zeng H, Horie K, Madisen L, Pavlova MN, Gragerova G, Rohde AD, Schimpf BA, Liang Y, Ojala E, Kramer F, Roth P, Slobodskaya O, Dolka I, Southon EA, Tessarollo L, Bornfeldt KE, Gragerov A, Pavlakis GN, Gaitanaris GA.
An inducible and reversible mouse genetic rescue system.
PLoS Genet. 4: e1000069, 2008.
62)  Taylor GA, Rodriguiz RM, Greene RI, Daniell X, Henry SC, Crooks KR, Kotloski R, Tessarollo L, Phillips LE, Wetsel WC.
Behavioral characterization of P311 knockout mice.
Genes Brain Behav. 7: 786-95, 2008.
63)  Jiang X, Tian F, Du Y, Copeland NG, Jenkins NA, Tessarollo L, Wu X, Pan H, Hu XZ, Xu K, Kenney H, Egan SE, Turley H, Harris AL, Marini AM, Lipsky RH.
BHLHB2 controls Bdnf promoter 4 activity and neuronal excitability.
J. Neurosci. 28: 1118-30, 2008.
64)  Ahmed F, Tessarollo L, Thiele C, Mocchetti I.
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor modulates expression of chemokine receptors in the brain.
Brain Res. 1227: 1-11, 2008.
65)  Wang L, Wildt KF, Zhu J, Zhang X, Feigenbaum L, Tessarollo L, Paul WE, Fowlkes BJ, Bosselut R.
Distinct functions for the transcription factors GATA-3 and ThPOK during intrathymic differentiation of CD4(+) T cells.
Nat. Immunol. 9: 1122-30, 2008.
66)  Landry J, Sharov AA, Piao Y, Sharova LV, Xiao H, Southon E, Matta J, Tessarollo L, Zhang YE, Ko MS, Kuehn MR, Yamaguchi TP, Wu C.
Essential role of chromatin remodeling protein Bptf in early mouse embryos and embryonic stem cells.
PLoS Genet. 4: e1000241, 2008.
67)  Rivera J, Tessarollo L.
Genetic background and the dilemma of translating mouse studies to humans.
Immunity. 28: 1-4, 2008.
68)  Satyanarayana A, Berthet C, Lopez-Molina J, Coppola V, Tessarollo L, Kaldis P.
Genetic substitution of Cdk1 by Cdk2 leads to embryonic lethality and loss of meiotic function of Cdk2.
Development. 135: 3389-400, 2008.
69)  Esteban PF, Caprari P, Yoon HY, Randazzo PA, Tessarollo L.
In vitro and in vivo analysis of neurotrophin-3 activation of Arf6 and Rac-1.
Meth. Enzymol. 438: 171-83, 2008.
70)  Baba M, Furihata M, Hong SB, Tessarollo L, Haines DC, Southon E, Patel V, Igarashi P, Alvord WG, Leighty R, Yao M, Bernardo M, Ileva L, Choyke P, Warren MB, Zbar B, Linehan WM, Schmidt LS.
Kidney-targeted Birt-Hogg-Dube gene inactivation in a mouse model: Erk1/2 and Akt-mTOR activation, cell hyperproliferation, and polycystic kidneys.
J. Natl. Cancer Inst. 100: 140-54, 2008.
71)  Fernández AP, Serrano J, Tessarollo L, Cuttitta F, Martínez A.
Lack of adrenomedullin in the mouse brain results in behavioral changes, anxiety, and lower survival under stress conditions.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 105: 12581-6, 2008.
72)  Chiang YJ, Hsiao SJ, Yver D, Cushman SW, Tessarollo L, Smith S, Hodes RJ.
Tankyrase 1 and tankyrase 2 are essential but redundant for mouse embryonic development.
PLoS ONE. 3: e2639, 2008.
73)  Wang L, Wildt KF, Castro E, Xiong Y, Feigenbaum L, Tessarollo L, Bosselut R.
The Zinc Finger Transcription Factor Zbtb7b Represses CD8-Lineage Gene Expression in Peripheral CD4(+) T Cells.
Immunity. 29: 876-87, 2008.
74)  Ivanova AV, Ivanov SV, Pascal V, Lumsden JM, Ward JM, Morris N, Tessarollo L, Anderson SK, Lerman MI.
Autoimmunity, spontaneous tumourigenesis, and IL-15 insufficiency in mice with a targeted disruption of the tumour suppressor gene Fus1.
J. Pathol. 211: 591-601, 2007.
75)  Nosheny RL, Ahmed F, Yakovlev A, Meyer EM, Ren K, Tessarollo L, Mocchetti I.
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor prevents the nigrostriatal degeneration induced by human immunodeficiency virus-1 glycoprotein 120 in vivo.
Eur. J. Neurosci. 25: 2275-84, 2007.
76)  Bong YS, Lee HS, Carim-Todd L, Mood K, Nishanian TG, Tessarollo L, Daar IO.
ephrinB1 signals from the cell surface to the nucleus by recruitment of STAT3.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 104: 17305-10, 2007.
77)  Slape C, Chung YJ, Soloway PD, Tessarollo L, Aplan PD.
Mouse embryonic stem cells that express a NUP98-HOXD13 fusion protein are impaired in their ability to differentiate and can be complemented by BCR-ABL.
Leukemia. 21: 1239-48, 2007.
78)  Kuznetsov S, Pellegrini M, Shuda K, Fernandez-Capetillo O, Liu Y, Martin BK, Burkett S, Southon E, Pati D, Tessarollo L, West SC, Donovan PJ, Nussenzweig A, Sharan SK.
RAD51C deficiency in mice results in early prophase I arrest in males and sister chromatid separation at metaphase II in females.
J. Cell Biol. 176: 581-92, 2007.
79)  Esteban PF, Yoon HY, Becker J, Dorsey SG, Caprari P, Palko ME, Coppola V, Saragovi HU, Randazzo PA, Tessarollo L.
A kinase-deficient TrkC receptor isoform activates Arf6-Rac1 signaling through the scaffold protein tamalin.
J. Cell Biol. 173: 291-9, 2006.
80)  Rossi C, Angelucci A, Costantin L, Braschi C, Mazzantini M, Babbini F, Fabbri ME, Tessarollo L, Maffei L, Berardi N, Caleo M.
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is required for the enhancement of hippocampal neurogenesis following environmental enrichment.
Eur. J. Neurosci. 24: 1850-6, 2006.
81)  Garcia-Fresco GP, Sousa AD, Pillai AM, Moy SS, Crawley JN, Tessarollo L, Dupree JL, Bhat MA.
Disruption of axo-glial junctions causes cytoskeletal disorganization and degeneration of Purkinje neuron axons.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 103: 5137-42, 2006.
82)  Chiang YJ, Nguyen ML, Gurunathan S, Kaminker P, Tessarollo L, Campisi J, Hodes RJ.
Generation and characterization of telomere length maintenance in tankyrase 2-deficient mice.
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83)  Dorsey SG, Renn CL, Carim-Todd L, Barrick CA, Bambrick L, Krueger BK, Ward CW, Tessarollo L.
In Vivo Restoration of Physiological Levels of Truncated TrkB.T1 Receptor Rescues Neuronal Cell Death in a Trisomic Mouse Model.
Neuron. 51: 21-8, 2006.
84)  Liepinsh DJ, Grivennikov SI, Klarmann KD, Lagarkova MA, Drutskaya MS, Lockett SJ, Tessarollo L, McAuliffe M, Keller JR, Kuprash DV, Nedospasov SA.
Novel lymphotoxin alpha (LTalpha) knockout mice with unperturbed tumor necrosis factor expression: reassessing LTalpha biological functions.
Mol. Cell. Biol. 26: 4214-25, 2006.
85)  Coppola V, Barrick CA, Bobisse S, Rodriguez-Galan MC, Pivetta M, Reynolds D, Howard OM, Palko ME, Esteban PF, Young HA, Rosato A, Tessarollo L.
The scaffold protein cybr is required for cytokine-modulated trafficking of leukocytes in vivo.
Mol. Cell. Biol. 26: 5249-58, 2006.
86)  Grivennikov SI, Tumanov AV, Liepinsh DJ, Kruglov AA, Marakusha BI, Shakhov AN, Murakami T, Drutskaya LN, Förster I, Clausen BE, Tessarollo L, Ryffel B, Kuprash DV, Nedospasov SA.
Distinct and nonredundant in vivo functions of TNF produced by t cells and macrophages/neutrophils: protective and deleterious effects.
Immunity. 22: 93-104, 2005.
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Insertion of c-Myc into Igh induces B-cell and plasma-cell neoplasms in mice.
Cancer Res. 65: 1306-15, 2005.
88)  Fritzsch B, Pauley S, Matei V, Katz DM, Xiang M, Tessarollo L.
Mutant mice reveal the molecular and cellular basis for specific sensory connections to inner ear epithelia and primary nuclei of the brain.
Hear. Res. 206: 52-63, 2005.
89)  Kuprash DV, Tumanov AV, Liepinsh DJ, Koroleva EP, Drutskaya MS, Kruglov AA, Shakhov AN, Southon E, Murphy WJ, Tessarollo L, Grivennikov SI, Nedospasov SA.
Novel tumor necrosis factor-knockout mice that lack Peyer's patches.
Eur. J. Immunol. 35: 1592-600, 2005.
90)  Wolff L, Garin MT, Koller R, Bies J, Tessarollo L, Anver MR, Powell D, Perella C.
A novel retrovirus provides the cooperating oncogenic event(s) required to demonstrate the tumor suppressor activity of p15Ink4b in myeloid cells in vivo.
Blood Cells Mol. Dis. 32: 226-31, 2004.
91)  Coppola V, Barrick CA, Southon EA, Celeste A, Wang K, Chen B, Haddad el-B, Yin J, Nussenzweig A, Subramaniam A, Tessarollo L.
Ablation of TrkA function in the immune system causes B cell abnormalities.
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