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Nancy H. Colburn, Ph.D.

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•  JB6 Highlights and Publications - JB6 Mouse Model

The mouse Balb/C JB6 model (1) is the only well characterized model of genetic variants for a neoplastic transformation response to tumor promoters. These cells are not differentially sensitive to tumor promoter induced mitogenesis or differentiation (2), thus increasing the likelihood that molecular response differences will be transformation-relevant. These cells are also not differential at the level of tumor promoter receptors such as protein kinase C or epidermal growth factor receptor, thus indicating that these are post-receptor signaling variants (3). Moreover the JB6 response variants are stably free of spontaneous transformation (a property found to be mouse strain dependent) and stably responsive (P+) or nonresponsive (P-) to tumor promoter induced transformation. Thus molecular events that occur only in the P+ cells are candidates for mediating tumor promotion while those that occur only in the P- cells are candidate inhibitors. The JB6 model is not suitable for studying epidermal differentiation or keratin synthesis. The JB6 model is uniquely suited for studying tumor promotion and promotion-relevant molecular events. Research using the Balb/C mouse JB6 model of transformation response variants has yielded milestones that propelled research in several areas.

•  NCI Annual Report on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research - Scientists Study Biomarkers for High-Fiber Diets to Lower Risk of Colorectal Cancer

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