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Laboratory of Experimental Carcinogenesis

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In addition to the information presented below, the LEC has an alternative website that can provide you with more detail about their work.


The Laboratory of Experimental Carcinogenesis (LEC) is divided into two sections, the Cellular and Molecular Biology Section (CMBS) and the Molecular Cytogenetics Section (MCS), and also manages the CCR Confocal Microscopy Core and the DNA Sequencing Mini-Core. The LEC supports an integrated research program designed to elucidate the cellular, genetic and molecular changes associated with both experimentally induced carcinogenesis and human cancer, to define the molecular mechanisms involved, and to delineate pathways that may provide novel targets for treatment and prevention of human cancer. Studies are performed both in experimental animals, especially transgenic and knockout mouse models, in cell culture and on tissue and cells obtained from patients. The research of the CMBS is devoted to two major areas: (1) molecular pathogenesis, classification and treatment of human liver cancer and (2) adult liver and cancer stem cells. The research of the MCS is focused on several areas of molecular cytogenetics and genetics of cancer. These include the role of DLC-1 gene in cancer, the importance of chromosome changes in neoplastic transformation and the nature of DNA damage in aging.

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